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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sports Casual Sunday

It’s been a game of 2 halves this week, to use a football analogy. I like to stick to a theme, as you well know if you are regular reader. It’s been half term for my boys so I took the week off work. Therefore I’ve been wearing casual gear a lot. I also had two ‘out out’ nights this week where I put on my finer clothes. It was The Brits, the annual Music Business competition to see who can get the most drunk. I had a proper fun night, wore my favourite Ganni dress and got home at 4.01am! This is unheard for an old Nana like me, but I was having such a good time I didn’t want to leave.

I digress, what I was trying to say is that it was a toss up between a blog about ‘going out out outfits’ or Sports Casual hanging out with kids outfits. I chose the latter, but I may do fancy next week if you’re keen? let me know. I can show you what to wear even if you don’t like wearing heels. Something I just don’t do on long nights out. Point proven, when we walked into the O2 on Wednesday we were behind a lady who was already hobbling around in heels. That was 6pm. Can you imagine how her feet would have felt come the end of the night?

So, maybe that’s next week. This week it’s all about tracksuits. Well, not tracksuits exactly, but a more acceptable twist on joggers. Let’s call them Luxe joggers, ideally with a side stripe, as for some reason that just makes them look better. These outfits are all my ideal Sunday gear. I love sweatshirts and trainers, so this is perfect for me. 


These are the side stripe trousers I own. From Amazon of all places! They have their own fashion brand called Find. Who knew? It’s actually pretty decent. I have a great coat from there too that gets a lot of compliments. I wear these trousers with my old faithful Isabel Marant sweatshirt, and now that it’s looking positively Spring-like, I will bring out the leather biker jacket. This one is from Whistles, I still prefer my Set Fashion one, but there’s 20% off Whistles this week for anyone in the market for a decent leather.

  1. Etoile Isabel Marant Cotton Logo Sweatshirt
  2. Maison Labiche Run The World T Shirt 
  3. Find Black Trousers With Side Stripe 
  4. Whistles Agnes Black Leather Jacket 
  5. Converse Canvas High Tops 


Do you remember the different tribes at school? I was a sort of Suburban Goth, but I always really fancied the boys who were ‘Casuals’. It wasn’t a good mix. Consequently I didn’t get many boyfriends as a teenager. The Braces, Acne and strange hairstyles probably didn’t help my cause tbh. Back then the Casual boys wore Leo Gameli pastel jumpers, Farrah Trousers with white socks and slip on shoes… be still my beating heart. Sorry , the Sports Casual thing just took me right back! Why not try out your fancy joggers with a Lux Parker. I love this one from Kin at John Lewis. 

  1. Find Grey Lettered Sweatshirt
  2. & Other Stories Leather Flap Cross Body Bag 
  3. Me and Em Side Stripe Joggers 
  4. Kin Long Line Parka Coat
  5. Veja V10 Leather Trainers 


If you want to go full-on Sports Luxe, then these Isabel Marant tracksuit style trousers are for you. I have this Rails Jumper in grey, but I love the new Navy and White colours. I’ve mentioned Seven Feet Apart trainers before. They very kindly sent me a pair to try and the absolute genius of them for me is that the tongue is attached to the shoe, so it doesn’t slip around like the Stans Smiths one does. It’s little design touches like that that set these smaller brands apart. Like Air & Grace they also have a super comfortable sole too. 

  1. Isabel Marant Etoile Straight Cut Track Pants 
  2. Ganni Cat Eye Red Sunglasses 
  3. Rails Presley Lightning Bolt Jumper 
  4. Seven Feet Apart Original 172 Trainers
  5. TopShop Red Leopard Print Bag 


Am I getting old? or is John Lewis getting cooler? I am getting old, I know that, but also John Lewis have totally upped their game with their own-brand collections. They have Kin, Modern Rarity (well done if you were lucky enough to score those half price leather trousers from last weeks blog, I got them and I LOVE them!) and they also have the eponymous John Lewis & Partners range which launched last year. This seasons range includes this great trench coat. Not to mention all the other great brands they stock, including hush, where these rainbow stripe joggers are from. 

  1. H&M Bientot Sweatshirt 
  2. John Lewis and Partners Cuff Sleeve Trench Coat 
  3. Hush Navy Rainbow Stripe Joggers 
  4. Isabel Marant Beth Leather Trainers


I’m not actually suggesting you wear this outfit on a city tour, although feel free to do so, it’s just an excuse to showcase this Anine Bing City Love sweatshirt. I love sweatshirts and I love Anine Bing, so there is a good chance I’ve already ordered this one! A cheaper option is the M&S T Shirt, and if you’re keen on these Baukjen Jay Pants, then I’ve got a code for 20% off. You can use WMM20 for 20% off ALL full priced items if you so desire. Their Boyfriend jeans are also big favourite of mine.

  1. Anine Bing City Love Sweatshirt 
  2. M&S San Francisco Cotton T Shirt 
  3. Baukjen Jay Pants 
  4. New Look Colour Block Windcheater Jacket 
  5. Golden Goose Leopard Star Trainers 

Hope you enjoy the spring weather we are promised this week (I think it extends throughout most of the country). My ankles have been fake tanned in preparation already. 

K x

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