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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Apologies for the delay on this post, that’s for a few reasons. Firstly, It’s been too cold for sleeveless knitwear recently so my mind wandered to other topics. Then there’s the problem with searching for Tank Tops to feature. Every shop calls them something different. Personally a knitted sleeveless item of clothing will always be a Tank Top to me because I am a British child of the 70s and that’s what we called them.

But try searching for that and it brings up a ton of what I would refer to as ‘vests’. A completely different thing. This is due to our American friends calling vests, ‘Tank tops’. They call Waistcoats ‘Vests’ and they refer to the Tank Top as a ‘Sweater Vest’. Confused? I am… Add to that some of shops refer to them as Gilets, Tunics, Tabards and Slipovers. In short, searching for them is really really hard. but fear not as I have done that for you.

As it turns out it’s been fortuitous to delay this post as there’s a lot more on the market now. I think they will be a big trend for the spring. The perfect in-between season knitwear is definitely making a comeback for 2021. Let’s hope that lots of other things make a comeback in 2021. You know, like leaving the house and having an actual life.

My family have been long-term fans of the Tank Top, as evidenced by the main photo of my mum  in the late 60’s. I’m pretty sure she had more in the 70’s that went very well with her bubble perm and clogs, but we couldn’t find any photos of those ones. This leads us nicely into the first style of Tank Top…


This is my dad and Donny Osmond both sporting the classic 1970s skinny fit striped tank tops. For those not of certain age, Donny is the one with the hat on. My Dad was once the UK Press Officer for the Osmonds, who were as big as  Duran Duran / Take That / One Direction (delete as appropriate depending on the boy band that fits your demographic) in their day. He has many tales of them being smuggled out of hotels under cover of darkness via the back door to avoid the hoards of Donny-crazed teens camping out the front.

He also worked with Duran Duran when they were at the height of their fame. I remember going to visit him at the EMI offices when I was about 8 and there would be girls camped outside armed with sleeping bags and autograph books. I also worked with Duran Duran a few years ago and have actually just this week taken them on as a client to my new TV PR business. What goes around, comes around. Just like Tank Tops… (look at that seamless segway!)

1. Wyse London Pink Stripe Tank Top (available early Feb, plain version out now)
2. H&M Oversized Light Denim Shirt 
3. Mint Velvet Wide Leg Cropped Jeans 
4. Free People Dolman Quilted Jacket 
5. D.A.T. E Low Glam Trainers

If you’re after a more authentic vintage Tank Top check out Ebay.


If you’re a bit concerned that this trend might be too much of fad for you then keep it simple with an outfit like this one. I’ve just ordered the pink version of this Arket Tank, and I plan to wear it with their plain white T Shirt and Navy trousers. I do need to buy a new pair of slip on Vans though as Thomas Frank ate my old pair last week. I’m just thankful he only found those and not the Gucci loafers which would be WAY more expensive to replace. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, he still hasn’t managed to chew through my husbands Crocs yet. Those bastards are indestructible.

1. Arket Knitted Alpaca Tank Top
2. Arket Heavyweight T Shirt 
3. & Other Stories Diamante Button Long Cardigan 
4. Cos Navy Pleated Woven Trousers 
5. Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons 


Here’s a great way to extend the wearability of your favourite Buffet Dress. As evidenced above by Melissa @backofthewardrobe70 (left) and @emily_silverwood (right) who are both going for a tunic style over the top of their April Meets October dresses. I just ordered one of these dresses from Studio B fashion. Hopefully I’m able to style it as well as these ladies have. I found a more budget version of this dress at H&M. Not sure it includes pockets though. I suspect for £20, probably not. A tank top over a long sleeve dress ensures you can see most of the dress but still keep warm. Add secret leggings and you’re good to go.

1. H&M Rib Knit Tank Top 
2. Tilly Sveaas Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet 
3. H&M Calf Length Check Dress 
4. Mint Velvet Button Seam Tank Top 
5. All Saints Donita Suede Boots 


This style is the one I think of as a very traditional Tank Top Style. Talking of Style(s), even our Harry and Phoebe can be seen sporting them in his latest video. What a jolt of joy that is. It was definitely what we needed to kick start the year we hope things might change.

Of course they are probably head to toe in Gucci, but you can do an easy version of this with your white shirt (everyone has a white shirt in their wardrobe right?) I guess the fear is you might look like Billy Bunter, so maybe skip the tie and the shorts and replace them with some good jeans and an excellent pair of boots. These ones by Air & Grace are smart, classy and comfortable and should fit the bill perfectly.

1. New Look Houndstooth Tank Top 
2. Cos Cotton Boyfriend Shirt 
3. Reiss Mid Rise Slim Leg Jeans 
4. Mango Masculine Structured Coat 
5. Air & Grace Riley Black Leather Boots 


Here’s me late last year (you can tell due to old fence) in my cable tank top I got in the Mango sale, unfortunately this one is now out of stock, but I found some similar ones. In the same way as getting more wear out of dress, use these sleeveless jumpers to show off your pretty Spring blouses instead of hiding them under a cardi or a jumper. When you got a nice puffy sleeve, you don’t want to be hiding it.

1. New Look Cable Knit Tank Top
2. Monsoon Floral And Lace Broderie Blouse 
3. Genevieve Sweeney Wool Marl Socks
4. Hush Orisa Boyfriend Jeans 
5. Adidas Osweego Trainers (most comfortable trainers ever) 

So, there we have it. I will definitely be wearing ALL these outfits in the coming weeks and months. I’m fully on board with trend. But then I’ve always been a fan of sleeveless knitwear. Here I am about 6 in what appears to be a tank top dress worn over a large collared shirt. Always been an advocate of knee high socks too..

K x

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