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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Midweek Men’s Fashion Special

If you’re anything like me, you throw the Sunday Times Style magazine across the room in disgust when they deign to do a ‘Men’s Fashion Special’. Apparently, they did just that last weekend but for some reason we didn’t get our delivery. Perhaps the paperboy/girl/woman/man got wind of my potential wrath and decided against it. BUT I’ve had quite a few requests to do a little something for the men out there, so here we are. I hope you appreciate that I’ve not taken up a Sunday Slot for this, I’ve slipped it in on Thursday evening instead.

There’s no real theme here, you know I usually love a theme on my blogs. These are just items and outfits I like that I think would be suitable for menfolk of any age…


Other than the Crocs and the cycling gear, I have been known to buy most of my husband’s clothes. Every so often he does get the urge for something new. By ‘every so often’ I mean about once every 5 years. Usually when this happens Cos is the first port of call, The knitwear in Cos is very very good. It’s classic but with a twist and quality is usually excellent. Whether an orange sweater is something he  would choose himself remains to be seen, but I like the colour and it matches the tag on this jacket. Details, details.
Men's Fashion Special 1. Cos Oversized Orange Jumper 
2. Armor Lux Fishermans Jacket 
3. Uniqlo + J Supima Cotton Shirt 
4. Folk Soft Black Cotton Trousers 
5. Grenson Bobby Leather Boots 


Chinos, stripes and denim shirts are the classic catch-all for any man. Also, I would steal this jumper and wear it myself. I’d probably steal the shirt too, so a double win. I don’t know whether to be slightly annoyed or happy that I fit into my husband’s clothes. At least we don’t have the same size feet, that really would be weird, but again useful. Crocs notwithstanding. Uniqlo is a place I always head to for classic, decently-priced, well-made casual mens shirts. They are also good for socks, pants and plain T Shirts.

Men's Fashion Special

1. John Lewis & Partners Cotton Stripe Jumper 
2. Uniqlo Slim Fit Denim Shirt 
3. Carhartt Wesley Dollar Jacket 
4. Cos Pleated Tapered Chinos 
5. Nike Court Vintage Trainers 


I know we’re keeping it casual most of the time these days, hence I haven’t added any suit jackets or Gareth Southgate/DS Steve Arnott style waistcoats in this post. For men’s clothes at the higher end of the market, head to Liberty. They have an excellent edit of brands. Not all massively expensive but some really cool smaller brands, and none of that crazy garish nonsense you get in the Selfridges men’s department. They also currently have 30% off a lot of their stock right now.

Men's Fashion Special 1. Maison Kitsune Printed Sweatshirt 
2. Mango Linen Stripe T Shirt 
3. Rains Short Hooded Jacket 
4. Cos Drawstring Joggers 
5. New Balance 997H Trainers 


Another great place for mens clothes is Arket. Quite similar to Cos, but maybe a bit more classic and accessible for those who don’t like to take a risk. They do THE best heavyweight white T shirt (for women too, I swear by it), I also have it on good authority that their French Terry Sweatshirt is a winner. I also LOVE these New Balance 327 trainers. Very annoying they are sold out in my size everywhere, but they have them still in most men’s sizes. men's Fashion Special

1. Folk Soft Collar Short Sleeve Shirt 
2. Arket Cotton Heavyweight T Shirt 
3. Carhartt Corduroy Coach Jacket 
4. Arket Regular Washed Wool Trousers 
5. New Balance 327 Trainers 

There you have it. Fairly short and sweet for blokes. Pass this on to them or use it to help you choose your next purchase for the man in your life, For Sunday I’ve gone off on a tangent again with some post-lockdown looks and basically a guide to what I want to do in London when it opens up again soon.

See you then

Kate x

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