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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The 3 colour formula

Ok, so first off, I don’t particularly like rules, so I have changed the name of this concept from ‘the 3‑colour rule’ to ‘the 3‑colour formula’, because we all know rules are made to be broken. Secondly, I’m not for one second suggesting this is something you need to religiously stick to, BUT if you find yourself in a bit of a rut style-wise and you just want a simple way to pull together a chic and effortless outfit, this formula can be helpful – both for those who struggle with overdoing it and those who tend to stick with one colour.

The premise of the 3‑colour formula is just as it says on the tin. Try to avoid combining more than three colours in your outfit at any one time. The exceptions to this can be black and white. They don’t have to count as they aren’t technically colours, so they can be intermixed, but you CAN also use them as one of your three. Also, I’d say a print CAN have more than three colours, but it would be the focal point of the outfit, and the combining colours should already be in that print. Are you still with me? I think I’m making this sound WAY more complicated than it should be, so let’s just let the outfits do the talking and look at some colour combinations you could try.


We’ve touched on this before, but brown can be surprisingly versatile and it really doesn’t have to be boring. In the same way that yellow doesn’t have to be the shade that makes you feel like an egg sandwich. Although, I do often find myself thinking about an egg mayonnaise sandwich. If I’m stuck for inspiration in Pret, I will reach for that egg and cress, but if I’m at home I will ALWAYS make my egg mayo sandwich with salad cream instead of actual mayo. A recent straw poll proved that I am not alone in this. Eggs aside, these colours go well together, and now I want both a sandwich and this Wales Bonner x Adidas track top.

3 colur formula

  1. H&M light yellow cotton t shirt 
  2. Alexis Amor Holly Havana sunglasses 
  3. Wales Bonner x Adidas track top 
  4. H&M baggy high wasit jeans 
  5. Uniqlo C faux leather round shoulder bag 
  6. Adidas brown and yellow SL2 trainers 


Orange is a colour that often gets overlooked, usually for being, well, just a bit TOO orange. You could go for more of a rust, bronze, ginger hue if you fear brightness. But this brightness goes SO well with navy and khaki green. I’d probably add a sprinkle of white and black for some balance.

  1. Uniqlo stripe cropped bra vest top
  2. American Vintage v neck knit jumper
  3. Karen Millen premium linen pleated wide leg trousers 
  4. A.P.C. Ninon mini leather crossbody bag (use KATE15 for 20% off this weekend)
  5. Hush Stella long trench coat 
  6. Veja Volley cotton canvas trainers 


I’m using denim as my ‘blues’ in this blog just because I love denim. But jeans don’t always have to be blue. I love these pink-striped ones from Damson Madder; they’re the same style as my leopard ones, so I’d say go up a size for the best loose fit. I’m looking forward to wearing my Air & Grace sandals again soon. I even had a pedicure this week in the blind optimism that sandal season is coming. Needless to say, the sun has barely come out since. You can blame me for that.

3 colour formula

  1. Mint Velvet white scoop neck vest 
  2. All Saints Minerva square cat eye sunglasses 
  3. Anthropologie Bridgette woven faux leather bag 
  4. Bling Jewels semi precious stone bead necklace
  5. Damson Madder Dion wide leg jeans 
  6. Hush oversized cropped denim shirt 
  7. Air & Grace ivory Gala two strap sandals 


Yes, sand IS a colour. I didn’t say that all the colours in this formula had to be bright. In fact, I would steer clear of wearing three primary colours together, as you could come off as a walking combination of Rod, Jane and Freddy. Also, accessories can always be your third colour. They’re a really great way of injecting some bold shades into an otherwise fairly safe look.

3 colour formula

  1. A.Kjaerbede Halo square festival green sunglasses 
  2. Wilson Jewellery green agate and crystal beaded bracelet 
  3. M&S linen blend trench coat 
  4. Aligne Lucky short sleeve denim dress 
  5. Hush leather weave tote bag 
  6. Nike green and pink Cortez trainers 


Was it ‘purple and green should never be seen’? Or is that blue? Either way, I think they go great together but, let’s be honest, this set is just an excuse to include these Adidas Spezials that I really tried hard not to buy last week. Unfortunately, my will power is not that strong. I crumbled and ordered and I love. Yes, I know I already have too many trainers, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I shall have to sell some of my lesser-worn pairs to justify the new ones.

3 colour formula

  1. Uniqlo soft knitted fleece crew neck jumper 
  2. & Other Stories delicate pearl necklace 
  3. Stradivarius oversized poplin striped shirt 
  4. ME + EM high waisted multi-pleat wide trousers 
  5. Accessorize pink stripe socks 
  6. Adidas purple and pink Spezial trainers 


I mean, how cute is this outfit? I want it all. I don’t think I will ever grow up and be a neutrals-only lady. I do try sometimes, but am ultimately drawn to the quirky. Red and blue denim is still kind of chic, though.

3 colour formula

  1. Sister Jane Posy embroidered jacket 
  2. Anna + Nina single lovely day hoop earring
  3. River Island mid rise baggy jeans 
  4. Sezane cream leather Claude bag 
  5. Boden fluffy heart pointelle jumper
  6. Moi London red gingham Mary Jane flats 


Finally, a bonus suit that contains all three of your colours. It kind of reminds me of old-fashioned ice cream sellers, but in the best way possible. Tallulah & Hope are another great small brand to know about. This is a bit a departure for them, as their signature style is more focused on embroidered dresses and separates. Use code KATE15 for 15% off their new collection. I used to sell ice cream from a tray slung around my neck when I worked at the Hammersmith Odeon back in the early 90s. The uniform was a crappy blue polo shirt though, not a fancy striped suit.

3 colour formula

  1. COS clean cut white t shirt 
  2. Edge of Ember personalised layered necklace (use code KATEH15 for 15% off) 
  3. Tallulah & Hope cotton stripe blazer 
  4. Tallulah & Hope stripe cotton wide leg trousers 
  5. Jigsaw Meret cream leather cross body bag 
  6. Adidas Originals indoor Gazelle trainers 

Why not have a look in your wardrobe and see which 3‑colour combinations you can put together? I think it will make getting dressed this week a little bit more interesting.

K x

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