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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Girl In The Green Dress

When I started planning this blog post it was a different world. We weren’t THAT worried about going out, getting on the tube or meeting friends at the pub. Now things have changed to something we’ve never experienced before. I did wonder whether to change the themes of this blog, but I think we all still need some light relief, some frivolous fashion and so I’m going to carry on regardless.

This post was sort of based around St Patricks Day. Plus ONE person ONCE said I looked good in green, so I decided to research green dresses, of which there are a surprisingly large number about this season, so perhaps I have inadvertently hit upon a trend. We may not be going out much to wear our lovely green dresses, it could be sweatpants and hoodies for the foreseeable (I already see next weeks blog theme), but I’m still determined to dress up at least a few times this week, even if it’s just to go to the corner shop.


Let’s start with a good shirt dress. An easy style for anyone to wear, even those with big boobies who find buying dresses sometimes tricky. I should know, I have spent many an hour trawing the shops with friends trying to find things that don’t make their boobs look like a big shelf. A shirt dress is perfect as you have the option to button or unbutton to your heart’s content. Wear with your leather biker and chunky black boots for now. I have these Top Shop ones, they are quite heavy (especially when compared to Grensons) but they are super super comfortable.

green shirt dress

1. M&S Autograph Black Leather Jacket 
2. Top Shop Checked Shirred Midi Dress 
3. H&M Long Collared Dress 
4. Top Shop Alana Leather Boots 


I’ve gone for a more Coco Chanel vibe on this one. Mostly on a budget, with this great LK Bennett ‘homage’ to the classic Chanel shift dress. But there’s no mistaking a classic CC bag if you have the funds to afford one. Check out designer re-sale sites like Vestiare Collective and Handbag Clinic for pre loved treasures. They often look much better with age. This Chanel-a-like jacket is from M&S though! and Mango also do a lovely cream one that would look great with jeans.

short green dress

1. Vestiaire Collective Vintage Chanel Handbag 
2. M&S Tweed Slim Long Blazer 
3. H&M Crepe Printed Dress
4. LK Bennett Tweed Shift Dress 
5. Tabitha Simmons Hermione Suede Flats 


If a full-on green dress fills you with fear, then why not go for something a little more subtle?  We all love a bit of Khaki don’t we?. Hoping to dig out the green ‘Shackets’ again soon. Surely you all got one of those last year? if not, I’ll do a Spring/Summer Jacket blog soon. Obviously I favour this buffet dress from Weekday because I’m oh so predictable in my tastes. Wear with simple white trainers and some cool sunglasses.

green dress khaki

1. The Outnet Stella McCartney Sunglasses 
2. Weekday Storm Maxi Dress 
3. Ganni Seersucker Metallic Thread Dress 
4. Superga Flatform Trainers 
5. Hush Skye Hi Top Trainers 


Fingers crossed whatever event you might have coming up in the coming month or so is still on. But if not, both of these green dresses are pretty adaptable to any season. Apart from maybe the height of summer. Both super smart and super flattering with a slightly higher waist that helps to give the ‘illusion’ of one even if you don’t have much luck in that area. This Whistles one in particular would be great at skimming over and lumps and bumps without having to rely on Spanx. I  only wear Spanx in a real fashion emergency. the fat usually has to go somewhere and I don’t really enjoy peeing out of a small hole in my undergarments.

green dress smart

1. ME + EM Pleated Midi Dress 
2. YSL Monogram Envelope Bag 
3. Whistles Zenna Shirred Waist Dress 
4. J Crew Riley Suede Sandals 


I think one is my favourite of all the green dresses. I do love a floral dress. The other week I bought this one from Top Shop. I’ve yet to wear it, but it’s lovely, way more flattering than I had expected too which is always a bonus. I bought the pink version of the Essential Antwerp dress last year. I was egged on by friends. It wasn’t cheap and I haven’t even worn it yet! It demands a bare leg and ever since I purchased it, the weather hasn’t been kind enough for that. I suppose I could try wearing it over jeans, but I’ve never really got with that look. Something to look forward to when we can go out and about properly again though. Every cloud…

green dress floral

1. Essentiel Antwerp Voho Floral Printed Dress 
2. & Other Stories Oversized Blazer 
3. & Other Stories Floral V Neck Ruffle Dress
4. River Island Leather Eyelet Boots 

I hope you all stay safe during this weird time. I think we all adapt quite quickly to new circumstances. Hopefully we can all get though it with our British humour and empathy for others. DO NOT stockpile Penne or Andrex. Lend a roll to next door or cook them up a Pasta bake if they are in need. Next week will definitely be comfy indoor clothes. Where to get the best joggers and softest sweats. Until then keep on keeping on.

K x

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