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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

‘Out Out’ Outfits

Last week we were super casual, this week we’re going Out Out. Well, I say ‘we’, I really mean you. I didn’t go out out much at all this week. To be honest, even when I do go out I don’t dress ‘up’ to much. As I’ve mentioned too many times before, I don’t do heels anymore. I know they look great, and I know they do add a certain something to an evening look, but I’m 46 and comfort is king in ALL situations these days. If I’m not comfortable then I’m just not having fun, and if I’m not having fun then I’m an arse to be around. You want fun Kate, you really don’t want cross Kate. So as this is my blog, all these ‘Out Out’ outfits will be paired with flat shoes.

My basic biggest night out of the year is the Brit Awards. I’m usually working there, but this year I wasn’t so could just sit and enjoy — and stay out until about the time I usually get up. Some of my best ever nights out have been at The Brits, from the early 90’s when I used to just gatecrash the Parties, to that glorious year when I worked with the Pet Shop Boys (nicest men in pop. Fact). I was best friends with Brandon Flowers for one night only. I took him under my wing as he was completely on his own. Shame he never kept in touch, I’m sure he meant to… I got to be front row at the Coldplay concert that evening, as Chris Lowe decided he didn’t want to go. Still my best work night out ever. 

There was also that year that Lily Allen performed and we had to source 14 Silver Cross Prams, 21 Blackberry’s (fully charged) a Glittery rocket, a 40ft staircase and 17 hot pink machine guns. I think I still have some of those guns at home, the glitter rocket is in the office at work and the choreographer shipped those stairs all the way back to Italy with her. We only gave 13 prams back though, someone nicked the final one. Anyway, out out outfits, let’s just start with what I wore this year to the Brits shall we…


My dress was Red Leopard but they don’t sell that one anymore. Lucky for you though Ganni have brought it out this season in regular leopard. It’s a dream of a dress. Super flattering and (for me at 5’7′) the absolute perfect length. If you are smaller you might have to wear heels or else the back could drag along the floor. It’s made of cotton too, so you won’t get all sweaty. Bonus. I paired with my old faithful Vivienne Westwood Roman 3 strap sandals, my new baby Chanel and a Black Blazer. If you’re looking for Chanel at a slightly cheaper price, then check out designer resale sites like Vestiaire Collective and Timpanys. They only get better with age if they are looked after. 

  1. Ganni Leopard Print Cotton Wrap Dress
  2. Kirstie Le Marque Diamond Star Burst Necklace 
  3. The Kooples Stretch Wool Jacket 
  4. Vivienne Westwood Roman 3 Strap Sandals
  5. Vestiare Collective Chanel Wallet On A Chain


If you’re looking for an alternative animal print then Zebra is all the rage this season. Especially in Pink it seems. I saw Keeley Hawes wearing this Rixo number on The One Show the other day. If it’s good enough for Keeley on the TV, then it’s good enough for me. I love The One Show, it’s like Blue Peter for grown ups, but without the bit where they make Christmas decorations out of 2 wire coat hangers. Maybe that’s something they should think about. I might write in. I once wrote in to Blue Peter suggesting they make a white board out of sticky back plastic and an old cereal box. They didn’t feature my idea, but they did send me BLUE PETER BADGE! True story. 

  1. Rixo Emma Pleated Silk Midi Dress 
  2. Kurt Geiger Leather Embellished Mules 
  3. Saint Laurent Kate Monogram Leather Bag 
  4. Ganni Crepe De Chine Wrap Dress


The Maxi, perfect for those who can’t be bothered to shave or fake tan their legs. Also the perfect dress to wear with flats. You can’t really be wearing a heel with a maxi anyway, they’ll get all caught up in the hem and you’ll come a cropper on the stairs. if you want to be classy stick to plain colour — too many florals on a Maxi can be a bit much sometimes — and add some colour with a bright bag and shoe. 

  1. Warehouse Chiffon Tiered Maxi Dress 
  2. Mango Red Bow Suede Shoes 
  3. Hill & Friends Happy Tweency Bag 
  4. Mango Lurex Jacquard Maxi Dress 


Come one, I couldn’t do an ‘out out’ post without another mention of that perennial favourite. Leopard is a neutral as we know, but it’s also a print that works perfectly in the evening. Plus if you’re wearing a leopard dress you can keep the accessories to a minimum. I am aware I have featured a lot of expensive designer bags this week, but if you’re ever going to splurge on one item then a designer black leather handbag is the thing that will last you forever. Think of the Fashion Maths over the next 20 years. 

  1. Somerset By Alice Temperley Leopard Print Maxi Dress 
  2. Gucci Marmot Mini Quilted Leather Bag 
  3. H&M Leopard Print Silk Dress 
  4. Zadig et Voltaire Leather Studded Ankle Boots 


If dresses are just not your bag, or you’re going somewhere a bit more ‘businessy’, then my fail safe go-to outfit would be a ‘semi-suit’. Basically just a blazer and trousers the same colour. They don’t have to match completely and no-one will notice anyway. Plus it’s hard to find an actual suit where you like the jacket and the trousers the same. I always opt for a statement shoe and a silk shirt. The best silk shirts money can buy (IMO) are from Equipment and my statement shoe of choice is the Stella Elyse, but I realise they are not everyone’s taste. I like them because they make me taller and I can still walk in them. I tried these M&S trousers on the other day, very good if you’re in the market for a slightly wide leg cropped trouser. 

  1. M&S Gold Button Blazer 
  2. Gucci Arli Small Leather Bag 
  3. Equipment Signature Washed Silk Shirt 
  4. M&S Black Wide Leg Cropped Trousers 
  5. Stella McCartney Elyse Flatform Shoes 
  6. Gucci Bow Embellished Pointed Flats 

I realise it’s been a bit designer heavy this week, but out out is always a bit fancier. Next week I think I will do jumpsuits as I’ve seen them EVERYWHERE. Plus I found my perfect denim one. At Next of all places, more on that next week, but if you can’t wait, it’s this one.

K x

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