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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Living For Leather

Let me start by saying I know this post won’t be for everyone. This one is mostly for me as I’m really toying with the idea of buying a pair of leather trousers and I want to work out how I would wear them. These ones from Arket are the pair I have my eye on. I saw them in the shop last weekend, well actually I saw a girl carrying the last pair around the shop under her arm, but it gave me time to think about them and not make my usual impulse purchase. It did get me thinking how much I used to love my leather trousers.

leather trousers

Back in the early 90’s I spent a big chunk of my meagre wages on a pair of real leather trousers from H&M, or ‘Hennes’ as we called it back then. The reason I bought those trousers was for a job interview. It was a job interview for a Heavy Metal Record Company. Knowing f‑all about Heavy Metal at the time, I thought I should at least dress the part. I bet you’re thinking this isn’t going to end well. Who turns up at a job interview wearing leather trousers and a vest top? Well, you’d be quite wrong. I got that job. Had it for 4 and a half years and still have the happy memories and a collection of dreadful 90’s tattoos to prove it. I also know more than the average person should about American Thrash Metal bands (years 1995 through 1999). You never know when that might come in handy.

I wore those leather trousers to death. They were much admired and never, ever washed. I even wore them to Glastonbury and Donington Festivals, wiped them down, then wore again the very next day. They literally fell apart in the end, and could probably stand up all on their own too. Those trousers certainly saw some sights, and things I should never speak of again. I cannot unsee what I saw happening at the back of that tour bus in Cardiff University car park late one evening back in 1996. *Shudders*.

Since that time I have thought about replacing those trousers, but never actually done it. I feel like enough time has passed now and I can bring a new pair into my life to make new memories. I’ve found a few varying styles, plus some pleather for the Vegans. To prove that I’m not always thinking of myself, I’m going to throw in a couple of leather skirt options for those of you who would still feel a bit Suzi Quattro in the trousers.


leather trousers

These are the leather trousers I want. I was trying to not buy anything this month, but I fear by the time you read this I may have crumbled. My love of a cropped wide leg trouser shows no signs of waning yet. I figured these could see me through until early summer and I could get my Vans and my Khaki Jacket out again to wear with them. Adding a grey cashmere jumper on colder days. Watch this space. Discovered a new monogram bag company this week. Azurina, they do very reasonably priced leather bags and accessories. You know I love a monogram. 

  1. H&M Premium Quality Cashmer Jumper 
  2. & Other Stories Sunset T Shirt 
  3. Arket Cropped Wide Leg Leather Trousers 
  4. Azurina Mongrammed Red Leather Bucket Bag 
  5. Vans Checkerboard Slip ons 
  6. Madewell Khaki Surplus Jacket


leather trousers

If you’re not keen on a wide leg, I know they aren’t for everyone, then maybe a slim leg pair of leathers would be more your bag. These are from H&M and are akin to the legendary pair I owned in the glorious 90’s. I’d probably pair with a longer trench type coat as I’d be conscious there might be a lot of arse on display. Most of you will probably baulk at these Balenciaga trainers. I’m still slightly on the fence, BUT I tried them on last week, just to see, and they were actually very comfortable. I kind of loved them. I don’t love the price though, so will be searching for some serious discounts before I even think about taking the plunge. 

  1. A Finer Thread pink J’Adore sweatshirt 
  2. Next Mix/Teija Check Trench Coat 
  3. H&M Stretch Leather Trousers 
  4. Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers 


leather trousers

If I don’t get the Arket trousers, or if they don’t live up to the expectations I have put upon them, then this pleated tapered pair from John Lewis are 2nd on my wish list (they may actually be number one as I have just noticed they’ve been reduced to half price now!) I think they could be really smart with a classic white shirt and cardi combo. Of course I would add a splash of leopard print, because that’s how I roll. Nike have jumped on board the leopard train with a new range of styles. Air & Grace have gone one step further and done leopard glitter high-tops! 

  1. Cos Relaxed Cashmere Cardigan 
  2. J Crew Perfect Stretch Cotton Shirt 
  3. Modern Rarity Pleat Front Leather Trousers 
  4. Nike Air Max 1 Leopard Print Trainers 
  5. Air & Grace Alto Glitter Leopard Hi Tops 


faux leather trusers

I had to take into account the Vegans who read this blog, and those who just don’t favour real leather. This whole outfit below is totally vegan-friendly. No animal products at all. I’m assuming true vegans wouldn’t wear wool? Stella McCartney faux leather is of course the best quality. Also check out Veja’s vegan range of trainers, they use faux suede made from corn waste. 

  1. H&M Fine Knit Red Jumper
  2. Stella McCartney Star Quilted Faux Leather Bag 
  3. Mango Faux Leather Trousers 
  4. Boden Elizabeth Black Blazer 
  5. Veja SDU HEXA Vegan Trainers 


And for those who still can’t get their heads around wearing leather trousers, we have the leather skirt option. Another beauty from Arket here. I love Arket, if you are in London check out the Regent Street store. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing in all its colour-coded glory. M&S also have a beauty of a leather skirt coming for spring. I saw it at their preview and have mentally book-marked it. I’ll let you know once it’s available to buy. All the shiny new season pieces are starting to come in now. I do love a new season!

  1. Mango Knit Striped Sweater 
  2. John Lewis & Partners Camel Leather Box Bag 
  3. Arket A Line Leather Midi Skirt 
  4. Mango Cream Wool Coat
  5. Gola Tennis Mark Cox Trianers 
  6. John Lewis & Partners Leather Alphabet Coin Purse 

Have I have gone some way into making you think about leather trousers? I will keep you posted on the ones I decide to buy. 

K x

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