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Erborian Super Serums

This post is sponsored by Erborian. One of my all-time favourite beauty brands. I’ve waxed lyrical on many an occasion about their CC and BB creams and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen, especially my other ladies-of-a-certain-age who can’t be doing with a thick foundation anymore. BUT this time I’m here to let you know a bit about the latest Erborian launch and their new Super Serum range. Oh, and before we get into it, I should tell you that the code KATE20 will still get you 20% off all full-price, full-size Erborian items on the SPACE NK website, so do use that if you fancy trying any of these.

Erborian have developed four Super Serums. Each one targets a specific skin concern. So it’s going to be down to you to decide which one will be best for you, but here’s a little overview of each one to get you started. I’m going to start with my top two favourites. I’ve tried them all but these two are the best for me personally:

  •  GINSENG SUPER SERUM (£60): This is for skin smoothing. It contains white ginseng and red ginseng extract to firm the skin and help fight the signs of ageing. The bonus ingredient of peptides gives even more help to smooth and improve the skin’s texture, making it more elastic. So if you’re looking for something to help with the old wrinkles, this is the one for you. I am using this at night time under my moisturiser, but actually it’s thick enough to wear alone.

YUZA SUPER SERUM (£46): Ok, so this serum is made for ‘improving skin comfort’, and I’m not entirely sure what that means, to be honest, but I LOVED this one. Even from the first time I tried it, it gave me such a glow, like I’d just come in from a bracing walk but not so bracing that I had a red face, just a warm glow of joy. It contains a mix of yuzu, vitamin C and inulin. Together, this combination protects the skin from dehydration but also revitalises it, which must be where the glow comes from. I’m using this one in the morning, again ahead of my regular SPF moisturiser.

Here’s a gratuitous no-makeup, no-filter photo of my skin right after I used the Yuza Super Serum. I can’t do anything about the size of my nose unfortunately, but I think you can agree the skin is pretty glowy, right?

The final two Super Serums are:

  • RED PEPPER SUPER SERUM (£46): This one is great if you want an even bigger glow as it’s made for illuminating and evening out skin tone. This serum contains red pepper extract (minus the capsaicin, which is the bit that is hot, so no burning sensation!). PHA also helps to eliminate dead skin cells and aids cell renewal which is where you get that glow from. I would use this one in the morning as you don’t want that radiance to go to waste in bed!
  • BAMBOO SUPER SERUM (£40): If it’s extra extra moisture that you’re after then this little beauty is the one for you. Bamboo’s high mineral content allows it to be the perfect ingredient alongside two different forms of hyaluronic acid that work together to get right in there and pump up the moisture content in your skin. Not the technical term, but basically if you’ve got really dry skin, go for this one.

Also, I should note that the packaging is very pleasing and the full set on my shelf is the colour aesthetic I dream of. Although if I’m honest my bathroom shelf is big old mess that really needs a sort out. Don’t forget the code KATE20 for your discount on SPACE NK if you decide to try anything Erborian.

K  x

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