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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Just jeans and a nice top

I may buy way too many dresses. I say ‘may’, I definitely do. Most of which have been lingering in the wardrobe largely unworn this ‘summer’. Don’t get me started on the weather again. I never thought I’d be hankering for the good ol’ days of Lockdown Part 1. We may not have been allowed to do much, but at least the sun shone down upon us. I jest, of course. I really DON’T want to go back to that anytime soon. My point is, this year I’ve largely gone back to the old dressing staple of ‘just jeans and a nice top’.

Back in the the 90s, ‘just jeans and a nice top’ was all we ever wore for a night out. If you didn’t sport a handkerchief top, large buckle belt, Seven For All Mankind bootcut jeans and a pair of kitten-heeled pointed ankle boots, were you even ON a night out in 1997? I apologise if I met you in the toilets at the Atlantic Bar and never returned that Juicy Tubes lip gloss you let me use. These days, things are much more casual for me. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a heel or was out past 11pm, and I can say with some assurance that I will never wear a pair of low-rise bootcut jeans again.

‘Just jeans and a nice top’ is now my go-to for daytime wear. The jeans are now largely of the higher-waisted, tapered or straight-cut style. The nice tops are more of the blouse-with-a-bit-of-interest variety. It’s just a step more elevated than wearing a T‑shirt or sweat. You can look put together but also casual. This look is my go-to everyday wear right now.


Image from Sezane. One of my favourite places to buy a ‘nice top’

I won’t go on too much about my love of Whistles jeans as you’ve probably heard enough if you’re a regular reader but, just to reiterate, they are really rather good. I usually size up one size as I don’t like anything too tight around my ever-expanding waist. These are their ‘barrel’ style. They are high waisted and slightly tapered, making them the best pair to wear with a wide-hem top as the shapes tend to balance each other out. Team them with a good pair of trainers and a khaki jacket for easy everyday wear.

1. M&S Per Una floral cotton blouse 
2. Coach Beat leather cross body bag 
3. Monsoon Aisha khaki cargo jacket 
4. Whistles barrel leg jeans 
5. Nike waffle one trainers 


I love a good white blouse. It’s another thing I have a tendency to buy multiples of. I have this one from & Other Stories, this one from KJ’s Laundry, plus an old one from River Island and a short-sleeved one from Mango that I got in the sale a couple of months ago. All worn on rotation and great for now, worn alone. Just as good for autumn with a tank top. Equally as perfect in the winter with a good cardi or oversized blue cashmere jumper. Add some interest with a scarf hair tie. Amazon do some great hair tie scarf bundles that actually stay in your hair. I tried just tying a regular scarf around my ponytail but it kept falling out. Too much slippage. The more adventurous amongst you might like to try a floral jerkin, or is it a waistcoat? Or a body warmer? Or a vest? Or a gilet? Who knows? I like it.

1. & Other Stories embroidered cotton blouse 
2. Scarf ribbon hair ties 
3. River Island high waist straight leg jeans 
4. Lollys Laundry Santiago floral print vest 
5. Jones pointed leather flats 


@Blancamiro traveling in double denim style

I think I mentioned this last week, but I have no issues with double denim. In fact I fully endorse it. My only stipulation is that the denims shouldn’t match completely. But then again, matching denims could give the look of a jumpsuit without the constrictive properties of actually wearing an all-in-one, so I’m actually ok with that too. I saw these Nike SB Blazers in the flesh earlier this week. I was seriously tempted, but my head told me, ‘Put them back woman, you’ve got FAR too many trainers already.’ The heart may well win out in the end though. I’m also very taken once again with the Mulberry Alexa bag. I’ve been checking eBay regularly for a pre-owned one, but nothing has come up just yet. I might start saving.

1. Levis Mimi collar denim blouse 
2. Mulberry Alexa tan leather bag 
3. Cos cropped utility jacket 
4. Boden girlfriend jeans 
5. Nike SB Zoom Blazer trainers 


Raey ‘Dad’ jeans with my quilted jacket from Wildfolk. They make to order. Check them out.

Every time I post a picture of me wearing the Raey ‘Dad’ jeans, I get a ton of DMs asking me about them. I bought mine about 3–4 years ago; they are mid waisted and come up big. I am usually a 29–30 waist size and I have them in a 28 and I still have to wear a belt. I don’t think the sizing has changed over the years but don’t quote me on that. They are a classic boyfriend style, nice and baggy, slightly cropped, great denim. Definitely one of my favourite pairs of jeans. I’m hoping to wear them with this Meadows top from The Mercantile London that I have my eye on. It’s corduroy! Is it too early to talk about corduroy? 

1. Meadows Amaryllis ditsy print corduroy top 
2. ALS London red leather satchel 
3. Mango cream denim jacket 
4. Raey Dad jeans 
5. Birkenstock Boston suede sandals


Should we ever get some more sunny days this summer, then how about a good sleeveless blouse? I’ve added a few cardis here too as I don’t have much faith in the UK weather. You could even match your bee cardi with your bee necklace if you are that way inclined. I am that way inclined as the bee is the symbol of our beloved Brentford FC. Now a PREMIER LEAGUE football club. Did I mention that? Also, I didn’t realise until earlier this week when we were visiting that the bee is also a symbol of Manchester. Apparently, the bee denotes Mancunians’ strong work ethic and the city being a hive of activity. You learn something new every day.

1. Jigsaw broderie ruffle top 
2. Alex Monroe gold vermeil bee necklace 
3. & Other Stories Bee button cardigan 
4. M&S Per Una tapered leg jeans 
5. M&S leather ankle strap sandals 

I hope you all have a good week wearing just jeans and a nice top.

K x

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