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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Here I am, it’s Thursday, I’m dripping in sweat writing a blog post about knitwear. Possibly a picture you didn’t want painting, but there we are. I think for most of us, this next week looks more bearable weather-wise. For me, I’ll be in the wilds of the North so I’m pretty sure a light sweater or two will be worn.

What I’m talking about here isn’t a big chunky jumper or a heavy knit cardi. No, this is more of your trans-seasonal knitwear. Something you can wear now on a slightly chillier day but also something you can layer up when Autumn comes around. For once I really AM wishing the year away. Roll on Christmas, roll on 2021.

I remember I did an Instagram post on New Year’s Eve 2019 saying how I had a good feeling about even-numbered years, that they were better than odd ones and that 2020 was going to be a GREAT year.  I also had that same good feeling last week about Brentford FC making it to the Premier League. Moral of the story? If I ever tell you ‘I’ve got a good feeling about this…” Run for the hills. And on that bombshell, let’s get on with the knitwear…


This one could have come straight from the ‘New Neutrals’ blog post a while back. I love a tonal outfit. It just looks classy.  This Mango sweater can be worn over a white vest top for now and over a plain long sleeved top when it gets colder. Beige chinos are also a classic. Wear with White now and with Black or Navy come October. A touch of leopard will go with anything at any time of the year.

1. Mango Openwork Cream Sweater 
2. Rachel Jackson Initial Necklace 
3. Hill & Friends Happy Twency Bag 
4. John Lewis & Partners Straight Leg Crop Chinos 
5. Converse All Star Hi Tops 


I went through a phase in the late 90s of turning every pair of old jeans I had into a denim skirt. You unpick all the inner seams then sew the back part together to make it into a skirt. It was a ‘thing’. I found one of my homemade skirts in my (woefully underused) ‘Holiday Drawer’ this week when I was scrabbling around trying to find an old vest top to wear in the garden. I tried it on and it still fits! It’s also obscenely short so unlikely I’ll be wearing it in public anytime soon.

But I do still love a good denim skirt. Would look great with a knitted short sleeve top and brown sandals. A kind of late 70’s Mum-but-without-the-dodgy-perm look. I think all mums in the 70’s had dodgy perms. Either of the tight bubble variety, or the more subtle ‘root perm’. Always done at home by a friend of a friend who once did a City and Guild course in hairdressing but gave it all up when she met Derek with the Ford Capri who worked in sales. Possibly.

1. Warehouse Spot Stripe Puff Sleeve Jumper 
2. APC Half Moon Leather Handbag 
3. The Outnet 7 For All Mankind Denim Skirt 
4. Mango Multi Pocket Cotton Jacket 
5. & Other Stories Platform Sandals


I bought this & Other Stories sweater the other week while I was researching the Cardigan blog. It arrived on Tuesday while I was melting in 37 degree heat. For some reason 37 degrees on holiday feels bearable. 37 degrees in West London feels like the bowels of hell. Probably something to do with a lack of a pool or a beach. BUT I do love this little sweater and I shall wear it with my white jeans. Do not be afraid of white jeans. Dirt notwithstanding, that’s what washing machines are for. It’s that neutrals look I crave again. I feel like a proper grown up lady when I wear white and beige.

I’ve also pretty much ditched bras for bralets now. Comfort is king and underwear without any wires of clasps are the way forward for me most days. This one from John Lewis is my current favourite and I shall wear it under my new light sweater soon.  M&S also do decent ones, if you’ve tried any good bralets do let me know as I’m always on the lookout for more.

1. & Other Stories Alpaca Blend Knitted Top 
2. ASOS Straw Shopper Bag 
3. Mint Velvet Boyfriend Jeans 
4. John Lewis Cropped Bralet 
5. Novesta Star Master Trainers 


If I ever have the need to look smart again then I shall wear this outfit. I miss being smart. I miss matching my handbag to my top. I also miss having real face to face meetings with real life people. If I never have to speak to someone through my computer again that would suit me just fine. I like real life interaction. Maybe that’s why I’ve been desperately chatting to anyone I meet in ‘my’ field of a morning. Even the Kestrel.

That said, I have no desire whatsoever to go back to working in an office, For me that side of things has gone. Lockdown proved to me that office life hasn’t made me happy in a while. I love the freedom of doing things on your own time and in your own environment. But I still miss meetings. Chatting over a coffee and having a lunch date.

1. & Other Stories Wide Collar Wool Knit Sweater 
2. Orla Kiely Watson Messenger Bag 
3. Cos Tailored Blazer With Box Pleat 
4. Arket Fluid Elasticated Waist Culottes 
5. Arket Chunky Leather Sandals 


Oh look, she’s on about cardigans again. Sorry, but this one has short sleeves, so it’s a tiny bit different. Sort of. Wear now with just your bralet underneath, layer over long sleeve tops later. Actually, would you be interested in a full ‘Wear now, Layer later’ blog? I feel like that might be something a bit useful as we move into the Autumn. There I go again wishing the year away…

1. & Other Stories Short Sleeve Cardigan 
2. Loewe Mini Puzzle Leather Bag 
3. Cos High Waisted Organic Cotton Jeans 
4. Mango Floral Printed Blazer 
5. Gucci Leather Horsebit Loafers

As I mentioned I am away on another UK holiday this week. We are in Northumberland. Somewhere I’ve never been before but am looking forward to visiting very much. if you have any tips on where to go, do let me know.

K x

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