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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

U Got The Look

Now, just a warning to start off with. This post is mainly an excuse for me to tell my Prince story in public. If you know me in real life, you will know this story only too well. But bearwith as there will be some nice clothes for you at the end but I have to admit now that the link to fashion here is tenuous at best. It’s also part 3 in an indiscriminate series of articles about musicians I like.

I love Prince. Always have. Always will. I was really gutted when he died earlier this year. (Made even more devastating for me as he died in the same week as my comedy hero, Victoria Wood). I first got into Prince around the Purple Rain film and album. I still have that album on vinyl, with the free poster still intact I’ll have you know! I wanted nothing more than to see him play live. That day came in 1988 when the ‘Lovesexy’ tour came to the UK. As two over-excited 15 year olds, me and my friend Tansy made the trek from the suburbia to Wembley Arena. We bought programs, T‑Shirts, fizzy drinks and took our seats at the very back of the arena. Prince played in ‘the round’ on this tour, so our seats were just perfect. He came on stage in a full size Corvette, gyrated on a giant rotating bed with Wendy and Lisa and was just all things amazing! Me and Tansy got up on our seats so we were higher than the rest of the crowd, we did a kind of ‘Wavy Arm Dance’ that I swear we made up* and then, actual Prince pointed at us from the actual stage and DID THAT SAME DANCE BACK! Yes! We had therefore taught Prince our very own silly dance move and for over 20 years I dined out on that

Cut to 2014. Prince is doing his last minute ‘Hit and Run’ tour at the Roundhouse in London and I’m lucky enough to get tickets. It was hands down the BEST. GIG. EVER. Hit after Hit after Hit. Obviously I had regaled my friends with the story of the wavy arm dance in the pub prior to the gig, showed them how to do it and everything. They didn’t really believe me. BUT,  Ladies and Gentleman, let me tell you something. Halfway through the gig, Prince is busting a move and only goes and does ‘THE WAVY ARM DANCE!!! My friends could not believe it and i was beside myself with glee! 26 years later, it turns out that I really did teach actual Prince my moves and he was STILL USING THEM! and Therefore I TOTALLY WIN IN LIFE!

Prince was always a snappy dresser. See previous post on Velvet for details of how I copied his purple suit. There are a few looks he rocked that are happening again (in moderation ) this season. Let’s start with his Polka Dot Period…

Prince Style Polka Dots. This was from around the LoveSexy tour time. One of my favourite Prince style looks…

This is what I’m thinking, how to wear Polka Dots in real life (not being on stage with Wendy and Lisa)


And here’s a pick of Polka Dots, once again, I can’t recommend the & Other Stories silk shirts enough, and I’m on the waiting list for the Top Shop Dress…

Prince was big on Ruffle shirts, especially during his Purple Rain period. So ahead of the game!

Now, we’re all wearing them…

1475304047901Here’s how you too can flounce around in Ruffley shirt (plus I’ve added a few loafers and belts because I can’t help myself and I reckon they go nicely with a jean and a ruffle)

Finally, the jackets! Prince Loved a fancy trophy jacket, the more embellished the better…1475226130072

We might tone it down a tad for real life, but a trophy jacket is still a must in anyone’s wardrobe to jazz up the dullest of outfits…here are some Street Style Statement Jackets1475303957891

And here are some fancy jackets, watch out for the Gucci One! I’ve thrown in some great silver brogues for good measure…

Maybe you can pair all this with Raspberry Beret and ride off into the sunset in your little Red Corvette ( I would link to all these songs but there is barely any Prince music on the internet, so you’ll have to buy them)

K x

*Looking back, I think we copied the dance move from Bananarama, but THEY never taught it to Prince did they? So I still win.

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