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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Men’s Autumn Style Special

I know how annoying it is when your favourite Sunday supplement decides to replace its regular women’s fashion with a ‘Men’s style special’, so I’m doing this mid-week so as to protect myself from a massive eye-roll and a humph-off-in-a-strop-elsewhere from regular readers. But I have to say I feel for our gentlemen friends as there really aren’t many outlets fashion-wise for them. I’m often asked if I know of any men that do something similar to what I do, but I come up blank. If you know of any, do let me know as I’ll gladly pass some readers their way. When I say ‘some’, I mean about three male readers, but there are always the ladies that wish to help the men in their lives dress a little better.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to buy most of my husband’s clothes. Crocs notwithstanding. Sometimes I get it right but sometimes I have to admit I get it wrong, and all I’m doing is buying him things I like rather than things I think he might like.  But I have educated him in the joys of a gilet, a striped top, a decent jumper and a good pair of jeans, so I’m getting some of it right. Let’s have a look at some outfits I’ve put together…


During my research I have found that an awful lot of men’s clothes are basically just in khaki, navy or black. Nothing wrong with that as those are three of my favourite colours to wear, but it’s always nice to have a little bit of real colour every now and then. Maybe check out a bright sweatshirt or some trainers that aren’t just plain white.

Mens Autumn style special

1. Uniform Bridge 1960 sweatshirt 
2. Arket cotton twill bucket hat 
3. Uniqlo check button down shirt 
4. Levis 502 indigo slim leg jeans 
5. New Balance 327 Trainers 


I think every man should own a great casual check shirt and a pair of really good boots for the winter. Grenson is obviously one of my top choices for men and women but I know a lot of blokes that swear by their Red Wing boots too. You don’t have to go full lumberjack with a baseball cap and an axe though; keep it simple with a good fleece and a cashmere scarf.

Mens Autumn style special

1. Carhartt Nord fleece zip jacket 
2. John Lewis Kin cashmere scarf 
3. Levis check worker shirt 
4. H&M regular fit cargo pants 
5. Red Wing legacy leather boots 


Tinie (no Tempah anymore) is a classic example of a man who really knows how to dress well. I worked with him for many years and was always in awe of his sartorial choices. Check out his new TV show ’ Extraordinary Extensions’ (it’s about house building, don’t be filthy) on Channel 4 on Wednesday nights; if not for the homes, but to see what he wears. Would he wear a striped top and a fleecy jerkin? I don’t know, but I know a few men that would. PLus he ALWAYS wears good jeans.

Mens Autumn style special

1. Arket recycled down puffer jacket 
2. Jaeger stripe long sleeve top 
3. Albam fleece sherpa vest 
4. Carhartt WIP Newell denim jeans 
5. Vans Old Skool hi top trainers 


Mens Autumn style special

Just an excuse to have a picture of Steve McQueen, really. He’s not even wearing a white T‑shirt or a peacoat, but never mind. He looks cool. These are just a few things I think a lot of men could benefit from having in their wardrobe. A really good heavyweight white T‑shirt, a navy peacoat, a ‘proper’ pair of cords or chinos and (again) a great pair of boots.

Mens Autumn style special

1. John Lewis navy wool peacoat 
2. M&S heavyweight cotton white t shirt 
3. Cos checked overshirt 
4. Cos relaxed fit corduroy trousers 
5. Grenson brown leather Brady boots 


Mens Autumn style special

The North Face have really cornered the market in the winter puffer stakes. I swear every boy over the age of 14 has one in my area. But you don’t need to stick to black. Why not break out again with a bit of colour? Carhartt is proving very popular again too. I remember when their jeans were £35 and we all had those ‘Carpenter’ style ones in the early 90s. But they are having a real revival: so much good stuff. Slightly more than £35 these days, but excellent quality that will last for ages.

Mens Autumn style special

1. The North Face retro Nuptse jacket 
2. Carhartt red burgundy beanie 
3. Carhartt American Script hoodie 
4. Dickies 873 slim fit chinos 
5. Dr Martens 1460 Ben smooth leather boots 

I hope you enjoyed my biannual men’s style special. Send it over to the man in your life or use it as inspiration for any Christmas and birthday presents. Normal service will be resumed on Sunday.

K x

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