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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

If We Took A Holiday

If you have children, then chances are you’ll be off on holiday soon as school is now officially OUT. If you don’t have children, then I suspect you’ll be feeling rather smug that you’ve either already been, or are saving it until September when the little buggers go back to school and you can take advantage of the quiet beaches and cheaper flights. Either way, it’s summer and I’ll bet you’ll be doing something that involves not being at home for a while. Even a day trip to Bognor counts as a holiday, right?

I’m not going to assume that everyone is off on a beach holiday this year. We aren’t. Although we’ve been very lucky to have already had one this year ‚so no complaints here. Next month we are off to Vancouver for our bi-annual visit with the in-laws. While there are beaches, it’s not really a sitting-around-in-a-sarong type holiday. There are people to see, places to visit, truffle parmesan fries to be eaten and Bloody Caesars* to be drunk. There’s a very very high chance I will come back at least 5 pounds heavier than when I went. We will try to counter-act the gluttony with some outdoorsy type exercise. Last time we went I ended up kayaking, and enjoying it! Wonders will never cease!

So, to that end. I’ve done one of those things I love in fashion magazines, where there are outfits picked out for each kind of holiday you are going on. Although I still love my fashion magazines, Instagram and blogs have now superseded them for inspiration, especially as it’s so instant. Quite often when you see something you like in a magazine, it’s not available for another month or has already sold out. I do try to make sure that the items I pick are available in most sizes, but sometimes, where there is a surge in popularity during the week, they go out of stock by the time I publish on a Sunday. Hopefully that won’t happen this week, but do check out THE M&S dress that was back in stock this evening (Saturday), I swear it’s the most flattering dress EVER! But, enough of that, let’s get on with the Holiday outfits…


Usually for a UK beach holiday you’d have to pack the windbreak, the waterproofs and a strong sense of ‘chin-up, it’s not all bad’. This year, not so much. Yes, it could all end tomorrow and yes, I know not the entire UK is bathed in wall-to-wall sunshine, but wherever you are, you have to admit it’s been a belter of a summer so far. To that end, let’s be optimistic and assume that being on beach here is going to be warm. It would feel weird wafting around in a Kaftan in Cromer, but how about a play-suit? I think you can get away with that when you’re queuing at the chippy at lunchtime…

1. M&S Secret Slimming Swimsuit
2. The Outnet Thierry Lasry Sunglasses 
3. H&M Watermelon Beach Bag 
4. Warehouse Linen Button Playsuit 
5. Office Cross Strap Sliders 


I’ve got to be honest, Camping is just not my thing. I like the idea of sleeping under canvas in a field, but the reality of not having an ensuite toilet and electricity fills me with dread. I’m not what you’d call a ‘back to nature type’, BUT I know loads of people who love it, so I’m sure some of you will be packing up that tent and digging out the sleeping bags over the next month or so, so here’s something for you. Dungarees are perfect for pitching a tent. No bum crack action and super comfortable. Good sensible pair of trainers and a cool waterproof will complete the look.

1. Baukjen Relaxed Fit Dungarees 
2. Parka London Lightweight Jacket (on sale)
3. Nike Air Max 1 Navy (on sale) 
4. Ganni Printed Cotton T Shirt (on sale) 


Maybe you are going somewhere slightly further afield for your beach holiday. Ibiza, Majorca, Croatia or a tiny Greek Island where you can eat Feta Cheese all week and feel good about yourself because, ‘It’s in a salad, so that makes it healthy’. Personally my bikini days are over, unless the pilates classes help to shrink the mum-tum, so I’d stick to a one-piece and a cute dress to cover-up at the Beach bar.

1. Monsoon Mae Print Swimsuit 
2. River Island Pink Stripe Beach Dress 
3. Marysia Belted Cotton Mini Dress (on sale) 
4. Ganni Ruffled Spot Swimsuit 


You might be heading to Rome, Barcelona, Florence, Paris, or even New York. Oh, how I loved our trip to New York last summer. I would love to go back again soon. What you need for city holiday is a pair of comfortable walking sandals or trainers, maybe a smarter pair of shorts than your regular denim cut-offs and a cotton top to keep you cool.

1. Madewell Gingham Wrap Top 
2. River Island Black Stud Sunglasses 
3. Next Black Jersey Shorts 
4. Topshop Straw Tote Bag 
5. Adidas Rope Trim Rubber Slides 
6. Vans Old Skool Lite Checkerboard Trainers


What do we wear on holidays in the evening? Why, a maxi dress of course! I find it hard to wear a maxi dress while in the city. the hem would get all caught up in the escalator, or some great oaf would stand on it on the tube. But on holidays, no such problems, especially if it’s just a short walk from hotel room to beach bar. Lily and Lionel do the most beautiful dresses. I can’t wait to see what their new season collection brings.

1. & Other Stories Green Pleated Maxi Dress 
2. Lily & Lionel Vintage Floral Marlow Maxi Dress 
3. & Other Stories Palm Tree Espadrilles 
4. Urban Outfitters Strappy Tan Sandals 

In terms of packing. I usually try and pack outfits, like fashion Suduko. A colour theme also helps, and always leave a small space for those holiday purchases!

K x

*For those not aware of Canadian Cocktails, A Bloody Caesar is the same as  Bloody Mary but made with Clamato Juice. Yes, that Tomato Juice with Clams. It tastes better than it sounds.

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