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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sweater Weather

Is it wrong to look forward to sweater weather? Some of us are summer animals and some of us actually enjoy the longer nights and the crisp, cold days. I think, personally, I’m a bit of an inbetweener when it comes to the seasons. I am grateful to live in a country that actually has them, because no matter which one is your favourite, you know you are only about three months away from the next one. I love autumn, I love the changing colours of the trees, the low sunlight in the afternoon, the fact that there’s a chill in the air but it’s not bitter. Winter can do one, especially January and the first half of February.

One of the best things about October is knitwear. In particular, jumpers or sweaters. Is sweater Americanising it again? But I’m glad we’ve adopted some American things over here. Halloween is a prime example. I love it and I’m glad we’ve made more of this event here. One of my favourite things to do is to wander the streets of Kensington looking at all the spooky decorations, and my husband missed out on making small children cry in terror last year when they knock on the door and are greeted by the Exorcist theme tune and a devil appearing through the fog of his smoke machine. Let’s hope Covid doesn’t ruin his evening again this year. But enough of that, let’s get on with the knitwear…


You may have noticed that I REALLY like stripes. You just can’t go wrong really. That myth that horizontal stripes make you look larger is just that, a myth. I mean, vertical stripes are supposed to be slimming, but who wears vertical stripes apart from Beetlejuice? Exactly. Get yourself a good stripe this season. Although I’m not sure I know anyone that doesn’t have one already. This is mum uniform 101.

1. La Redoute recycled wool breton jumper 
2. M Hulot nude leather bum bag 
3. Paloma Wool Pompeya quilted jacket 
4. Cos tapered leg high rise jeans 
5. 0–105 Huna Americana trainers 


Fancy something a little chunkier? Then how about a cable knit? These can be tricky as they do sometimes add bulk, but look for something like this one from & Other Stories that has the cable look without the neck stranglehold of a big polo neck like the one above from Zara, which looks nice on that model, but for most of us would make us look like our body just goes straight into our head and bypasses the neck completely. I rarely buy from Zara these days for this very reason; you get sucked in by the teeny-tiny models looking great in everything, then, when you order, they certainly do NOT look like that in you. By you, I mean me of course.

1. & Other Stories cream wool cable knit sweater 
2. JW Anderson felt belt strap tote bag 
3. By Iris Lucy double breasted blazer 
4. Whistles Dark green leather wrap midi skirt 
5. Dune London Selene tan leather knee length boots 


I have the naked lady version of this Paloma Wool sweater from last year – see main photo. This year they’ve brought them out again with a less raunchy design. I recommend. They are super-warm without being boil-in-bag. Any other perimenopausal ladies out there will know that this is a very important factor when choosing good knitwear. One minute you are perfectly fine temperature-wise, then next minute you’re stripping off like Erica Roe at a cup final game.

1. Paloma Wool Anitta knitted jumper
2. & Other Stories shirt leather cross body bag 
3. Albaray double breasted long coat
4. Whistles Hollie button front jeans
5. Dune Pampas quilted leather boots 


If you’re just looking for a really good quality jumper at a decent price then your first port of call should be Uniqlo. I always head there for a simple sweater. I usually buy mine from the men’s department. A size medium in men’s is about the equivalent to a size 12 if you’re unsure. I might attempt to wear mine with a corduroy mini-skirt soon. I mean, why not? I have this Hush corduroy skirt and it’s a good length for taller ladies: not pelmet, but also not that awful just-on-the-knee like everything in the Damart catalogue. It may have changed now, but no-one needs a just-on-the-knee length skirt these days. This one from M&S is slightly shorter and comes in black and green, could work for those of smaller stature.

1. Uniqlo mens lightweight ribbed sweater 
2. Cos oversized cashmere beanie hat 
3. Saint and Sofia Odette check wool coat 
4. Hush Sofia corduroy mini skirt 
5. Grenson brown colorado leather Nanette boots 


Finally, my favourite of all the winter knits, the Nordic or Fairisle sweater. I know they are different, but they are also similar. I loved Sarah Lund from The Killing so much that I bought a knitting pattern so my mother could make me her jumper for Christmas. That was seven years ago. I’m still waiting. She’s got four more granddaughters since then, so they (quite rightly) are the knitting priority. My mum is even known as ‘Granny Knit-Knit’ to one of my nieces. So, what I’m saying is that I’ve had to buy my own Nordic knitwear. My favourite is one I bought from Toast last year. Similar to this one. Lovely quality and not itchy at all. That is VERY important.

1. Toast wool jacquard sweater
2. Kate Sheridan viola leather bag 
3. White Stuff Callie textured pea coat 
4. M&S corduroy tapered ankle grazer trousers 
5. Saint and Sofia brown leather croc Noho boots 

I hope you wrap up warmer in this sweater weather. I’m thinking we either concentrate on coats or corduroy next week. Two more very good reasons for liking this season.

Kate x

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