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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Tiny Business Tuesday

I missed out on the ‘Small Business Saturday’ this past weekend, mainly because I was cleaning vomit off the patio (why the child took it upon himself to launch into the garden when being sick is anyone’s guess…) Anyway, so because I missed out I have renamed it ‘Tiny Business Tuesday’ and am sharing some of my favourite ones here. All of these businesses are run by Ladies, a coincidence? maybe? I think not…



This is a website I discovered via Instagram, in fact most of these I discovered that way. Instagram is bad for my bank account but good for finding interesting new things to buy. SayWhatYouC is run by Charlotte, who sells cool bags and jewellery, most of which can be personalised. I am total sucker for personalised things, I want my name stamped on EVERYTHING! The initial tote bags she does are my favourite, I have one, it’s been everywhere with me, from Lidl to Vancouver. It’s living the dream.

Love Scarlet Jewellery 


Scarlet makes unique silver pieces that are inspired by things she finds. Some things are inspired by nature, like the lovely necklaces with sycamores and acorns. Other things are just inspired from random objects, like the cool key-rings featuring 45rpm vinyl adapters and vintage keys. All products are made by hand from her workshop in South Oxfordshire. My husband bought me the ‘Angel Wings’ necklace a couple of years ago for my birthday, personalised (again!) with our initials. I love it.

Veronica Dearly

veronica dearly

Another Instagram discovery. Veronica Dearly is a super cool illustrator who totally has my sense of humour. Looking for a present for someone who likes cats? She’s got it. Want a card for someone who has an amazing beard? she has that too, Need a badge that proclaims ‘Don’t be a Dick’, she’s your girl. Buy it all!

Riyka London


Riyka is run by Rebecca, an independent fashion designer based in East London. All items are made from sustainable fabrics and are simple and easy to wear. Why would you not want a sweatshirt made from leather and velour? I do, that’s for sure…

Mere Soeur

mere soeur

Started by the super cool Carrie Anne, Mere Soeur is lifestyle brand for mothers, but totally not in a ‘Look at me, aren’t I just the best because I pushed a baby out of my fanny’ kind of way. More of a ‘let’s stick together girls, we can do this motherhood stuff’, and along the way we can wear some cool t‑shirts and pin badges to quietly let others know we are in that girl gang.

There are more small business I will big up in the coming weeks, but these are just small selection of ones I like. If you have any small business recommendations, let me know. I’m aways looking for new shopping opportunities!

K x

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