Dressing to Disguise a Bit of a Belly

Finally the post I’ve been promising to write about dressing to disguise a bit of a belly. I know we should all be embracing our body shapes and love ourselves as we are but come on, everyone has a part of themselves that they are not happy with and would like to hide. I could list a lot of things I’m not particularly enamoured with about my appearance, but I’m focusing on one of the main ones. Something I have learnt how to deal with, that’s the mumtum.

Before I hit 30 and had children I was a fan of a tummy baring top, I could do body-con until the cows came home, I wouldn’t say I had washboard abs, but I had a reasonably flat stomach and frankly, I took it for granted. Since then I have tried (admittedly not very hard) to get rid of it, but it’s clear it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so I worked out how to hide it with good clothes. Once again, these are just things that work for me, they may not work for everyone, but see what you think…

Tailored trousers

The key is the word ‘tailored’, they should fit you properly, sit on your waist and not pinch. One rule of mine is ‘if in doubt – size up’, clothes too big are ALWAYS better than clothes too small. One of my top tips for giving the illusion of not having a dough belly is the ‘shirt tuck’. You can do this with t-shirt or shirts, you just need to tuck it in at the front and pull it over a bit. No one will ever know if that is folds of fabric or folds of fat underneath.

Make sure you have a shirt with enough length to do this. Equipment shirts are the best. They are expensive but so well made, beautiful silk and wash really well. Check in on The Outnet as they often have a good discounted selection. Without exception ALL my tailored trousers are from Cos , & Other Stories and Arket, they are the best places for trousers on the High Street in my opinion.


1. The Outnet Equipment Washed Silk Floral Shirt 
2. Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag 
3. Baukjen Ashton Trench Coat 
4. Arket Tailored Straight Leg Trousers 
5. Mango Leather Panel Sneakers


High Waisted Jeans & Slightly Crop Tops

This is one I would never have tried a few years ago. High waisted jeans can be tricky. They are not for everyone, but find a good pair and they will hold you in like a corset. My favourite ever pair are from H&M – called ‘Vintage High Jeans’ they still sell versions of them, but just not the exact pair I have. I love them so much I bought a ‘spare’ pair in case I lost / wore out / broke the first pair. Don’t be scared when I say ‘Crop top’, I’m talking about one that sits on the waist, so would be slightly below the top of your high waist jeans. Gives the illusion of a waist where in reality there is none.

1. & Other Stories Open Crochet Knit Top 
2. & Other Stories Braided Cross Body Bag 
3. H&M Mom Jeans 
4. New Look Chunky Knit Cardigan 
5. Mango Bow Suede Shoes 


Wrap Dresses

A new one for me, I never really appreciated the flattering benefits of a wrap dress until earlier this summer, yes, I’m talking about that Ganni dress again. But obviously there are alternatives at every price point. The beauty of a good wrap dress is that it should tie at your true waist, basically just under the ribcage, skimming over that flab lower down. Wrap dresses are also good for busty ladies as you can adjust the fit dependant on how tight you tie it. Why I never latched onto this before is beyond me.


1. Equipment Washed Silk Wrap Dress 
2. Arket Printed Wrap Dress 
3. & Other Stories Block Heal Sandals 
4. Veja Esplar Trainers 


Buffet Dresses

A favourite of mine. Coined a ‘Buffet’ dress as you can eat to your hearts content and never have to worry about loosening a button or busting a zip. This should be an easy throw-on dress, ideally a maxi length that is so roomy no-one will ever know what’s going on underneath it. US label Christy Dawn do the best ones, but be very careful on the huge import taxes. If you buy from there, try and get it sent to friend in the States to forward on to you. M&S also has a few good ones at the moment, this one I bought this week and it’s great, I could fit 2 of me in it, which is the way a good Buffet dress should be.


1. M&S Floral Print Drop Waist Maxi Dress
2. Kendra Scott Rose Gold Quartz Necklace 
3. BWD – Set Fashion Leather Jacket (the BEST leather jacket EVER)
4. Top Shop Betty Western Ankle Boots 
5. A.P.C. Demi Lune Leather Cross Body Bag 


Black Skinny Jeans

This is my failsafe outfit when I want to look slimmer. Literally every time I wear a pair of my more expensive black skinny jeans someone asks me if I have lost weight (which I don’t find offensive by the way). I haven’t lost any weight I just have good jeans on. It’s worth spending more on these jeans as the fit is just so much better at Rag and Bone, Paige or J Brand. Black skinny jeans will always be in my wardrobe no matter what the current trends are. For extra tummy hiding points, do the ‘shirt tuck’ combined with a tailored blazer. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself wearing this.


1. Mango Essential Structured Blazer 
2. The Dressing Room Lily & Lionel Zebra Print Shirt 
3. The Outnet Frame Black Skinny Leg Jeans
4. Zadig and Voltaire Rock Bag 
5. Steve Madden Leather Studded Ankle Boots 


So in summary, tips to hide a pot belly, buy bigger, don’t go body con, good jeans pay for themselves and learn how to perfect that shirt-tuck. Knowing how to dress is the lazy girls alternative to the gym.

K x

6 thoughts on “Dressing to Disguise a Bit of a Belly

  1. Thank-you! This article has persuaded me to return the faux leather pencil skirt (just too tight – larger size isn’t made at this store!), swapped for a buffet dress due to be collected tomorrow. I really have to give away the trousers that make my thighs look like sausages bursting out of their skins. It’s true, just size up….Also like the shirt tuck idea so now need to see if my shirts are long enough or else that may require another acquisition……

  2. Thanks, I’m a very similar size and this is really helpful. I’m still trying to get used to having a belly but life’s too short to actually try to get rid of it!

  3. Love your blog and you always look fab – and no mum tum in sight! I’ve tried the shirt tuck and half tuck (impossible to get right) but always still have the tummy bulge below the waist (zip area). I end up untucking and hiding the tum but in the process hiding my waist – which is actually ok!

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