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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

6 outfits to wear right now

We could call this six outfits that I’d like to wear, have worn recently or might wear in a fantasy life where I spend all my money on more Gucci. But that might be a bit long-winded for an article title, so we shall stick with six outfits to wear right now. It’s based on a few things I’ve bought recently or that I’ve had for a while but am thinking of new ways to wear. This is basically a purely selfish post so I can work out what I might wear over the next few weeks. As always, I have added more budget-friendly alternatives to some of the items in the scroll bar below the main outfits.


6 outfits to wear right now
Uncredited image via Pinterest, but similar jumper here from H&M. Similar oversized shirt from Matalan and Faux Leather leggings from Spanx

Now, I have never really been a ‘leggings’ girl. Unless you count the secret leggings worn under a dress, which I don’t as the whole point is that you don’t see them. But I recently got sent a pair of Spanx leggings to try and they are VERY good. The perfect amount of suck-you-in but without being restrictive, they are completely comfortable for all-day wear, you can’t see your undies through them, they don’t wrinkle or bag at all and there is no camel toe. All things that are high on the list of leggings priorities.

But how does one wear leggings and not look like you just haven’t been arsed to get changed from your workout? I’m going with an oversized jumper, a great coat and loafers to help answer that question. Although when I wore this look earlier in the week, my husband still asked if I was going to the gym. Listen love, no-one wears Gucci loafers to lift weights. Or maybe they do? What do I know?

6 outfits to wear right now (leggings)

1. Whistles bottle green cashmere roll neck sweater
2. Jigsaw Farley leather cross body bag 
3. Mango flecked wool blend coat 
4. Spanx Look At Me Now medium control leggings 
5. Gucci Double G leather loafers


Blouse and skirt from Per Una at M&S

There is no rule that you can’t wear mini skirts past 40. I touched on the ideal length last week, but it’s all relative to how tall you are. Most websites will tell you how tall the model is these days which really helps when ordering skirts and dresses. I bought this one from M&S last week (I too am influenced by my own blog). It’s not quite been cold enough to wear yet as it needs opaque tights, but it’s a great skirt. For tights, my favourites are Falke and Tabio. Both not cheap (around £20 a pair), but I literally still have tights from each of these brands that are over eight years old, so actually great value for money in the end.

6 outfits to wear right now

1. Navy Grey ‘The Relaxed’ navy sweater 
2. & Other Stories puff sleeve denim shirt 
3. M&S Per Una pleat front corduroy mini skirt 
4. Monsoon long wool blend coat 
5. Matalan burgundy patent lace up boots 


6 outfits to wear right now
Cardigan from Ganni. Bag by APC

So the cardigan may be Ganni and cannot really be replicated (although this one from Mango is pretty special), but the rest of the outfit is a high street ‘homage’ to the brand. Proving you don’t need to go the whole hog on the designer gear, but just pick out one item to base the rest of it around. I particularly like the H&M khaki cape jacket, but I REALLY don’t need another quilted jacket.

1. Ganni logo jacquard recycled wool cardigan 
2. Monki oversized collar shirt 
3. H&M water repellent quilted cape jacket 
4. Raey ‘Dad’ organic cotton boyfriend jeans 
5. Lemon Jelly PVC ankle boots 


6 outfits to wear right now
T Shirt from Hush (sold out) . Leather Trousers (old) from John Lewis. Trainers by Nike.

These trousers aren’t actually ugly, that’s just a rather niche reference to the latest series of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I would say it’s my guilty pleasure, but I feel zero guilt. I love all my Housewives. I have recently rediscovered my own ugly leather pants. I bought them in the sale from John Lewis about four years ago and they always come out again at this time of year. Comfy, warm and they wipe clean. What’s not to like?

6 outfits to wear right now

1. Kin orange funnel neck jumper
2. H&M Oversized Joy Division T Shirt 
3. New Look quilted high neck puffer jacket 
4. Hush leather joggers 
5. Nike Air Jordan 1 Hi tops 


6 outfits to wear right now
‘Lucy’ jacket from Iris Fashion

I recently got this new blazer from Iris (above) and have already worn it about six times. Always a test; if I can wear something more than five times with five different outfits in the first few weeks of owning, then I know it’s going to be a long-term winner. I like the subtle check and the oversized look. Surprisingly, it goes just as well with other patterns as it does with a plain top. For a more budget version, look at this one from Mango and this one from H&M. 

6 outfits to wear right now

1. Etsy large velvet bow hair clip 
2. H&M double breasted check jacket 
3. Me + Em colour sprinkle sporty maxi dress 
4. Hopefull London leather and suede Manhattan bag 
5. Sosander burgundy leather knee high boots 


6 outfits to wear right now
Jacket from Iris. Blouse from M&S. Jeans from Hush. Boots from Air & Grace.

I know we’ve already done a full boot post recently, but it’s this particular chunky style of Chelsea boot that’s doing it for me right now. Mine are from Air & Grace who always make the most comfortable boots. I think I have four pairs now and they never disappoint. But for a more purse-friendly option, check out these from M&S and these from Office. If you’re in the market for a designer pair then I love these from Isabel Marant too. Also, how many times can I feature the Mulberry Alexa bag before I push the button on a purchase? I think it might have to be my Christmas present to myself. I just need to get saving, and maybe sell a few more things. Maybe a kidney. Or a child. Or my soul? 

1. John Lewis and partners brass button Peacoat 
2. Mulberry Alexa black leather handbag
3. Lollys Laundry navy Dawn blouse 
4. Everlane ‘The Dream’ trousers 
5. Air & Grace ‘Troupe’ chunky leather Chelsea boots 

 I will start thinking about some gift guides soon as I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m doing them this year. So watch out for some midweek posts coming your way next month.

K x

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