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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Get down with denim at Gap

This post is sponsored by Gap. It has always been a go-to place for great denim and knitwear. The stores may have gone from these shores but they are still very much in business online and there are some perfect pairs of jeans to be had. Also good to know is that many of the Gap jeans are now part of their water-saving Washwell™ programme, which has saved millions of litres of water since its inception in 2016.

I’ve picked out three of my favourite pairs of Gap jeans for this post and paired them with a few other classic wardrobe staples that the brand does so well. I’ve even ‘modelled’ my favourite pair for you and they were an unexpected choice for me. There’s currently up to 60% off everything on the UK site until Oct 16th.

The Barrel Jeans

Unless you’ve become so married to your skinnies that you never look at other jean styles, you’ll know that the barrel jean is a popular one right now. What even is a barrel leg style, you might well ask. I’d say in general they have a high-rise waist, are loose-fitting on the legs and cropped just above the ankle. Pair with trainers and a recycled cashmere roll neck.

1. Gap recycled cashmere roll neck jumper 
2. Gap recycled cashmere beanie hat 
3. Gap recycled nylon puffer jacket 
4. Gap high rise barrel leg jeans with washwell 
5. Isabel Marant Beth suede trim leather trainers 

The High Rise Vintage Slim Leg Jeans

This is the pair of jeans I chose to buy for this post. I went off-piste for me and decided to try the slim leg jeans. Not quite skinny, but tighter than the cheeky straight, and a lot more figure hugging than I would usually think to wear. I have to say, they are really flattering. They actually give me a waist. They feature some clever hidden holds-you-in front pockets that magically help give a smooth look on the waist. I wore them with a Gap recycled cashmere jumper and my old favourite Isabel Marant Dicker boots.

1. Gap Recycled cashmere crew neck jumper 
2. APC Demi Lune leather bag 
3. Gap relaxed fit wool coat 
4. Gap high rise vintage slim leg jeans 
5. Isabel Marant suede Dicker boots 

The Cheeky Straight Leg Jeans

My third pick is the cheeky straight legs. I don’t think they are particularly cheeky, whatever that means, but they are a very good pair of jeans. My good friend Arlene swears by them and forced me on pain of death to buy a pair last year. Unfortunately, due to lockdown weight gain, they don’t currently fit me, but I am working on that as when I can do them up again they are v flattering. A note on sizing at Gap: I’d say go for your regular waist size. For example, I’m a standard 12 and I wear a 29.

1. Gap classic navy blazer 
2. Gap 100% organic cotton ‘Perfect’ shirt 
3. Gap cognac brown leather belt 
4. Gap high rise distressed Cheeky straight jeans 
5. M&S velvet quilted pointed ballet pumps 

Thanks so much for reading!

K x

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