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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

What I packed for 8 days in LA

When you read this, I will be in LA but – full disclosure – I am writing this before we leave. In which case, chances are that I packed and re-packed four times after writing, and I actually have no idea what I’ll really end up taking with me, so think of this as a general overview of what I was planning on packing. I do like a packing blog, though, and I thought it might be useful if you’re going away soon. Alternatively, you can use this as a few spring outfit ideas for when the weather in the UK hits slightly better temperatures.

It’s supposed to be warm in LA but with a few days of rain. I’ve been there three times in the past six years and it rained every time. Maybe like Crowded House, I take the weather with me. But I’m assuming there will be some sun over the course of the eight days we’re there and, frankly, that’s all I want for this trip. Well, that and good food, some friends, some classic tourist sights and (hopefully) minimal family arguments. I will try to write a post about what we get up to once we’ve returned. To be honest, I’ve planned nothing so we are basically winging it.

Before I pack, I try on every outfit. This sounds like a lot of bother, but if you can set aside 30 minutes to do this, I promise it helps once you’re away. It means you know how every top will work with every bottom and you’re less likely to take things you don’t need. Even though we have no firm plans, there are definitely activities I want to do, so here’s what I plan to wear while doing them…


Comfort is absolutely key here. I go for joggers, T‑shirt, a sweatshirt or a light cashmere jumper, trainers, proper socks, denim jacket and usually a light scarf as that doubles up as a neck pillow and takes the chill off some of that plane air-conditioning. I can’t understand those who wear shorts and flip flops on planes. I need LAYERS (and definitely no bare feet). I will also take my Hopeful Soho bag on the plane as it literally holds everything: the perfect travelling bag. I put the other handbags I’m taking inside it too, like little Russian dolls.

  1. 4th & Reckless embroidered cotton sweatshirt
  2. Rotate logo organic cotton cap (use code KATE15 for 15% off) 
  3. Adidas Firebird loose fit tracksuit trousers 
  4. Stradivarius fruit print t shirt 
  5. John Lewis wheelie cabin size suitcase 
  6. Adidas Samba OG trainers 


It could be lovely and warm, it could be a bit breezy, who knows? But I’m definitely going to be eating fish by the ocean in Malibu. I always pack a white shirt when I go away. It literally goes with everything. I also always take the Uniqlo ‘Tardis’ bag. It’s THE perfect ‘day out’ bag because, as we know, it holds WAY more than you think it will. If it’s warm, I will attempt to wear my jumper tied around my shoulders in that preppy way that cool girls do, but it will inevitably fall off and I’ll have to tie it around my waist.

  1. Boden Connie relaxed cotton shirt 
  2. Le Specs Showshopper sunglasses 
  3. Varley Hains knit crew neck sweater 
  4. ME + EM cotton blend tapered khaki trousers 
  5. Uniqlo small round shoulder bag 
  6. All Saints Miranda leather buckle belt 
  7. New Balance 9060 trainers 


Shorts might be ambitious, but a brisk walk up a hill to the Griffith Observatory or the Hollywood sign means they are going in the suitcase on the off-chance it’s warm enough to wear them. Unfortunately, Mango don’t sell my favourites from last year, but they do still stock my second favourites. This is another very useful (and slightly larger) bag from Uniqlo. It packs down to nothing but it fits in a LOT. Good for holding water bottles and discarded layers if it gets hot.

  1. Mango zip up sweatshirt 
  2. Sporty & Rich backhand logo t shirt 
  3. Mango high rise denim shorts 
  4. Uniqlo small drawstring bag 
  5. Adidas SL72 nylon and suede trainers 
  6. Ivy Ellis vintage sports socks 


I have booked one nice restaurant in Beverly Hills on the advice of a friend of mine. I’m tempted to book a table at Sur too, but the rest of my family don’t watch Vanderpump Rules and may not get the cultural importance of it. I’ve also been watching (and taking notes) where the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills eat to see if any of those venues are suitably affordable for us riff-raff to eat at. I’m packing my Matteau silk shirt for this occasion. I bought it with a voucher back in January but it hasn’t been warm enough to wear in the UK yet. I’m also taking my Chanel wallet-on-a-chain bag. I bought it back in 2018, and since then it has literally doubled in price, even for second-hand ones. Finally, fashion as an investment. 

  1. Matteau printed organic silk shirt 
  2. Chanel preloved wallet on a chain bag 
  3. Monica Vinader heirloom hoop earrings (use code KATEHMV20 for 20% off)
  4. Rag & Bone Sofie wide leg cropped jeans 
  5. Albaray relaxed tailored blazer 
  6. Air & Grace Gala two strap leather sandals 


I don’t think I’ll be spending enough on Rodeo Drive to do the ‘big mistake… huge’ line, especially as the pound to dollar means nothing is cheaper in the US anymore, but at the very least I will be stocking up on Advil pm tablets and Crest whitening toothpaste, which for some reason tastes SO much better than any toothpaste we can get here. I will look out for good US-brand basics and jeans, though. You never know, there might still be a bargain to be had. 

  1. Benetton crew neck slub cotton t shirt 
  2. M&S large square sunglasses 
  3. H&M wide high jeans 
  4. Jigsaw cotton blend knit cardigan
  5. Gradinery Rhinestone buckle flats 
  6. Seasalt Arame linen jacket 


I’ve not really explored downtown LA before, so we will definitely put aside a day to do that. Layering a denim jacket over a shirt, over a vest for every type of temperature could be the order of the day, plus comfortable trainers and loose-fitting, breezy trousers. The only thing the boys want to do is ‘drive around and see all the GTA spots’ – in fact, they already seem to know where to go to see them. The power of video games. 

  1. Uniqlo ribbed cropped bra top vest 
  2. White Stuff Carrie denim jacket 
  3. COS pleated barrel leg denim trousers 
  4. Loewe puzzle edge leather bag 
  5. ME + EM cotton stripe oversized shirt 
  6. Adidas Spezial suede trainers 

There will be a short break in proceedings next Sunday, but I will endeavour to be back in two weeks with a spring event dressing edit that many of you have asked for.

K x

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