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My 6 Space NK Make-up essentials

This post is sponsored by Space NK. Last month I did a little rundown of some of my travel essentials, and this time I’ve picked out six makeup items that I swear by – some of which you’ve seen before and some that might be new to you, but they’re all very good indeed. This Easter weekend (29th March – 1st April) there is 20% off almost everything at Space NK. A great time to give your makeup bag a bit of a refresh.


If you know me, you don’t need any explanation here. If you don’t know me, the reason I rate this Erborian CC cream is because it is excellent at light coverage without any cake. It won’t sink into your pores like regular foundation, and it makes your skin look more even, more refined and just… better. I wouldn’t be without it.


I feel naked without mascara. In fact, I rarely leave the house without it on. The only exceptions being gym workouts and dog walks, because anyone that sees you when you’re doing either of those should know that all bets are off when it comes to looking half decent. It’s an unspoken thing amongst other dog walkers and gym goers. This Hourglass Instant Extensions Mascara is my current favourite, but I am not especially brand-loyal when it comes to mascara. It just has to stay on all day and make lashes look longer. This does both very well indeed.


Apparently, millennials say that eyeshadow is totally dated. I am Gen X and we stand by its powers. This Charlotte Tilbury simple ‘Pillow Talk’ palette has four perfect colours for day and night to define and lift eyes. It’s a softer alternative to that black eyeliner we used to be married to, and it fits nicely into your day-to-day makeup bag.


It says it can be used on lips and cheeks, but I use this just on my cheeks as I prefer a pink cheek and red lip. But if you like the same colour on both, this Ilia Multi-Stick will tick two of your boxes. Draw it on and blend with your fingers – no need for a brush here, so it’s perfect for taking with you for top-ups.


Another thing that millennials love that I can’t do is ‘dewy’ skin. I spend half my life trying to get rid of the shiny glow on my face. I was ‘blessed’ with oily skin. To be honest, it’s actually a blessing now that I’m older as it has helped me have less wrinkles than I maybe deserve. But I still like to keep the shine at bay, so I use this By Terry Pressed Powder. It leaves no trace and it helps your makeup stay in place too. A winner. Just don’t drop the puff down the toilet in the pub like I did. I now apply with this brush, which is just as good.


Another one from Hourglass, because they are excellent. If you want a bit of colour on your lips, but not TOO much, and you want it to be glossy without the stickiness, and you also fancy a bit of a minty tingle to go with it, then this Phantom Glossy Balm is the one for you. I use colour ‘Thrill’. It’s red but without being too dramatically red, if you know what I mean.

Here are a few more things from Space NK that are also 20% off this weekend.

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