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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My Top 15 buys of 2017

So here we are at the end of the year. Where did it go? How are we nearly another year older? I thought this week I would take a look back and share my top purchases of 2017 with you.

Let me start with a disclaimer: at the time of writing these were my favourite buys of this year. I am incredibly fickle when it comes to my wardrobe, things fall in and out of favour on a daily basis. A quick look at my Instagram told me that these 15 items were ones that were massive bargains, things I saved up for, or just things I really enjoyed wearing and that work with many other things I already owned.

Another disclaimer: my laptop is currently in the Apple hospital so I’ve had to write most of this on my iPad. Excuse any glaring errors, hopefully it will be fixed soon as I feel lost without it! Enough of excuses. Here, in no particular order, are the 15 items of clothing I have very much enjoyed this year. I’ll also try and link to similar versions if the original is no longer available.


I got this in the Net-A-Porter sale in January last year, my first purchase of 2017 I reckon, but I could have bought this full price and it still would’ve paid for itself. That’s how much I’ve worn it this year. It’s a perfect blazer fit, goes with so much and will never go out of style. I like the stand up collar and the single button. I will definitely buy in black next year. Highly recommended.

J crew wool blazer
J Crew Blazer. Left, worn with TopShop trousers and Gucci Disco bag. Right, worn with Cos trousers and classic Vans



I still have no idea what a ‘Mensy’ trouser actually is, but I love the loose fitting style of these, they go very well with the J Crew blazer, show just the right amount of ankle and they are navy. I have a ‘thing’ for navy trousers.

Topshop Mensy Trousers worn with Bella Freud jumper, Gucci bag and Veja Trainers
Topshop Mensy Trousers worn with Bella Freud jumper (currently LESS THAN HALF PRICE HERE!)  Gucci bag and Veja Trainers



I loved Vans when I was in my 20’s and hung out with the heavy metal skate crowd. I think I love them even more now I’m in my 40’s and hang out with the teenage skate crowd. That’s a lie, I just drive them to the skatepark occasionally where they run off and pretend not to know me, but still, I have the same shoes as them so that makes me cool, right? I bought more pairs than I care to count this year. My favourites are still probably the slip on checkerboards. You can’t improve on a classic, seriously the MOST comfortable shoes I own.

3 of the 5 pairs of Vans I bought this year. Yes, I have a problem!



Bought this one early last month and worn it almost every day since. It’s just the perfect winter coat. It looks way more expensive than H&M, is a great length and smartens me up a treat. It seems to have gone from the online store, but similar here) Everyone should have a decent navy coat in their wardrobe and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it either, just make sure it’s cut right, is lined and that it doesn’t crease too much. Can’t stand a creased coat.

H&M Coat worn
H&M Coat worn with Village England bag strap, old Rodtnes bag and bargain Prada boots bought at Bicester Village



To be honest, I could have chosen any of the 5 H&M dresses I have bought this year. Who’d have thought they would get so good at dresses? Sizing can still be off, and the strange pricing, when one day it’s £49.99 and the next day it’s £29.99 — I took this dress back 3 times to get the right size and price. Always worth buying in-store at H&M if you can, as each item of clothing is a totally different size for me, Anyway, midi dresses with a lot of room at the waist have been a winner for me this year. Next year I promise I will do some actual exercise to work on that ‘problem’ area.

H&M green floral dress
H&M Green Dress worn with, Left, H&M Coat and Gucci Bag. Right, old Maje leather jacket and beloved Givenchy boots



Yes, I know they are ridiculous and more than one of my friends told me not to buy them as, “they don’t fit your lifestyle”, meaning I don’t get taxis everywhere and it rains a lot in this country. Still, I didn’t listen, I never listen. I saved my money and I waited for that Matches big money-off week and I bought these ones with the Bees on, because I HAD TO HAVE THEM. Yes, I can only wear them in semi-mild weather with no showers forecast, but I LOVE THEM!

Gucci Princetown slippers loafers furry
Gucci Princetown loafers worn with Pablo the tired puppy. He belongs to Tinie Tempah and is now 4 times that size!


