Are the New Neutrals likes the New Normal? No, they are not. I’m really not a big fan of the New Normal. It sucks. The less said about it the better. BUT I am glad I’ve got a hair appointment for next Saturday. Not that I’ve been stalking my friendly local hairdresser for the past 8 weeks or anything you understand. I’ve also booked another holiday, (in addition to Northumberland in August) to Devon next month. So excited about that. All I really need is change of scenery, somewhere nice to walk, with a side order of a pub garden and a takeaway fish and chip dinner. That would be heaven.

But Neutrals… they aren’t actually new at all. They are a tale as old as time, especially at this time of year. Who didn’t have an English Teacher at school that would wear Corduroy until June and then for the 3 weeks before the end of term get all demob happy and breeze in wearing a cream linen suit and a straw hat? Maybe that was just my English teacher. Mr Purser, he was fierce Jamaican man with a LOT of nose hair and a love of a jazzy hat. He got me an A at GCSE, so you know he was good.

What are we talking about this week, really? Well, it’s basically beige. But beige doesn’t have to be boring. That was my initial snappy title for this post, but I didn’t think ‘Beige’ would reel you in enough, so I expanded to include a full neutral colour palette, creams, whites, camels, oatmeals? you get the gist, it’s summer we like to wear light colours, let’s see what I’ve found for you…


A pair of neutral coloured trousers are almost as much of a wardrobe staple at this time of year as jeans are for the rest of the year. Ideally something loose fitting. You know I’m loving the ‘balloon’ shape trouser this year, so these ones from Cos are less defined version of that. It’s a shape that helps give you a waist whilst hiding a larger thigh. Wear your stone trousers with a perfect white T Shirt. Something in a heavy cotton works best. along with Cos, Arket also do a great range of them.

1. Anine Bing Ramona Sweatshirt
2. & Other Stories Short Leather Cross Body Bag
3. Cos Regular Fit Organic Cotton T Shirt
4. Cos Rounded Cotton Trousers
5. Shoe The Bear Mala Sandals 


These dresses are sandy in the colour sense, not sandy at the beach. I love a white summer dress too. Not great for Barbeques but fine for a beach stroll if you’re lucky enough to get one. Hopefully not one at Bournemouth though with a million other people.  I don’t understand the compulsion to head off to the most obvious places in Britain when the weather gets hot. There are thousands of other lakes, rivers and beaches you could go to that wouldn’t be so busy. Or just do as I did. Sit in the garden and pay your children to spray you using the ‘mist’ setting of the hose while you put your feet in the mop bucket. Keep it classy.

1. Top Shop Stone Poplin Chuck On Dress
2. & Other Stories Wool Blend Cardigan
3. Cos Embroidered Dress With Gathered Panels
4. Nike Daybreak Trainers 


Nothing says ‘Yes, it’s summer, but I still wish to have a little decorum and look smart’ more than beige blazer. if you’re back at work then this is the perfect item to get you through until about October. Smartens up trousers, shorts and even jeans. Wear with your favourite shirt (I love this Monki shirt, it’s a classic fit that comes in a load of colours and patterns) and your most comfortable sandals.

1. Sezane Farrow Leather Bucket Bag
2. Monki Short Sleeve Leopard Shirt
3. Hush Noah Tailored Blazer
4. Top Shop Tab Waist Button Chinos
5. Dr, Martens Gryphon Sandals 


I promise I won’t mention those Top Shop shorts again (whoops too late), but as we’ve established I’ve been living in shorts recently. I even have a very defined solid tan line that stops at the exact hem of my shorts. Like a professional cyclist. I like to think I actually AM a professional cyclist now anyway. I’ve reached new levels of distance this week on my trusty steed (ie: the most rickety bone shaker of a bike known to man). I’ve done Kew and Richmond round trips this week, there’s no stopping me… Now, if someone could just come up with a cool looking bike helmet that doesn’t leave a massive dent in your forehead, then I’d be very happy indeed.

1. Whistles Ivory Cotton Dobby Top
2. La Redoute Shiny Straw Hat
3. Mango Soft Bow Shorts
4. H&M Linen Blend Blazer
5. Very Havva Leather Sandals


Just because I know a lot of you love dresses as much as I do and there are many lovely summer ones around right now. Hopefully we get a bit more summer to enjoy. I’m cautiously optimistic that the weather gods will realise we can’t go abroad this year and send us a glorious sunny summer. We can dream. Tip for any fellow professional cyclists out there, you can still wear your nice dresses on your bicycle, assuming you have a ‘lady fit’ bike. Just tuck them in to your undercrackers. Remember to untuck on arrival at your destination though.

1. The Outnet Tom Ford Sunglasses
2. Sensi Studio Small Straw Bucket Bag
3. Monki Puff Sleeve Midi Dress
4. H&M Sleeveless Sundress
5. Very Humbug Strappy Sandals 

Hope you have a great week. Hands up who’s also got a hair appointment booked already?  Greys begone!

K x