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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Top Quality Quilted Jackets

If there’s one jacket or coat style to get on right now then it’s your top-quality quilted jackets. I will do a full-on coats feature soon, but the style that kept coming up again and again when I was browsing around the other week was this one, so I decided to dedicate the whole post to it. Don’t turn away because you think it’s not for you; there are so many different versions of it, I feel sure that there will be something for everyone. 

This is not a traditional puffer jacket either, we can save that for when the winter really kicks in. The quilted jacket I’m talking about is much more lightweight. Perfect for right now to take the chill off, but also great for layering over chunky knits once we get past Halloween. For me, past Halloween is the real start to the new season. I actually get quite cross if it’s not cold enough for gloves come bonfire night…


Personally, I like my quilted jackets to be oversized. The Frankie Shop one is maybe a bit too huge for most, I tried it on and my son said I looked like a Oompa Loompa, usually I don’t take fashion advice from the 14 year old, but on this occasion he was indeed correct. This Mango one and this one from River Island give you that same look without quite the same voluminousness (yes, that’s actually a word; I checked) and without the larger price tag.  This outfit is basically my ideal autumn everyday look. Can we also take a moment to appreciate this Mango jumper that looks SO Marant. 

Quilted Jackets

1. River Island khaki RI Studio quilted jacket 
2. Gucci horsebit 1955 colour block leather handbag 
3. Hush Boyfriend jeans 
4. Mango contrast knit sweater
5. Veja Roraima suede high top trainers


Toteme black quilted jacket

Ooh hello Barbour, with your quilted jacket that has a supersoft fleece lining. I think I might just love you a little bit. Although I’m a sucker for anything with a fleecy lining. But it can’t be too acrylic. Remember those fleecy blanket things that had arms? Slankets, that’s the fellas. I had one of those and it gave me so much static I could practically power the electric grid with the amount of shocks it gave me. Maybe we should harness the power of the slanket to use instead of petrol… 

Quilted Jackets

1. Barbour Roslin quilted faux fur lined jacket 
2. Ganni rib knit beanie hat 
3. Mango printed knit sweater 
4. Boden girlfriend jeans 
5. Veja x Make My Lemonade colour block trainers 


Here’s a really practical option for those of you who still have to push buggies around. We all know that buggies and umbrellas don’t mix, so you always need a hood or a hat. Same goes for windy dog walks. Personally I prefer a hat as I can never get hoods to stay up long enough; holding the top of the hood against the rain with one hand kind of defeats their purpose. BUT I do get calls for hooded coats on a regular basis from you bucket-hat shirkers out there, so I’ve found three really good ones on the high street right now. New Look, M&S and John Lewis have all done a longline khaki hooded coat for this autumn. Team with your chunky boots from last week’s post. 

Quilted Jackets

1. New Look long khaki quilted coat 
2. & Other Stories oversized white cotton shirt 
3. Paloma wool Anita knitted jumper
4. Cos cropped straight leg jeans 
5. Office Acuse chunky Chelsea boots 


Navy is such a classy colour in my book. For some reason I always feel a little bit grown-up when I go for a full-on tonal navy look. For the record, I don’t feel grown up very often. It still amazes me that I have teenage sons that are now taller than me. It was only five minutes ago that I was a teenager, FFS. But I’m very happy to report that they don’t do half the shit I got up to when I was their age. God, I was AWFUL. Smoking at 13, out all night in London at 15, regular at the pubs and clubs with a fake ID at 16, driving my mum’s car all over town without a licence at 17. Not to mention the enormous party I had at their house when they went on holiday without me, and that was PRE internet. I dread to think how big it would have been if it happened now. Was a bloody good party though.

Quilted Jackets

1. Per Una padded collarless quilted coat 
2. & Other Stories statement collar denim shirt 
3. Navy Grey ‘The Relaxed’ wool sweater 
4. Cos tapered high rise jeans 
5. Arket leather Chelsea boots 


Quilted Jackets
Raf Simons A/W 2021

Sorry, I went off topic there. Let’s get back on track. I think I’ve mentioned the Uniqlo ultra light down range before. I swear by the gilet/jerkin/bodywarmer they do for wearing under your regular coats in the bleak midwinter, but they also have a great new quilted range of jackets and coats for this year. Super lightweight but also super warm. A perfect combination. 

Quilted Jackets

1. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down quilted relaxed coat 
2. Claire V quilted messenger bag
3. YMC brushed wool stripe sweater 
4. Boden indigo blue girlfriend jeans 
5. Grenson Phillipa leather brogues 


Quilted Jackets
My Wild Folk quilted jacket

Finally, a little nod to the cotton quilted jacket. Not as practical as the nylon versions, I grant you, but for those sunny days when there’s no rain in the forecast they are a really fun option. The more colourful, the better with these I say. I got mine from excellent small brand Wild Folk. I also bought my mum one as she liked mine so much. When you get to 48, it’s ok that your 72-year-old mother wears the same clothes as you. Imagine if that was the case in the teen years. Mortifying. 

Quilted Jackets

1. Pink City Prints picnic daisy Percy jacket 
2. Coach quilted turnlock crossbody bag 
3. Ganni puff shoulder logo sweatshirt 
4. New Look ankle grazer straight leg jeans 
5. Nike Blazer mid 77 trainers 

Next week I think I’m going to do dresses. I was really inspired by my visit to the Daily Dress Edit pop-up shop this week. We’ll focus on dresses that you can wear every day. I’m determined to wear more of them this year.

K x

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