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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Top Level Trainers

I was trying to remember when my love of trainers came into effect. I don’t recall as a child which ones I wore, only the school issue plimsolls and maybe a pair of Dunlop green Flash for running around in. Back then trainers were just for sports and I was never really a ‘sporty girl’. I prefered a trip to Dolcis or Lilley and Skinner for a pair of pixie boots rather than a whizz around the Sports Department at C&A. Contrary to what I thought, C&A didn’t stand for ‘Clothes and Accessories’, nor did it stand for ‘Coats and ‘ats’, like my friend’s gran thought. Shame, those are much better than Clemens and August.

Back in Suburbia where I grew up, there were 3 places to shop. Clockhouse at C&A, Tammy Girl, and a boutique called Nina Ricci, that we re-named ‘Nina Nicky’ as it was a goldmine for shoplifters because the till was way at the back and the girls who worked there couldn’t give a toss.  I’d like to clarify that I never shoplifted from Nina Nicky, but I did once pinch a mascara from Superdrug and a Rocky Horror Picture Show poster from Our Price. Looking back it was quite a feat to stuff that poster up the arm of my donkey jacket without security noticing…

You’ll be glad to know that my thieving days are over. The worst I do now is set up multiple email accounts to get those ‘new customer’ discounts over and over again. Don’t tell me you don’t do that. We all love a bargain.

But, back to trainers, I love them. you do too. Let’s take a look at some new styles I’ve found this week and some classics that I will always love.


I think I bought my first pair of Nike Air Max trainers back in the early 90s Rave days. the perfect pair for all night partying. I should reiterate at this point, I am not a ‘sporty girl’, I’ve really only ever worn trainers for fashion, not for fitness. But I would say that dancing solidly from 10pm — 4am every weekend could be classed as weekly exercise. I won’t go into details as to how we stayed up that long, with that much energy. My parents read this and I’m still under the illusion that my Mum believed me when I said they handed out snacks ‘you know, like sausage rolls and crisps’ at clubs to keep us awake and energised…

top level trainers

1. New Look Puff Sleeve Overshirt 
2. Warehouse Crochet Front Jumper 
3. Hush Ann Straight Leg Jeans 
4. Nike Air Max 90 
5. Nike Air Max 90 EOI


I love my classic checkerboard Vans. They are an absolute staple for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Unfortunately Thomas Frank the dog shares my love for these trainers and has managed to chew his way through 4 pairs in this house already. He favours the heel for some reason. I am at least grateful he didn’t choose one of my more expensive or ‘can’t-buy-them-anymore-because-they-are-limited-edition’ trainers to gnaw on. Checkerboard Vans are readily available and don’t cost the earth. I like to go the whole hog and wear with gingham. My dress in the photo above was 2019 from Monsoon, but they did this dress style in different colours this year, here, here and here.

top level trainers

1. Monsoon Gingham Wrap Dress
2. Sleeper Gingham Midi Dress 
3. Nike Daybreak Trainers
4. Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons 


I vividly recall buying my first pair of Converse hi tops. It was in Paris on the school French exchange trip. A ‘coming of age’ trip, if ever there was one. I made one of my best friends on the ferry on the way over, we bonded over our mutual love of braces. The ones that held our trousers up, not the ones on our teeth. We also smoked cigarettes for the first time ever (looking back, filterless Gauloise were probably not the best variety to start that habit on, but we soon realised the error of our ways and moved onto Silky Sluts and Benny Hedgehogs once we returned to England).

Myself and Tansy also bought Converse together. They were radical, we’d never seen them outside of a John Hughes film before. She bought green, I bought black. I wore those hi tops until they literally fell apart and I’d wear them again now. I want this pair of Golf Wang spotty ones, because then my teens might think I was cool, buying something related to Tyler The Creator.

top level trainers

1. Mango Babydoll Collar Cotton Blouse 
2. Sezane Farrow Leather Bucket Bag (I have this from 3 years ago, great bag) 
3. & Other Stories Boxy Quilted Jacket 
4. Gap Sky High Wide Leg Jeans
5. Converse X Golf Wang Spot Hi Top Trainers 


Nothing says ‘Spring’ more than some lovely pastel shades. I do hope Spring is going to be actually Springing soon. We need some nice weather to be able to sit in pub gardens and on restaurant pavements next month. I had one day this week where I wore my trainers on a walk. I know, I really was throwing caution to the wind, but I’m so sick of wearing wellies. I want lilacs, mint greens, creams, baby pinks and lemon yellows without fear of a dollop of the brown stuff ruining my day.

top level trainers

1. & Other Stories Floral Embroidery Knit Cardigan 
2. H&M Textured Weave Jacket 
3. White Stuff Sage Linen Trousers 
4. & Other Stories Sweetheart Neck Sweater 
5. Gola Eclipse Colour Block Trainers 


Nike Blazers have also been a favourite of mine for quite some years now. Once you try them you will see why. It’s the comfort factor that you get with Nike trainers. These days I wear them with cropped or rolled hem trousers to show them off to the fullest. When I first started wearing them I went for leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. Maybe added a headband, a whistle, a dummy and a pit of Vics… sorry i’m getting side-tracked by 1991 again. Maybe it’s the being shut inside for a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR that is making me reminisce about my misspent youth som much these days. Forgive me. Buy some Blazers, you will love them. You will feel cool. Just look at Tracee Ellis Ross. Although those might be Air Jordans, but still, you get the idea.

top level trainers

1. Ganni x Levis Cotton Sweatshirt
2. Mango Leather Trim Straw Basket 
3. Cos Boxy Breton Stripe Top 
4. Raey Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans (I have these, they are great, but go a size down) 
5. Nike Blazer 77 Trainers 


Again when I say ‘sporty’, what I basically mean is wearing trainers with joggers or sweatpants. Joggers that have no intention of actually jogging anytime soon and sweatpants where no sweat is generated at all, unless you stand too close to the radiator in the kitchen, but that doesn’t count. I’m a big fan of New Balance trainers for long walks though. I would advise going up a half size if you can as I find they come up small.

top level trainers

1. H&M Palm Tree Print T Shirt 
2. Anine Bing City Love Sweatshirt 
3. Hush Daxton Quilted Jacket 
4. Hush Finoula Washed Joggers 
5. New Balance 327 Trainers 

Thanks again for reading. I really appreciate it.

K x

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