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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion who tasked me with finding some great outdoor gear from their site. If you’re anything like me you will be outside at some point every day now. Whether you have a dog or not, we all need our daily walk to keep ourselves sane in this latest lockdown. We really didn’t realise how lucky we were in the Spring lockdown with all that great weather did we? Now it’s cold, wet and miserable most days and we need to protect ourselves from the elements. And the MUD, the MUD just seems to be everywhere. It’s like Glastonbury over the back field from me, but you know without the bands, the people or any of the fun. So basically it’s just a muddy field, nothing like Glastonbury at all, but sometimes I listen to some Chemical Brothers and remember the good times…

Amazon Fashion Daily Walk Outfit

At least I have Thomas Frank for company and dogs aren’t allowed in festivals so that’s something. Here’s the outfit I picked out from Amazon Fashion. I can’t even tell you how much I love this Carhartt Hat. Even though my children say I look like I should be directing airplanes at Heathrow. ‘What bloody planes?’ I say. That’s something else we are missing right now. The Levis jeans are meant to be cropped but I still chopped a bit off the bottom myself, and I went for a mens jumper and I fancied something a bit looser. The Sorel Boots are excellent, but more on them later.

Amazon Fashion Daily Walk Outfit

1. The Drop Recycled Poly Puffer Jacket
2. Carhartt Bright Orange Mens Watch Beanie Hat 
3. Kallspin Mens Merino Wool relaxed Fit Polo Neck Jumper 
4. Levis Womens 501 Cropped Jeans 
5. Sorel Waterproof Explorer Carnival Snow Boots 


Amazon Fashion Daily Walk Outfit

I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Puffer Jackets right now. Mainly because they are all I wear. So I have short one, a medium length one and a long one. Amazon own brands, The Drop, Find and Meraki all have good versions at decent prices.

1. Find Long Puffer Jacket 
2. Orolay Thickened Down Coat 
3. MERAKI Short Hooded Puffer Jacket 
4. MERAKI MId Length Puffer Jacket 


Amazon Fashion Daily Walk Outfit

I finally bit the bullet and got some Sorel boots this winter. I’ve heard people talk of how good they are and I now I see what the fuss is about. They are both Waterproof AND warm (take a size up though, they tend to come up a bit small). They were an absolute godsend over the weekend in the snow too. Probably wouldn’t work so well if you’re in REALLY wet and swampy territory though, for that you’ll need you classic Hunter Wellies. I still have a pair I bought back in 2011 to go to Glastonbury in, they have seen me well through all the mud since then. Maybe one day me and my Hunters will go to a festival in the rain and if we do, I promise not to complain AT ALL.

1. Sorel Winter Carnival Boots
2. Hunter Womens Original Tall Boots 
3. Find Womens Suede Ankle Boots 
4. Timberland Premium Waterproof Boots 
5. Joules Montrose Hiking Boots 
6. Joules Ashby Wellie Boots


Amazon Fashion Daily Walk Outfit

I thought I’d better pick out some less bright winter accessories as not everyone can get on board with a bright orange beanie. How about a Cashmere one instead? or some fingerless gloves. I favour fingerless gloves for some reason, maybe it’s a throwback to the 80’s when they were cool. But only the luminous coloured ones. I remember getting my bright pink ones  from Farnborough Market and then I’d swap one with my friend Clare so we would have one luminous yellow and one pink each . We’d do the same with socks and team it all with a Frankie Says Relax T Shirt and a Ra-Ra Skirt…

1. Bequemer Fleece Lined Neck Warmer
2. Oxfords Cashmere Ribbed Beanie Hat 
3. Chalier Thermal Fairisle Socks 
4. PrettyStern Fingerless Cashmere Gloves 
5. ASVP Knitted Cable Bobble Hat 
6. Amazon Essentials Womens Blanket Scarf 

By the way, I’m not swapping my luminous orange hat with anyone, so you can get that thought out of you head right away…

Kate x

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