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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

A very useful pair of khaki trousers

Turns out I decided not to take a blog break this week. Inspiration struck about a really useful pair of khaki trousers while I was away. Plus, the ‘changeable’ British weather meant there was time inside with not a great deal to do. Obviously I made everyone watch Love Island with me every night but, let’s be honest, that kind of TV viewing doesn’t demand anyone’s full attention, so I was able to browse the internet in search of some key items to go with your khaki trousers. Also, Faye has grown on me; I just wish she wouldn’t be so defensive and maybe she should give up the brown lipstick. Does anyone ever really suit brown lipstick?

Khaki trousers are an absolute wardrobe staple for any time of year, but work very well on those ‘summer’ days when it doesn’t really feel like summer at all. Get a good pair and they will be your friend for life. My favourite pair are these from Cos. I have had mine for at least three years and they make the same style every season so you know they are winners. That said, I have a ‘thing’ for khaki trousers; at last count, I have five pairs. I know! I need to thin them out, but honestly they ARE all slightly different. Let’s have a look at five styles I’ve found and what to wear with them. Honestly, pretty much anything goes with a pair of khakis though.


You can’t beat a good blouse and you can’t beat a good stripe, so either of these is perfect with your very useful trousers. Those who fancy some layering can do both. I’m still not over the fancy collar trend. A quick look at the ‘new in’ sections online show that it’s a trend that’s here to stay for a while, so if you’ve been hesitating and worried that it’s a flash-in-the-pan fad, it’s not. I know that might not please a lot of you, but you don’t have to go full-on Oliver Cromwell mode right away. Ease in with either a smaller, rounded-style collar or a simple white version like this one from Monki.

1. Monki white cotton seersucker blouse 
2. Cos boxy fit stripe top
3. Le Bon Shoppe girlfriend socks 
4. New Look Khaki crop straight leg chinos
5. Autry white Dallas amazin trainers 


I’d almost forgotten how handy a pair of Converse hi-tops actually are. They go so well with your really useful pair of khaki trousers. There’s a reason they’ve been a classic footwear option for so long. Plus they go in the washing machine and come out almost as good as new. I particularly like these trousers from Everlane. If you’ve not heard of Everlane, they are a great ethical US clothing brand who make classic simple clothes. Also, the duty and taxes are included in the price so no ‘you owe us £345 or we are sending your trousers back from whence they came’ coming through your door.

1. Monsoon Callie ditsy collar blouse 
2. Ray Ban acetate sunglasses
3. Everlane The Fatigue barrel leg trousers 
4. Mango buckled flap bag 
5. Converse All Star white canvas hi tops 


This shirt by & Other Stories is exactly what I was thinking of when I talked about the ‘entry-level fancy collar blouse’. It’s also a great colour denim to wear with your more faded jeans. I’m a fan of double denim when the denims don’t match. Denim works perfectly with your khaki trousers all the time. I bought this corduroy jacket from Uniqlo the other week when I was shopping for a suit for the tall teenager. It’s a nice lightweight jacket for now but, due to its cord nature, it will be perfect for autumn with a nice big jumper underneath too.

Off topic, but Uniqlo is really good for tall, lanky, skinny teenage boys. They do 28 inch waist and 32 inch leg trousers. If you’ve got boys age 14–16, you’ll know how hard it is to find clothes for them that they like and that actually fit. They often have the height of fully grown men but the waist size of small boys. Uniqlo caters for them perfectly.

1. & Other Stories Peter Pan collar shirt 
2. Gucci mini GG round shoulder bag 
3. Uniqlo fine corduroy jacket 
4. Cos relaxed chino trousers 
5. Saltwater original navy sandals 


We all know that a denim jacket is THE summer go-to jacket for so, so many of us. But I just can’t do a denim jacket and jeans. We’ve established I don’t mind double denim, but really only if it’s a blouse or shirt. Denim on denim in jacket form is just too much of a Canadian tuxedo for my liking but, with your khakis, it’s the perfect pairing. Shout-out to The Well Worn for this excellent crochet vest top. I bought it a few weeks back. It’s handmade from vintage blankets and I love it. I shall ignore remarks I get from my family about wearing Granny’s old bedspread to the pub.

1. The Well Worn vintage crochet knit vest 
2. M & Co puff sleeve t shirt 
3. Whistles authentic India pleat front jeans 
4. Mango oversized denim jacket 
5. Birkenstock Arizona white sandals 


If you’re heading back to the office soon, this one’s for you. Khaki trousers are an excellent alternative to jeans and, when worn with all-black accessories, can be smart without being too ‘officey’, if you know what I mean. Always add a blazer for bonus ‘look, I’ve really made an effort here’ points.

1. Arket short sleeved linen shirt 
2. Kin triple compartment tote bag 
3. Hush stretch cotton girlfriend chinos 
4. Whistles crepe boyfriend blazer 
5. Hush Hatfield leather ballet pumps 

Looking at the coming weeks weather forecast, I can see myself wearing the khakis. with maybe a raincoat, a hat and an umbrella…

K x

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