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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Spring Event Dressing

As I have promised a few people, this weeks post is dedicated to some ideas as to what to wear to a spring and early summer event. As we’re focussing on things to wear within the next few weeks I’ve deliberately tried not to include anything you will get too cold in. Nothing sleeveless and no short shorts (although you really shouldn’t be wearing short shorts anywhere other than a beach) We do tend to get a bit ahead of ourselves when we have strange unseasonal Spring heatwaves. Then, when it’s gone everyone is saying ‘Ah well, we’ve had our summer then’, NO! you haven’t had your summer, that was just a freak heatwave, catch a hold of yourselves it’s STILL SPRING FOOLS!’ It is still spring, it’s only May, so you might be in need of a sleeve and definitely a light jacket come evening time, even on the best of days.

So, you may have a wedding, a christening, a Bah Mitzvah, a charity ball, or in my case a nice dinner to celebrate my husband being in gainful employment at the same company for over 10 years. He still hasn’t learnt how to drive though. I’d be popping all the champagne corks should that day ever arrive. Disclaimer, that day will never come, and even if it did, I’d be too terrified to get in a car with him driving it. I should also note that not being able to drive doesn’t stop him from giving me advice whenever I’m behind the wheel. So much so that he’s been relegated to the back seat now due to over excessive use of his imaginary brake.

I digress, back to the clothes. For me there are essentially 3 options when it comes to dressing up for something. You’ve got your dress, your jumpsuit or your suit. A suit can be separates with a nice blazer, but you get the idea. I love a good dress, especially one that be dressed up or down. This week we are dressing up, and as everyone is on a different budget, I’ve put the dresses in to 3 price points for ease. Let’s start at the top end…

DRESSES £300 — £500

I’ve never spent more than £500 on any item of clothing (shoes being the exception, but shoes are whole different ball game. Shoes can be worn forever, shoes you will never get too fat for, shoes are your friends) This is high price bracket I grant you, but if you’re looking for something super-special then you might have to aim high.

1. Rixo Ruffled ‘Adriana’ Dress
2. Boden Madison Suede Court Shoes
3. Marcus Lupfer Ruffle Trim Crepe de Chine Dress
4. Carvela Red Suede Kitten Heels 

DRESSES £150 — £300

The mid-range if you will. This is my favoured price bracket for an event dress. We’re talking pricey still, so for me, I still need something I can wear during the day with flats or trainers and something that won’t date too much. Love this Olivia Rubin Floral number. It’s on my ‘to buy ’ list for the summer. Also this red Self Portrait one is right up my street, it has sleeves and nice high waistband, 2 things I always look for in a good dress.

1. Olivia Rubin Anya Silk Maxi Dress
2. Gucci Gold Marmont Mid Heel Pumps
3. Gucci Marmont Mini Bag
4. Self Portrait Ruffle Crepe de Chine Midi Dress


Here’s your High Street choices. One of my favourite places for spring/summer dress is & Other Stories, they always seem to come up with the goods. I’m still waiting for their customary white maxi dress to come out so I don’t have to stump up for the Isabel Marant one, but in the meantime they have loads of colourful dresses. This Maxi they did last year in a different pattern. Super flattering, especially if you are tall. The New Preen collection for Debenhams also has a few great dresses for those (read ALL) of us who can’t afford the main line.

1. Studio By Preen Floral Check Print Dress
2. Miss KG Contrast Panel Court Shoes
3. & Other Stories Floral Print Maxi Dress
4. Steve Madden Elasticated Sandals 


A great alternative to a dress for an event. Yes, there is the toilet situation to deal with, but on the flip side, you could do a handstand in one. I have been known to do handstands on a night out. Usually for a bet after too much fizz. Both of the shoe choices below are from M&S would you believe? Total ‘homages’ again to Isabel Marant.

1. Warehouse Lace and Crepe Jumpsuit
2. M&S Jewel Bow Kitten Heels
3. New Look Feather Print Jumpsuit
4. M&S Gold Stiletto Heel Sandals 


A suit, or a blazer with co-ordinating trousers, is such a good buy for an event. Mainly because you can wear all pieces individually in your ‘real life afterwards. I really hate when things just linger inthe wardrobe because they are only suitable for ‘best’. This ME + EM Blazer and trousers are great wardrobe staples that would see you through the summer in style.

1. ME+EM Pinstripe Summer Tuxedo Jacket
2. ME+EM Pinstripe Wide Leg Trousers
3. Jigsaw Cross Back Cami Top
4. & Other Stories Envelope Cross Body Bag
5. Dune Silver Rainbow Trainers 

My computer has finally given up the ghost, so excuse any typos etc on this post as I’ve had to finish it off on my ipad mini, which isn’t the easiest thing to write a blog on. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new laptop. I hate spending money on electricals, you can’t wear electricals…

k x

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