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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Wardrobe Staples: Navy and Camel Coats

Ok, so I was just going to write about the classic camel coat, but then I remembered my current love for Navy coats, so I’m combining the two for this instalment of ‘Wardrobe Staples’. I’ll also try and combine these coats with previous items from this seemingly ever-ongoing series, they should all work a treat. We’ve got Jeans, Wide Leg Cropped Trousers, Classic White Trainers, Breton Stripe Tops and Black Polo necks which will all work. It’s all part of your timeless wardrobe collection. As a side note, I can’t believe I haven’t done Loafers yet, that will probably be next weeks post sorted.

Camel coat worn with my favourite Gucci Loafers
Camel coat worn with my favourite Gucci Loafers

I think everyone needs a classic Navy or Camel overcoat in their lives, in the same way as a blazer, they instantly smarten you up and make you feel like you’ve made a bit of an effort. As you know, I’m all for Puffers, Parkas and Leather Jackets, but you also need a great tailored Navy or Camel coat. Obviously I have both colours. I have a ‘thing’ with buying the same things over and over, just with slightly different details, or in a different colour. Apparently it’s a Capricorn trait.  Being honest, I have 2 navy coats and 3 Camel Coats, although one of my Camel coats has been attacked by moths as it was left unattended in the ‘cupboard of doom’ over the summer months. Now I sensibly keep all my coats in my youngest sons big new wardrobe. The sole reason for him having a big new wardrobe in his room was so I could commandeer half of it to store my coats. I’m nice like that.

Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar wearing Navy coat and Amazing red shoes.


Let’s start with the Camel Coat. My favourite look when wearing a camel coat is to keep the rest of the outfit all black. it just looks classy, I feel like a grown-up when I wear this outfit. At very nearly 45, I know I am actually a grown-up, but I don’t often feel like one. I still ignore pension statements, forget to get the car MOT done on time and still feel weird talking to kids teachers, even though most of them are now way younger than me.

Classic Camel Coat with Studded boots. Another top choice of mine!

I’ll try and add some good sales bargains too, we are entering in to ‘2nd markdown / double discount’ territory now, which is the best time to find a real bargain, although the size choices are probably now way more limited. This ME+EM chunky Guernsey Sweater is now half price. I’ve been stalking it for months so I’ve finally snapped it up!

Classic Camel Coat, Me+EM Guernsey Sweater

1. A.P.C Cross Body Bag (on sale)
2. ME + EM Short Guernsey Sweater (on sale)
3. TopShop Camel Coat with Faux Fur Collar
4. Office Ring Detail Loafers
5. Current Elliot Skinny Black Jeans (on sale) 


If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know I wear my H&M Navy coat all the bloody time. I have so many coats, but I just keep coming back to that one as it goes with so much. It made it into my ‘Best Buys’ of 2017 without a moments hesitation. Unfortunately it’s now sold out, but there are similar ones out there. This M&S one is the perfect fitted style and a great price too.

classic navy coat M&S, embroidered jumper, yellow beanie

1. Marks & Spencers Navy Wool Mix Coat
2. Marks & Spencer Lattice Bobble Hat
3. Top Shop Undone Embroidered Jumper
4. Mango Button Fly Straight Cropped Jeans
5. Isabel Marant Metallic Beth Trainers (on sale) 


Another great Camel Coat is the trench coat style, This one from &Other Stories is the perfect version if you want that trench style but in a slightly warmer fabric for the winter. I’d definitely wear this with a classic breton jumper, jeans and trainers.

Camel Coat, trench coat, breton top, circle bag

1. & Other Stories Camel Trench Coat
2. ME + EM Boxy Breton Jumper (on sale)
3. Sandro Circular Cross Body Bag (on sale)
4. Rag and Bone Faded Boyfriend Jeans (on sale)
5. Adidas Classic Stan Smith Trainers 


The classic Navy Peacoat is an alternative to the classic overcoat if you want something shorter. I’d go for some kind of ‘homage’ to a sailor look with a chunky knit jumpers and wide leg trousers. I’ve probably watched too many films with sailors in recently. Only this week I watched both Dunkirk and On The Town, 2 more different films you are unlikely to find but both were great!

Don’t be afraid to mix Navy and Black, I think it’s one of my favourite colour combos.

navy peacoat, corduroy culottes, navy poloneck

1. Mango Buckle Tote Bag (on sale)
2. Jigsaw Chunky Navy Roll Neck (on sale)
3. Jigsaw Classic Navy Peacoat (on sale)
4. & Other Stories Corduroy Culottes
5. & Other Stories Leather Chelsea Boots 

How many coats do you have? How many coats is it appropriate to own do you think? I thinned out recently and sold a few, but I think I still have around 20. Is that excessive? Do I need to even ask that question?

K x

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