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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

‘Sort of’ summer with White Stuff

This post is sponsored by White Stuff. In fact, I’ll be doing two more over the coming months to show you my picks from the new collections. I have to admit, White Stuff only really entered into my field of consciousness quite recently. It wasn’t a company I was familiar with, but back in spring I spotted their Stacey colourblock mac and fell in love with it.  The original beige and green version is now sold out but they have brought it back for the autumn in a blue colourblock. Check that out here.

But I digress; I will come back to coats maybe next month as I can’t think of that in August. I call this post ‘Sort of Summer’ as that’s what we’ve been having. So there shall be no shorts or floaty dresses here. Instead, a few outfits that can be worn for almost any occasion this month.…


White Stuff do a decent selection of jeans, my favourites being (as always, I’m nothing if not consistent in my tastes) the higher-waisted barrel cut style. There’s a good stretch in these too. I’ve paired them with a white embroidered linen shirt and red suede fisherman’s shoes. I think these are close to selling out though, so don’t get cross with me if they’ve now gone.

1. Flyaway linen embroidered shirt

2. Eve buckle leather and suede satchel bag 

3. Ella khaki utility jacket 

4. Denim barrel leg jeans 

5. Red Suede Fisherman’s Shoes 


This Arabella jumpsuit is the perfect one-piece solution for either a casual or dressed-up day out. Dress it down with simple white trainers or up with some strappy sandals. I love the patchwork print and the high ruffled collar. It’s nice and loose fitting but the tie waist gives a bit of shape without the worry of anything being too fitted. You know I can’t really be doing with fitted. Not with my middle-aged spread. Honestly, it’s not going away. Then again, it’s not like I’ve tried anything to get rid of it. I had a cheese board for dinner last night, FFS.

1. Arabella Jumpsuit 

2. Gowan linen blazer 

3. Carrie leather phone case bag 

4. Lila white lace up trainers 


I pretty much live in jeans, but sometimes you want a real pair of trousers to go out in. I picked out these organic cotton chinos that come in three colours, but White Stuff do have an excellent trousers selection. The other ones I like the look of are these Whitstable trousers. The blouse is another embroidered number – nice, slightly puffed sleeve too.

1. Mia cotton embroidered shirt 

2. Carrie organic canvas shopper 

3. Layla mid denim jacket 

4. Twister organic cotton chino trousers 

5. Backless tan suede loafers 

I hope this was an enjoyable little taste of White Stuff. I’ve got my eye on some corduroy and a coat for next month’s instalment.

K  x

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