Christmas Party Dressing (Not just a LBD and Heels)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the classic Little Black Dress and heels for the works Christmas do but it’s just not really ‘me’. I tend to struggle with ‘Party’ dressing in general and go out and panic-buy something new, then wear it for one night only. There are a ton of dresses and heels relegated to the depths of my wardrobe only to surface when I have an eBay clear out. Also, I’ve never really felt comfortable in a high heel, I love the look of them, and all those little party dresses are made to be worn with one, but I can’t enjoy myself when my feet hurt and I’m worried about going arse-over-tit on the way to the bar. So to that end let’s look at some alternative ideas for festive dressing (although I will include some heels as I know a lot of people have mastered the art of wearing and walking in them.) This post contains quite a lot from & Other Stories but I am in no way sponsored by them, more’s the pity, I bloody wish I was sponsored as I would save a fortune. They just do the BEST party wear!

1. Velvet Suit. I love a suit, and this season I also love velvet. I know it’s not the sexiest of outfits maybe, (I’m WAY past wanting to be sexy anyway so that’s just fine) but it’s smart and dressy enough, plus you can wear any kind of flat shoe – even a trainer, but ideally ones with a bit of oomph!


1. Top Shop Pleated Velvet Blazer
2. Top Shop Pleated Velvet Peg Trousers
3. & Other Stories Shooting Star Blouse
4. Vivienne Westwood Gold Clutch
5. Adidas x Raf Simons Gold Trainers



2. Sparkly Skirt. I love a midi skirt, and for a party, the sparklier the better, you can team with a Rock T and an ankle boot and a leather jacket to act like you don’t give a toss, even if inside you really do (mainly about the quality of the canapés and what’s the earliest time you can leave without seeming rude…)


1. Top Shop AC/DC T-Shirt
2. River Island Gold Sequin Skirt
3. Whistles Leather Biker Jacket
4. Lulu Guinness Lipstick Pouch Bag
5. Top Shop Gold Block Heel Boots



3. Maxi Dress and ballet flats. This is a prefect outfit for the lazy-arse who can’t be bothered to think about it too much. Get a sparkly long dress that will need no accessories, this won’t even require you to shave your legs, bonus! Add a simple pair of shoes. Job done!


1. & Other Stories Starburst Sequin Maxi Dress
2. & Other Stories Galaxy Print Dress
3. ASOS Elastic Strap Ballet Flats
4. ASOS Ribbon Tie Satin Ballet Flats



4. Skinnies, sparkles and killer boots. Be like Kate Moss. She’s over 40 and she ALWAYS rocks this look. We’ll gloss over the fact she’s a supermodel for now. Yes, you can do it!party-dress-5

1. Jigsaw Tuxedo Blazer
2. Top Shop Coated Skinny Jeans
3. & Other Stories Sparkle Blouse
4. Zara Lightening Box Bag
5. & Other Stories Rhinestone Boots



5. Statement Trousers. This is entirely inspired by these sequin trousers! just look at them. I WANT them!


1. Warehouse Ruffle Sweatshirt
2. Warehouse Diamante Earrings
3. & Other Stories Sequin Trousers
4. & Other Stories Faux Fur Jacket
5. Sam Edelman Studded Pumps
6. Stella McCartney Velvet Fabella Bag



Hope this has helped in some small way. I think I’m going to go Velvet suit for the work party, but I can’t get those sequin trousers out of my head. I never decide until the day, I’m very much a mood-dresser so I’m not great at pre-planning outfits. Let me know what you end up wearing and how you decided on it. Have fun!

k x


9 thoughts on “Christmas Party Dressing (Not just a LBD and Heels)

  1. I’m going for the Kate moss look (in my head anyway!) I had got a leather skirt to wear but I m not sure I can bring myself to wear it, I’m worried I’ll end up looking like Liz macdonald, so jeans it is (again) x

    1. I love a leather skirt! Just don’t pair it with acres of boob and a zig-zag necklace and you will avoid the Liz MacDonald look!

  2. Love all of these… Sooo sad to have limited “dos” on the horizon as I work on my own and all my friends are knackered !! but am not averse to wearing best everyday .. Have been known to dress up for the workbench .. Great post – love your style !

  3. Great post and love love your blog. I have a “do” in a pub near my house and tomorrow will count the steps while on the school run to see if I can do it in heels. Totally going for the Kate Moss look with a little Carrie and Julianne Moore thrown in.

  4. I wish I had more parties coming up – I need a sequin skirt! I threw out a pair of sequin trousers last year – didn’t think I could pull it off, plus they were not very comfortable… oh well, guess I never learn;-)
    X, G.

  5. I had my office Christmas party outfit sorted in my head… Until I got invited to a corporate awards ceremony in the same week. Now I have endless dilemmas…Can I wear the same outfit twice? Are trousers allowed for women for “black tie”? Is that ancient LBD at the bottom of the wardrobe still wearable as backup…or should I buy something new? LOVE the sequin trousers…

    1. maybe wear the dress to the awards do and the cool trousers for the works party – double win!

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