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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Four Ever in Blue Jeans (and black ones)

I had a request from a lovely reader called Rachel to do a post about the best current jean styles for ‘flattering middle-aged-arses’ , She went to say, ‘I’m 45 but am not ready go down the boot cut route just yet. On the other hand the super tight skinnies just feel a bit like they are for my 14 year old daughter and not me anymore. Do you go cheap and cheerful a la Gap, Zara, Topshop etc?  or spend a bit more cash and hope for a bit of expensive bum scaffold? It’s a scary world of denim out there for an in-betweener not ready to give up and pull on a comfy pair of leggings. Please help! As if buying jeans wasn’t already a nightmare’ 

So, first off, no-one should be wearing a 90’s style boot-cut these days, they are so unflattering, and they don’t serve their purpose, what kind of boot can you even wear under boot-cut jean? If I’ve got a nice boot, I want to show it off not hide it under a surplus of denim. I also don’t think you can be too old for skinnies. If you get the right ones that do flatter your arse. So I’ve come up with 4 essential jean styles that you need, where to buy and how to style. Let’s start with the Classic blue denim skinny jeans…

Blue skinny Jeans

To get the right fit, the trick is to not go skin tight, leave that for the black jeans, and with skinnies, I think you get what you pay for, if you want proper ‘bum scaffold’ you need to go designer. I like Rag and Bone, MIH, Frame and J Brand for skinnies. The best place for reduced designer jeans is The Outnet. I love spending money but I do resent spending more that £200 on a pair of jeans, so I always check this site first to see what they have on offer. Ideally go for a mid-rise cut as they sit on the waist and hide any lumps the best. this time of year, I’d wear my blue skinnies with a chunky boot and some thick socks. Here’s some ideas…

Next up is the classic black skinny jean. These are a must for anyone, I have 6 pairs FFS! but they are all just slightly different, actually that is a lie as I have 2 pairs from Topshop and 2 pairs from ASOS that are EXACTLY the same, but I like to have them available to me at all times just in case one pair is in the wash!

Black skinny jeans

You don’t really need to spend top dollar on black skinny jeans, Topshop and ASOS do great own brand ones which are super stretchy (hence buying over and over) I have tried Gap, but they are not skinny enough for me. I like to wear with black boots and black polo neck in the winter. All black rules OK!  Here’s a selection..

Next up, we have the Boyfriend Jean. I could actually wear my husband’s jeans as he is the same bloody waist size as me, but I do prefer to buy my own as most men’s jeans are cut to accommodate a package that us ladies do not possess.

Boyfriend Jeans

I like to roll up the hem of my Boyfriend jeans and wear with a trainer, adding a jazzy sock in the winter. These are the perfect style for weekends if you need to be more dressy at work. Current / Elliott make some the best ones I think, but again they are super expensive full price, but do sell a lot on The Outnet. Also Stella McCartney’s boyfriend jeans are the bomb! but also cost the earth — check out Selfridges when the sale is on January though as they have been known to do a 75% discount!, her website also does good sales.Keep an eye out at the end of this month!

Last on my list of must-have jeans styles, is a new one for me. It’s the cropped flare jean. Doesn’t even have to be a flare, a slight wide leg crop will also do.

Crop flare jeans

This style is great alternative for the dreaded boot-cut. In fact you could just lop a bit of the bottom of you old boot-cuts and save yourself some money. They frayed edge makes it even better! This style is designed to show off those fancy block heel boots or fancy shoes that you should have in your wardrobe by now too! High Street is good for these ones, Mango have some great ones in right now. Here’s my pick..

Do let me know if you have anything you’d like me to write about. I love to hear your suggestions!

k x

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