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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My 9 Best Buys of 2019

Happy New Year to you all. I know it’s only January 5th, but, please, when can we stop saying that? Am I alone in finding it annoying after the first couple of days of the year? Do you have to keep saying it all month everytime you see someone new? Or is there a cut off date? I’ll put the cut off date as Jan 7th. A week is long enough I reckon.

I know we should be looking forward to 2020, not looking back, but I decided this week I would take a little stroll through some of my favourite and best buys of 2019. The things I wore the most and that I know I will continue to wear throughout this year and beyond.

I did a similar post this time two years ago and I didn’t find it that easy to narrow it down, but this year it actually was. Maybe I’ve been more measured with my shopping this past year, or maybe I am more discerning in my choices. Either way, here’s the nine things I liked the most. Not sure why it wasn’t an even 10, but 9 for ’19 works for me.

Note, some of the things I’ve chosen are no longer on sale, and some are not that cheap, so where I can, I’ve added similar and/or less expensive alternatives in the scrolling bar underneath.


I bought this dress back in March last year and have pretty much worn it at least once in every month since. Except maybe August. It was too hot in August. August aside, It truly is a dress for all seasons. Works as well with tights as without, with a coat or a leather jacket, or just on it’s own. You really can’t go wrong with a good leopard print dress. It will take you anywhere. It’s even better if it has pockets.
best buys 2019 ganni dress


2019 was definitely the year of the Anine Bing sweatshirt. I’m almost ashamed to say I bought 3 of them. I also was given one by my friend Jo (Black White Denim is a mecca for the Anine Bing sweatshirt. She’s my personal ‘dealer’) They are not cheap, but they are always great designs and are cool and comfortable. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good sweat. If you are looking at buying one, my advice would be size down. All mine are size small and I am most definitely NOT a small.

best buy 2019 anine bing


Oh, she’s still banging on about these is she? Yes, I’m afraid I am. Why? because they are light, comfortable and they are just ‘me’, OK? Technically I bought my first pair in 2018, but I did buy a further 2 pairs last year. Excessive, maybe, but I am a Capricorn and apparently one of our traits is to buy the things we like in all colours. I’m glad that my star sign gives me an excuse to behave like this, especially as there are more colours that I still don’t own…

best buys 2019 grenson


These were actually part of an ad campaign I did with John Lewis last year, so I didn’t buy them myself. But can we focus on the fact that John Lewis wanted me to do ads for them? I couldn’t be happier about that as:

a) I’m not a model
b) I’m not the size of a model
c) I’m middle aged
d) I have always shopped in John Lewis. It’s hands down my favourite department store (Liberty notwithstanding)

Kin is my favourite of the John Lewis & Partners brands. I love the scandi style look of a lot of the items. These jeans are a great shape, very flattering and the only dark denim pair that I have. They also do this ‘Balloon’ shape in regular trousers and corduroy too.

best buys 2019 kin jeans


I just couldn’t choose between these two small brands that I’ve bought dresses from this year so I went with both. Kemi Telford is the more affordable of the 2. Their cotton dresses start from around £60. I have two leopard print ones and a fantastic green corduroy one for winter. I bought two Justine Tabak gingham dresses last summer that I’m really looking forward to wearing again this year. Also to note both brands pride themselves in being as sustainable as they can be and both have POCKETS in most of their dresses. Finally people are catching on to this important design feature.

best buys 2019 Justine Tabak Kemi Telford


I bought my 2nd ever pair of leather trousers in the sale in early 2019 (my first being in 1994 when I was deep into my Rocker phase), and I LOVE them. I need to work on my post Christmas cheese belly though as currently they are a little on the tight side around the waist (read: i can’t actually do them up right now). Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old for leather, these have been my most worn pair of trousers over the past 12 months. PLUS, you don’t have to wash them! I mean maybe you should, but I haven’t. Give them a wipe down and an airing and they are good to go again.

Unfortunately Modern Rarity at John Lewis haven’t done them again. Maybe we should start a petition as seriously they are the best leather trousers ever.

best buys 2019 leather trousers


I was given these boots by the brand as a thank you for supporting them over the past year or so. They are pretty much the ideal black leather boots. Super soft leather, zip at the side so you don’t have to faff with the laces, excellent design and SO comfortable. Literally zero breaking in time and I’ve walked miles in them. I can absolutely see myself wearing these for years to come.

best buys 2019 air & grace jessa boots


Let’s be honest, River Island wasn’t previously the first place I would think of looking for good jeans, but this year I have found two pairs that I wear on repeat. making them definitely best buys of 2019. A quick glance at my instagram has shown that I’ve worn the ‘Mom’ fit jeans at least 27 times since I bought them 6 months ago. I’m having a small panic that I didn’t buy a ‘spare’ pair for when they wear out as they don’t make this exact style anymore. Seriously hoping they bring them back. They just fit so well and the high waist acts as a bit of corset. I can sort of tuck my stomach into it.
best buys 2019 river island jeans


It’s just a humble cardigan, but it’s the perfect humble cardigan. It sits on the waist, which gives a good illusion of a waist (I usually have to do the ‘French Tuck’ to achieve this, but that’s not easy with a bulky jumper or cardigan) The colour works with my wardrobe and that’s about all I can ask for. I also very much enjoy my Dinosaur Cardigan but sometimes the fluffiness of it makes me sneeze, so this one wins the ‘Most Useful Cardigan Of The Year’ award.

best buys 2019 & other stories cardigan

Do you have best buys of 2019 list? Does it help you when thinking ahead to this year? I think it helps to make less shopping mistakes by thinking about the things you wear the most.

K x

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