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Wears My Money

I mean, really…


I had so many people message me this week asking about puffer jackets. I thought I should do a quick emergency post to help you out! I’ll be back to regular scheduled blog posts on Sunday, for more long-winded waffle and proper outfit ideas. But it looks like winter really has set in, lockdown part 3 (the worst sequel ever) is upon us and the world demands more warm warm duvet coats.

Of course all we really want is the Gucci X North Face Jacket (as seen on Sarah Harris from Vogue Magazine above), but with a raffle to even THINK about buying, let alone probably needing to get a mortgage to purchase, that one is unfortunately out of reach. Fear not though, I have searched through some of my favourite online shops and found a good selection of long and short puffer jackets that are still available.



Also, I love the patterned puffers from Sika Designs, If you’re looking for something a little bit bolder, they have long and short designs with some amazing prints

Also don’t forget Uniqlo, always good value and their collaborations with other designers are great. Still a few of Marimeko Puffers left on sale.

See you Sunday.

Kate x