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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

What to wear to a festival if you’re not 25

So, festival season is upon us once more. Don’t worry, I know you’re probably not 25. You don’t have to dig out the hot pants and face paint, although if that’s your bag then fill your boots, as it’s the one time of the year when it’s actually socially acceptable to be standing in a field covered head to toe in glitter. But if that’s what you’re looking for here then I’m sorry, but you are in the wrong place. I have an unnatural aversion to sequins and I can say, hand on heart, you will never see me in a field in a pink leopard-print catsuit. This is a slightly more practical guide to festival dressing.

It’s Glastonbury at the end of the month and, despite my overall trepidation regarding festivals, I am going again this year. Last time I went was 2016, and the mud was almost too much for my delicate constitution. Even Michael Eavis was quoted as saying: “I’ve never seen mud like it in the whole life. This is worse than 1997… In all 46 years, it hasn’t been as bad as this.” So, if we could all say a prayer to the weather gods this year, and ignore the reports in the press that we are in for 50 days of rain, I would be very grateful.

Last time at Glastonbury… this wasn’t even the worst of it!

I’ve been going to Glastonbury on and off since 1990, and I was 17 the first year that I went. I ended up going with a boy I worked with at my local café Saturday job. We drove down in his Lancia and we didn’t even take a tent. Just got in the car with a sleeping bag and a few wet wipes thinking we could just wing it and, surprisingly, we did. It obviously ended up being the best weekend of my young life. I could go into detail, but we’d be here all day. I think my poor parents might have been slightly concerned for my welfare, though. I went on Wednesday and didn’t return until the following Monday, when I got a lift to Bath train station in the back of a stranger’s transit van. This was in the days before mobile phones, so no one had a clue where I was or who I was with. Thankfully, I’m still here to tell the tale. 

I worked backstage at Glastonbury in 1997 and 1998 with some of my friends. Our job was simply to put the riders in the bands’ dressing rooms and then clear them out when they had gone. In return for this we got free access-all-areas tickets plus breakfast, lunch, dinner and, best of all, we had a caravan to sleep in. What a joy! Both those years it pissed it down from the minute we got there to the minute we left. At night I would take off my jeans, boots and waterproof trousers and they would stand up on their own, ready to be stepped into again the following day. Hygiene was not of the utmost importance. Don’t think I even changed my underpants once. Who cares about cleanliness when you are 24, you’re drinking Jack Daniels out of a plastic pint glass from noon and hanging with rock stars in the mud.

Hairstyles of my past…

These days, I freely admit to hating camping. When I go to festivals now, at the very least, I need a ready-erected, fully equipped, family-size tent with a bed in it, close to a decent toilet. But in reality you’ll probably find me in a nice B&B up the road where they have a power shower and serve a full English in the morning. I know, not quite the ‘spirit’, is it? But I’m 51 and I demand a little luxury these days.

Anyway, this blog was supposed to be about what to wear to festivals, not a trip down memory lane for me. To help you a bit, I have sectioned it into six weather-related outfits. We will go from least wanted to most wanted…


A Barbour jacket is a very good idea for festivals. There is a reason you see so many people wearing them. They are fully waterproof, they have lots of useful pockets and they look good for years and years. Plus, and this is probably why you won’t see me in the aforementioned catsuit, you can wear a Barbour jacket in your real life, not just for that one weekend in a field.

what to wear to a festival if you're not 25

  1. Never Fully Dressed Running Wild T Shirt 
  2. Spitfire Cut 50 sunglasses 
  3. Barbour Drummond wax jacket 
  4. Levis ribcage straight ankle jeans 
  5. Barbour Wilton ankle wellington boots 
  6. Ganni Isoli oversized sweatshirt 


If it’s semi-wet – I’m thinking more showers or light drizzle, not Battle-of-the-Somme-style mud – then you can get away with your trusty DM boots or any solid, comfortable leather boots you may have. Hiking boots would also be good here if you have some. There is a LOT of walking to be done at festivals, so never, ever wear shoes or boots that are not tried and tested on your own personal comfort scale. Once you have broken in DMs, I promise they will be your friends for life.

what to wear to a festival if you're not 25

  1. H&M stripe knit vest top 
  2. Lucky Horseshoe sterling silver ring 
  3. Senteria 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
  4. Samsøe Samsøe Sajohn Acetate Sunglasses
  5. Uniqlo small drawstring bag
  6. Whistles Authentic Barrel Leg Jeans
  7. Mango brown leather jacket 
  8. Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots


This is where you need your shorts. If it’s raining at a festival, it’s much easier to have bare legs as they dry quicker than any fabric. If you’re going to wear full-length wellies, make sure you pair with some good, long hiking socks. Again, I’m thinking of your foot comfort here. A lightweight, packable poncho jacket is a winner as it will easily cover you up (including your bag) if there’s a sudden downpour.

what to wear to a festival if you're not 25

  1. Alice Temperley Dolly tortoiseshell sunglasses 
  2. Freiesoldaten waterproof packable rain poncho
  3. Ro & Zo Lyocel Blend Textured Shirt with Linen
  4. Mint Velvet Black Statement Leather Belt
  5. Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag
  6. AGOLDE Stella High Rise Denim Shorts
  7. Hunter Original tall wellington boots 


If it’s dry but not too hot, I’ll be busting out my leopard-print jeans and trainers. I’m sure many others will too, but that’s ok. I’ll add some bright colours so I don’t look too much like the miserable festival-shirking bastard that I actually am.

what to wear to a festival if you're not 25

  1. Arket soft french terry sweatshirt 
  2. H&M Smiley oversized printed t shirt 
  3. Damson Madder leopard cargo jeans 
  4. Sixton London leopard print cross body bag 
  5. Adidas Spezial suede trainers 


This would be the ideal. Nice and warm, shorts weather. Maybe a chill in the air of an evening, but nothing that a good cotton sweater won’t take care of (Slow Love make the best ones). I feel like this is a UK-festival pipe dream, but we live in hope. Apparently, we’re supposed to wear ankle socks, not secret socks, with our trainers now. I’m happy with this. It means no more of those trainer socks slipping off your foot after only minutes of wear. Although if you are looking for footsies, the ones near the till in Primark are still my favourites.

what to wear to a festival if you're not 25

  1. Alemais printed silk twill shirt 
  2. My Doris champagne earrings 
  3. John Lewis ANYDAY red pebbled cross body bag 
  4. & Other Stories relaxed denim shorts 
  5. Slow Love Tutti Frutti cotton knitted jumper
  6. Autry Medallist leather trainers (use KATE15 for discount)


Listen, you never know. It has been hot in the UK before. Remember that one day in 2022 when we were all so hot we didn’t even go outside? Even if it’s hot at a festival I would still recommend steering clear of sandals. Mainly because if someone steps on you in the mosh pit, you won’t be thanking yourself for wearing them.

what to wear to a festival if you're not 25

  1. River Island crochet stripe maxi dress 
  2. Ami x Coggles cotton baseball cap 
  3. H&M cotton v neck maxi dress 
  4. M.Hulot Loe leather bumbag 
  5. Vans black and cream classic checkerboard slip ons 
  6. Converse black & white star hi tops 

If you’re going to a festival this year, I wish you well. Take your Uniqlo tardis bag filled with hand sanitiser, a waterproof and plenty of suncream and you’ll be fine.

K x

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