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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Khaki: The hardest working colour in your wardrobe

This could be one for the colour-shirkers amongst you. Equally, it’s something to think about for those who love all colours but worry about clashes. Khaki is a very hard-working colour. It may well be a bit dull on its own, and might conjure up thoughts of military manoeuvres, but add it to other colours and it proves to be extremely useful indeed.

Khaki goes with almost every other colour. It breaks up monotone black and white a treat, looks excellent with red, pink or purple, is a classic addition to navy or pale blue, and works absolutely perfectly with denim. Indeed, it’s an ideal denim substitute if you want to give your jeans or denim jacket a day off every so often. Like denim, classic khaki pieces never really go out of fashion. I bet you have a pair of khaki trousers still lingering at the back of the wardrobe. I still have a pair I bought in 1996. Unfortunately, I can’t do them up anymore, so they will soon go on the charity pile, but you get the idea.

Let’s have a look at some cool khaki outfits…


Fear not if, like me, you have old khakis that are either outdated or on the snug side, as there is plenty of choice out there for those in the market for a new pair. Look for loose-fitting cotton styles so they can work all summer long. I will pair with my denim jacket, a breezy button-up shirt and some chunky sandals. For more on sandals – 60 more, to be precise – have a look at this post from earlier in the week. Add a bright bag to get your 3‑colour formula working. Although does leopard print count as a colour? Or does it fall into the ‘black and white aren’t real colours’ category? I’m going for the latter.

  1. Mint Velvet white and blue striped shirt 
  2. Anni Lu Alaia gold plated beaded bracelet 
  3. Daisy London Polly Sayer chain hoop earrings 
  4. Hush Ashley cargo trousers 
  5. Hush mini Stevie cross body bag 
  6. COS oversized zip up denim jacket 
  7. Stradivarius leopard print leather sandals 


If you’re after a jacket that’s not denim and will work perfectly with all your jeans, khaki is the one. It will also look very agreeable with your white (or for that matter, black) summer dresses. Having been a massive dress-shirker over the winter months, I am actually looking forward to breaking out some old favourites and maybe adding some new friends into the mix too. I’ve gone off prints a bit, but I do always love a nice white summer dress. Especially when teamed with tan sandals. It makes me feel like I could be wafting along the streets of Florence when, in fact, I am walking the dog in a field in Southall. At least I can still pop to the pub afterwards for a glass of Aperol Spritz. Never tastes the same here, though, does it?

  1. ME + EM cheesecloth gathered sleeve maxi dress 
  2. COS oversized square frame sunglasses 
  3. Edge of Ember visionary charm necklace
  4. & Other Stories braided denim tote bag 
  5. White Stuff Carrie organic cotton jacket 
  6. Sezane Judith low leather sandals 


I will do a full shorts round-up soon. Maybe even next week if you’re keen to get going on your 2024 shorts styles. A quick look around the internet seems to confirm (much to my delight) that short-shorts are being replaced fashion-wise by the longer Bermuda or cargo style. I do like a short short – again, when on holiday, but not for around town. The Liz Line is not the place to be showing too much upper thigh. Also, and this is maybe TMI, but as I’m getting older, the spread of pubic hair is a constant battle. Now it seems to stretch all the way down to the back of my knees. Since when was that something else to worry about? Chin hairs, saggy neck, age spots and now random pubes halfway down your leg. Give me strength. And a good razor.

  1. Matalan navy pocket detail sweatshirt 
  2. Hush Limonata printed t shirt 
  3. Arket relaxed fit khaki shorts 
  4. Uniqlo round mini shoulder bag 
  5. Gola Elan suede trainers 
  6. Adidas solid 3 stripe crew socks 


If white dresses give you the fear of dirt, spillages or a random period that turns up after 263 blissful days of not having one (this might just be me but, goddamn it, right when you think it’s all coming to an end, it turns out that no, it is not), then a khaki dress might be your friend. A good alternative to black too, although I do like a black summer dress, but they only really work with a tan. Add some retro trainers: the Reebok Club C are a good alternative if you’re a bit sick of Sambas.

  1. ME + EM mixed media maxi dress 
  2. Zoë De Pass Kate Autumn sunglasses (use code IWEARZDP15 for 15% off new season)
  3. Mango natural fibre sack bag 
  4. Alex Monroe gold plated initial necklace 
  5. River Island graphic crochet trim short sleeve shirt 
  6. Reebok Club C vintage trainers 


Could be a T‑shirt, could be a shirt, could be a nice, light sweater. Either way it will look great with blue jeans. Pair with a statement belt or jacket, or both if you’re feeling very ‘statementy’. Tie it all in with a pair of Mary Jane flats. I love the look of them with wide-leg jeans. The latest Gucci fashion show confirmed that this look is not going anywhere, which is good as I’ve definitely and whole-heartedly bought into the ballet flats/wide-leg trend this year.

  1. Arket linen blend t shirt 
  2. Mint Velvet gold tone friendship bracelet 
  3. Kitri Cressida sand embroidered tie front blazer 
  4. Citizens of Humanity Ayla baggy cuffed jeans 
  5. Mint Velvet statement studded belt
  6. Arket leather Mary Jane flats


I have realised at this point that even though I claim khaki works with any colour, I haven’t actually included much colour in this post. Never mind, I just went with outfits that I liked and that I would wear. This is the basis for every one of my posts, actually. If I wouldn’t wear it, then it won’t get featured. I think skirts are having a bit of a comeback this summer, as I’ve seen a lot on the high street recently. The circular midi skirt is proving popular and I’m into it. 

  1. La Redoute striped cotton boxy t shirt 
  2. & Other Stories fitted linen blazer 
  3. Arket Khaki green suede tote bag 
  4. Arket A line cotton shirt 
  5. ME + EM chunky stitch open knit jumper 
  6. Air & Grace Lucca tan leather studded sandals 

So I think I will do shorts next week. Then maybe dresses, and this year I WILL do an ‘over-40s festival outfits’ blog. I don’t usually do them as I’m not much of a festival fan, but I’m going to Glastonbury this year and I selfishly need some inspiration for myself.

K x

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