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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Not Going Out

As I asked last week, the overwhelming response from you was to carry on my blogs as normal. I may well switch up themes soon, but for now, here we go… Where are we going? Nowhere? What are we doing? Not much really. How long are we doing it for? At this point, absolutely no clue.  So we’ve established we are not going out BUT, but, but, we have to make this work for us in any way we can. Do that jigsaw, listen to that podcast, read that book, knit that jumper, MAKE your children play that Coronation Street Monopoly with you, you know, the one you’ve had for 10 years and never opened. (That’s possibly just me…)

I’ve worked from home at least one day a week for the past 15 years. It’s a luxury I know a lot of people didn’t have up until now (and some still don’t have, to all those Doctors, Nurses, NHS workers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, post people, teachers, the super fast man at the Lidl checkout till, you name it, I salute you. I really do), But for the rest of you, being at home every single day is going to take a tiny bit of getting used to.

My top tips for not going out are; get up, make your bed, have a shower, get dressed and go downstairs. Do NOT sit around in your pyjamas on your bed all day. Make yourself look and feel human. Of course you don’t have to wear your smart workwear anymore, but making a bit of an effort really can make all the difference to your mood. Oh, and instead of Dress Down Friday, I’m doing Dress Up Friday. A great idea suggested by my friend Lucy.

My husband is not used to having to sit on a non-office chair in his new home office (which is actually his closet). He found himself woefully lacking in the comfies department as he always wears jeans and a shirt to work. The other day I found him wearing a  JLS T Shirt, a pair of Maharishi Trousers (anyone remember them, the ones with the dragon embroidery that were the HEIGHT of fashion in 1998) and socks and Crocs. If there was anyone that needs WFH Wardrobe advice it’s him. But he’s a lost cause, so I’ll stick with you guys. Here are my favourite at home outfit items…


So if there’s one good thing to come of this being in the house all the time stuff, then it has to be that wearing joggers all day is now absolutely socially acceptable, The fact that we don’t really have a ‘society’ right now also has something to do with that I grant you, but come on, who doesn’t love a good pair of tracky bottoms?

By far and away my personal favourite pair are these ones from Hush. Hush aren’t called Hush Homewear for nothing you know. They live and breathe this kind of thing. Even before ‘These Days’ I would happily go out and about in my Hush Joggers as they are smart enough for that. They also wash very well and don’t go slack at the arse after too many wears.

1. The Outnet House Of Holland Sweatshirt 
2. Joanie Clothing Hollywood T Shirt 
3. Hush Joy Joggers 
4. Cos Cashmere Socks
5. Veja Roriama Trainers


Anine Bing is the Queen of sweatshirts. Last year I got a bit obsessed with them and bought more than was perhaps reasonable. But I have worn them all a lot so fair play to me. If you’ve been mulling one over, now could be your time. Let’s face it, that Spring wedding you were invited to. Chances are it’s now going to be conducted via facetime, so no need for new heels and a clutch bag. Maybe spend the money you had set aside on the sweatshirt instead. Be sure to size DOWN at Bing, her Sweatshirts and T Shirts come up big, but the trousers and jackets don’t. Other, cheaper sweatshirts are of course available…

1. Anine Bing Tiger Sweatshirt 
2. Disney Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt 
3. Scamp and Dude Pink Leopard Sweatshirt 
4. Joanie Clothing Great Expectations Sweatshirt 
5. Rxmance Horse Sweatshirt 
6. Anine Bing City Love Sweatshirt 


The Ultimate ‘Not Going Out’ outfit has to be a cashmere tracksuit doesn’t it? The height of decadence and luxury.  Chinti and Parker are always my go-to company for Cashmere. Before all this, I went to Bicester Village to check out their pop up outlet shop. It was like a little piece of 50% off cashmere heaven. Luckily they also sell all their outlet stuff online. Including these two beaut co-ords below. H&M also do good cashmere pieces at lower prices as do M&S. Wyse London are currently offering 40% off their lounge wear with code LOUNGE40. Also, check The Outnet as they often have good deals on fancy comfies.

1. Chinti & Parker Merino Cashmere Jumper
2. Chinti & Parker Merino Cashmere Joggers 
3. Chinti & Parker Heritage Stripe Wool/ Cashmere Jumper 
4. Chinti & Parker Heritage Stripe Wool/Cashmere Track Pants 


Another item of clothing I would always turn to at weekends at home is the boiler suit or a pair of dungarees. They are just easier to deal with at home. You can strip off in the loo without any worries about someone you don’t know busting in to find you starkers. You may have someone you DO know bust in on you, but chances are you’re not that bothered if they see you in the altogether. I love the lack of waistbands on a jumpsuit or a pair of dungas, find it quite liberating. Also, now I feel like I REALLY need a leopard print boilersuit to cheer myself up.

1. Hush Ray Leopard Boiler Suit
2. Ugg Oh Yeah Sheepskin Slippers 
3. New Look Black Denim Jumpsuit 
4. Birkenstock Sheepskin Arizona Sandals 


Talking of no waistbands… I had to slip this one in, but basically a buffet dress is like the daytime equivalent of a nightie isn’t it? Not that I’ve won a nightie since I was about 9 (it was a Holly Hobby one that my mum made for me, an excellent nightie if ever there was one), but think about it, your buffet dress is comfortable, warm (secret leggings don’t forget) and you can wear one of your favourite comfort cardis over the top. Also, sidebar, slippers are not only allowed, they are a MUST. Or Birkenstocks with socks, which are a great indoor/outdoor slipper alternative.

1. H&M Cashmere Cardigan 
2. Warehouse Soft Denim Maxi Dress 
3. New Look Green Tiered Smock Dress 
4. Arket Faux Fur Sliders 

Next week I’m going to do a small brand / Independent boutique special as those guys are really going to need some help to stay afloat over the coming months.

Please do let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to blog about. It doesn’t have to be about fashion. I’m totally free and open to writing about whatever you fancy. Let’s face it, I don’t have much else to do. Also, and I know I don’t know many of you personally, but I’m here if you just want a friendly email chat. You can reach me on [email protected] anytime.

Stay safe

Kate x

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