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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


As promised from last week, here is your Wear Now, Layer Later guide. Well, a sort of guide anyway. I’m sure most of you know how to get more than one season’s worth of use out of an item, but I hope you find this useful. If nothing else it’s made me look forward to wearing boots and blazers again.

Although this past week I have been on holiday in Northumberland where boots and coats DID see some action. The week started off at 15 degrees and ended at 22 degrees with THE trusty shorts back on. Holidaying in the UK means having to pack for all seasons. I kind of like that, it’s bit like playing weather roulette, and not having to go on a plane means luggage only being restricted to how much room you have in the car boot. Luckily my car has boot space ample enough for all eventualities, plus the soda stream, the coffee maker, milk frother and 7 pairs of shoes of which I only wore 2.

By the way, Northumberland is amazing. So much to see, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and more castles than one could visit in a month. Over 70! I bloody love a castle. I think it’s the imagining of days gone by and who lived there that gets me. Living in a castle is so beyond what we can ever imagine in our central heated semi-detached houses. If you get a chance, you must go. I’ve saved my highlights over on my Instagram page. We stayed in Lucker with Stablewood Coastal Cottages and it was the perfect location for exploring.

No more holidays for while now, but I’m always on the look out for UK recommendations of where to go, have National Trust car sticker, will travel, so let me know where’s good. In the meantime, let’s get on with the Wear Now, Layer Later looks…


The long summer dress. Something we’ve all got in our wardrobe. Hopefully there’s a few more weeks left in them to wear with sandals and trainers. When the weather cools, add a blazer, this one from & Other Stories is now in its 3rd year on sale. That means it’s definitely a classic. I have it in black from last year, but I think I’m going to invest in this beige colour for Autumn.

Of course not ALL summer dresses will work for colder weather, those sheer boho floaty numbers can probably go away in the vacuum packed bags for next year, but checks, dark florals, denims, ginghams, can all be repurposed with DM boots, secret leggings and a blazer or cardi for the winter months.

1. & Other Stories Flutter Sleeve Tiered Dress 
2. Gucci Arli Two Tone Leather Handbag 
3. & Other Stories Relaxed Fit Wool Blazer 
4. Grenson Ethel Black Leather Shoes 
5. Dr Marten Kensington Flora Boots 


You could call it an overshirt, you could call it a Shacket, you could call it a Canadian Dinner Jacket (only Canadians will get that reference), but this trend is not going anywhere for next season. Assuming you bought one last year, wear now with a T shirt underneath. Layer later with a sweatshirt under and even an overcoat over. Pair with your Grenson hiking boots (other brands are available but inevitably not as good) and you’ve got Autumn wrapped up.

1. Arket Twill Khaki Overshirt 
2. Free People Classic Smiley Ringer Tee 
3. Grenson Nanette Leather & Suede Hiker Boots (on sale)
4. River Island Straight Leg Jeans 
5. ASOS Strappy Black Leather Sandals 


Always a favourite of mine during Spring and Summer, but jumpsuits can also be layered up nicely for Autumn and Winter, even short sleeved ones like this denim number from Gap. Just add a contrasting long sleeved T shirt underneath. Ideally I like to go for a stripe, but you could also do a plain black polo neck.

I can’t do tight polo necks myself as I don’t have enough chin definition to pull it off. much like Gail Tilsley, although it has never stopped her. Always looks like my face is made of cheese when I wear a thin polo neck, which to be fair it kind of is. I shall never be as thin as I would like as my love of cheese will simply not allow it.

1. Gap Utility Denim Jumpsuit 
2. Hush Quilted Jersey Jacket 
3. Arket Multi-pocket Cross Body Bag 
4. H&M Striped Cotton Top 
5. Vans Old Skool Khaki Suede Trainers 


I often get stick for not including enough short dresses in my posts, so I will try harder. It’s because I never used to wear them, but with my newly found leg confidence thanks to wearing shorts almost continuously for the past 3 months, I’m going to look for some shorter dresses for the Autumn. I love this leopard number from H&M, nice and billowy, although I’m now into short, I shall never be into bodycon. Wear now with your trusty Birkenstocks. Layer later with a leather jacket and a thermal vest.

Don’t knock a vest, I swear by them to just take the edge of the chill without going full on knitwear too soon. I’ve mentioned many times before, but THE best leather jacket I have ever bought is the Set Fashion Tyler jacket. I got from Black White Denim. Super soft leather and jersey lining. I will never need to buy another.

1. H&M Leopard Balloon Sleeve Dress 
2. John Lewis Heat Gen Camisole 
3. Set Tyler Black Leather Jacket 
4. Zadig & Voltaire Lolita Bag 
5. Birkenstock Large Buckle Sandals 
6. Hush Buxton Leather Boots 


I feel a whole blog post coming up on this one soon. The new stock is slowly starting to drift into the high street, or online as I prefer. Because as much as I’m totally on board with wearing a face mask, it has completely sucked all the joy out of shopping in real life. I get hot and bothered enough as it is in a shopping centre without the added issue of smelling my own breath through a sheet of cotton. Also, sidebar, I have the world’s smallest ears which means the elastics ping off too regularly.

That aside, I think the big collar shirt is going to be, well, big this season. It started to take off back in February last year, but then we were all confined to sweat pants so it lost its edge. Now we are allowed out again, I expect to see this trend have a resurgence. Wear now on it’s own, layer later with a round neck jumper or buttoned up cardigan.

1. & Other Stories Crochet Collar Blouse 
2. John Lewis & Partners Mens Cashmere Jumper 
3. Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag 
4. Cos Rounded Cotton Trousers 
5. New Balance CTALY Trainers 

I’ve got a special midweek blog post coming up this week in conjunction with New Balance. One of my favourite trainer brands, so look out for that. Undecided as to next Sunday’s theme, so if there’s something you are particularly keen to see then do let me know.

K x

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