Weekday is totally new one on me for this year. It’s probably not aimed at the mid-forties mothers, it’s really more for mid teens, but I don’t care for marketing, I just care for what I like and I like these trousers a lot. Admittedly a pleated front is not for everyone, but even with my mum-tum I find them flattering and a great shape. Nicely cropped at the ankle, I can see these working for another few years yet.

Weekday trousers worn with very old Zara loafers and Kate Moss x Equipment shirt



Back in January I had my potato-face photographed in an advertorial in Red magazine. I’m not a model by any stretch, my pleas for maximum airbrushing went unheeded and my lack of jaw-line was on the pages for all to see by March. BUT, I got paid for it. I got paid almost the exact price of this handbag, so therefore it was totally worth it and I would definitely do it all again! It’s a thing of beauty. It is my ‘forever’ bag. I use it a lot and don’t save it for best. I do keep it in a dustbag and stuffed with tissue paper when it’s not in use though. It did cost a lot and I want it to last a very long time.

Gucci Marmont bag worn with angry looking Ferris cat



I bought this coat on one of the hottest days in May, because that’s what regular people do, buy coats when it’s hot. But it was on sale and I knew I would get a lot of use out of it throughout the year, which I did. It’s a super-easy casual throw-on coat. It’s huge though, I bought a size 8 and there’s still room for manoeuvre. Etoile Isabel Marant is one of my faves, keep an eye on The Outnet for good discounts.

Etoile Isabel Marant coat with, from left: H&M Jeans and 7 Boot Lane Espadrilles, Village England Bag, Gucci Loafers, Cos trousers and Vans



Another new brand for me this year. They seem to have really taken off now. I love the shape of these trainers, something a bit different to my standard (but still very much loved) Stan Smiths. They are made from recycled rubber and ethical leather, took a while to break in but are now super comfy. I could well find myself buying a new pair in different colours next year.

Veja trainers worn with bad 90’s tattoo that used to be a fish and now resembles a slug


Despite the fact i was stung for a ridiculous amount of import tax on this dress (I think it was £70!) I loved it so much that I forgave myself for not being clever enough to have it sent to a friend in the US. I have since bought another and done that though! Christy Dawn is an LA based label that make dresses using old ‘deadstock’ material, therefore there are only a few in each fabric. I wore this dress a lot during the summer and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Christy Dawn dress worn in Lidl carpark with Celine Sunglasses


I searched high and low for the perfect cropped wide leg jeans. I know, real important business. Finally I found these in the Liberty summer sale. The denim is super soft, they are a perfect fit and the ideal summer jeans. I’d definitely be inclined to try out other jeans by this brand now, but only on sale as they are super expensive!

Citizens of Humanity jeans worn with cheap vintage festival jacket in a colourful field at Latitude



Any cashmere jumper is good jumper, but one with a monkey on it at half price is even better! There are tons of great cashmere brands around these days, so I could have chosen anything, but this one is just my favourite. The fabric is great quality, it hasn’t bobbled at all and is super super soft.

Chinti and Parker jumper worn with those H&M jeans again, if they ever do them again I will alert you



I was lucky enough to be given a pair of these Mos Mosh Sumner Step hem jeans by my friend Lucy (who represents the brand and sells into independent boutiques) I couldn’t have been happier with them. Never before have I had a pair of jeans that were this comfortable. They have become a wardrobe staple of mine as they are super stretchy and very very soft. They sell in boutiques, so if you’re interested, drop me a line with where you live and I’ll check with Lucy who your closest stockist would be.

Mos mosh jeans top 15 buys 2017

Mos Mosh Jeans worn with Zara Faux Leather Jacket and Givenchy Boots. Strange metal cow not mine.


This bag was also given to me, a wonderful perk of doing this blog has been a few freebies along the way. I have used this bag A LOT, it’s a fantastic size, it literally fits everything in it. I can do a full dinner and breakfast food shop on the way home from work AND take it on the tube with no bother using this one bag. Every time I use it someone asks me where it’s from. Highly recommended.

Top 15 buys 2017 hermosa london bag

There you have it. I am 100% sure I’ve missed things out and will kick myself for not including them, but this is already a lengthy post and I’m sure you’ve all got somewhere to be, so until next year (which admittedly is only tomorrow), thanks for reading. Do let me know what your best buys of the year were and why, I’m always looking for recommendations.

k x

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