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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Bring on The Buffet Dress

Regular readers will know that I did a Buffet Dress post at this time last year. But it proved popular and I know, personally, that  need them again this January, so let’s revisit these again as an alternative to actually losing the Christmas weight too quickly.

I’ve been living on cheese and chocolate for the past 4 weeks and as I still have 3 Terrys Chocolate Oranges left, that’s not slowing down too fast just yet. I’m not doing dry January. It was my birthday yesterday. You can’t have a dry birthday. Especially when you’re 47 and your birthday is in the most miserable of all the months. Every year I say I’m going to celebrate a half birthday in June instead, but I never do. Maybe I will just wallow in self pity instead.

I would like it noted however, that I am knocking the baked Camembert habit on the head for this month. I think that’s more than enough to give up for now.

So, what’s the best thing to wear when you have been overindulging? Well, it has to be a loose fitting buffet dress. Something without a discernible waistband, something you can waft around in while you contemplate doing some actual exercise or eating something green.

I have many of these type of dresses. They are my favourites. Even more so if they have POCKETS. I know that long, basically shapeless dresses, aren’t for everyone, those who are under 5’3 struggle and those with large breasts also find this style tricky, so I will include a few looser shorter versions and ones that are not THAT shapeless, but are just not constricting around the waist area.


I haven’t even seen the new ‘Little Women’ film yet, but I know that as soon I do I shall be wanting to wear a nice full coverage check dress. Ideally with a small puff sleeve and a lace up boot. I may also want to carry a basket and lounge around in leafy woodlands reading books, but I might have to leave that until the summer. To wear a buffet dresses in this weather you need good layering undergarments. Try a thin black roll neck, something that won’t add bulk, but will add much needed warmth.

1. Top Shop Green Check Taffeta Skater Dress
2. Cashmere Beanie Hat 
3. Per Una Long Sleeve Ribbed Polo Neck Top
4. Grenson Nanette White Leather Hiker Boots 
5. ASOS Boxy Black Bag


The ultimate comfort blanket is the voluminous black buffet dress. to stop yourself looking too much like a miserable Greek Widow, add some colourful accessories to perk it up a bit. Miss Pom Pom do some fantastic Geometric scarves and hats at good prices and Mabel Sheppard does lovely soft leather gloves with rainbows. Or, just push the boat out with an Acne Beanie.

I’m still persevering with my lace-up DMs. I got them before Christmas and I thought I’d cracked the ‘wearing in’ phase, but then I took myself off for a long walk with unsuitable socks the other day and the blisters came back. Now I am trying a few things to soften them, will report back.

1. H&M Black Crepe Dress
2. Acne Studios Pink Beanie Hat 
3. Miss Pom Pom Geometric Print Scarf 
4. Dr Marten 8 Hole Lace Up Boots 
5. Mabel Sheppard Black Leather Rainbow Gloves 


How can we forget the hit Zara dress of the summer? The white spot one that everyone had. It started a wave of copycats and a trend for spots that still hasn’t gone away. Although, to be fair, spots have always been in. Like breton stripe tops, spotty dresses will always be around to fill a gap in your wardrobe. Keep this one from New Look simple with all black accessories a nice cardi for the chills. These M&S boots are definitely tapping into the Little Women look.

1. New Look Black Spot Ruffle Dress 
2. & Other Stories Puff Sleeve Cardigan 
3. J Crew Black Tuxedo Coat 
4. Marks & Spencer Leather Lace Up Boots 


I know that not everyone suits a big full length roomy dress, so here’s a few shorter versions as an alternative. All with a non restrictive waist area. Personally I would wear with 100 deniers and a pair of chunky Chelsea boots. I tend to favour a 20 or 30 denier these days as rule as I think they look better when you’re only showing a small portion of leg, but I would prefer the security of thick tights if I was going for something above the knee in the winter.

1. Mango Stirrup Croc Effect Bag 
2. Cos Ruffled Cotton Dress 
3. Next Animal Print Tiered Dress
4. Mint Velvet Boucle Boyfriend Coat 
5. Office Asha Chelsea Boots 


How about trying a bit of print clashing? I’ve said before, but this is something I want to try and do more of. I veer towards being a bit too matchy matchy sometimes and need to break out of that cycle a bit. Stripes are an easy way to start I think. Throw on an easy breton style top under your printed dress. This one from Boden is in their clearance and comes in various stripes.

If you’re going to wear white trainers but don’t want to wear tights (I can’t get on with tights and trainers, just doesn’t seem right) then use the ‘secret leggings’ trick. It’s not really a trick and they are not really a ‘thing’, you just need some warm leggings that won’t show under your dress, thus creating warmth but maintaining a sliver of bare ankle on show.

1. Scotch and Soda Printed Maxi Dress 
2. Astley Clarke Rainbow Cosmos Bracelet 
3. Loewe Mini Puzzle Bag 
4. Veja V10 Trainers 
5. Boden Crew Neck Breton Top 

Do let me know if there’s anything you want to see more/less of on the blog this year. Always open to suggestions!

K x

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