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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

January Jackets (That will see you into Spring)

Stop Press! Against all odds I’ve managed to do a Blog Post about Jackets without using the standard Phil Collins pun in the title. Yes, it’s STILL January. The longest month known to man, but we are over half way through now, there’s light at the end of the tunnel people! We can do this.

So, why Jackets? Well, I assume you’ve all got a decent coat by now, so we should be turning our thoughts to an item of clothing that we can wear now, with a chunky jumper or a double jacket layer-up (more of that later), but that will also see us through into Spring, when we can throw it over a lightweight knit with gay abandon as we look forward to warm sunshine days once more. Here’s my top 5 jackets to look out for in 2020. I have a good feeling about these…


“Fleece? What? That’s just for my Dad when he’s doing the Gardening”, I hear you cry. But No! I’m here to tell you it’s now perfectly acceptable to wear a fleece in public even if you’re not a man over 70. Come to think of it, the last fleece I bought was for my Father In Law to replace the one he literally hadn’t taken off for 19 years. They’re calling it ‘Pile’ now though it seems, that sounds worse to be honest, but it’s the same thing. You may scoff, but remember when you thought ‘Dad’ trainers would never catch on? Exactly. Mark my words, we’ll all be wearing fleeces by the end of the year.

1. H&M Fleece Pile Jacket 
2. The Outnet Rebecca Minkoff Sweatshirt 
3. M&S Wide Leg Cropped Jeans 
4. Kin Foldover Backpack 
5. Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Trainers 


This is your basic, or not so basic ‘trucker’ style jacket. Nice big checks, bright colours, ideally made of wool with a collar. Thank you very much, I’ll take it. Anine Bing does the best versions of this style. Obviously not the cheapest, and if you decide to take the plunge I would suggest sizing down. Her clothes always seem to come up big. Throw on over your weekend dungarees and bargain basement cashmere jumper. At the time of writing Chinti and Parker still have sizes left in a lot of their jumpers at 70% off. I love Cashmere, but I love discounted Cashmere the most.

1. Anine Bing Samone Check Jacket 
2. Fat Face Overdyed Black Dungarees 
3. Kin Black Cross Body Bag 
4. Chinti and Parker Friday Cashmere Jumper (on sale) 
5. Converse Hi Top All Star Trainers 


This is a jacket trend I’ve seen so much of recently and I think it’s going to be big this year. Essentially the same style as most of the checked jackets that have been around for the last couple of years, but in plain colours and even more over-sized. Wear with your old jeans, sweatshirt and trainers to bring them all up to date in 2020. These Cos jeans are on my wish list. I have them in cream and I love the style. Also, note on the Wild Hearts Wonder sweatshirts, size down! I have this one in an extra small! There’s not a hope in hell I’m really an extra small.

1. Wild Hearts Wonder Tiger Sweatshirt 
2. & Other Stories Long Wool Blend Overshirt 
3. Cos High Waisted Tapered Jeans 
4. M&S Good Move Grab Bag 
5. Veja Roriamer Leather Trainers 


I love a good puffer jacket. Perfect for this time of year when wearing a duvet is the only way of getting me to leave the house. But there’s also a new kind of padded jacket in town. Well, not new as such, Isabel Marant has been doing the reversible quilted jacket for years, but the High Street has finally caught onto the 2 for 1 Jacket. It’s only & Other Stories, White Stuff and Matalan (now sold out unfortunately) who have done it so far, but I predict this style will be everywhere come April. P.S I’ve ordered these socks from Ebay, they haven’t arrived yet so they might be shit, but I thought they looked cool…

1. & Other Stories Reversible Quilted Jacket
2. New Look Balloon Sleeve Jumper 
3. River Island Blair High Rise Straight Leg Jeans 
4. Ikea Logo Socks 
5. And/Or Elvie Hi Top Trainers 


So, this is a new one on me, but when doing my jacket research, I kept seeing ‘Liner Jackets’ crop up. Basically they are thinner quilted jackets that you can wear as a liner under your regular coats and jackets in the winter, but are nice enough to be worn on their own when it gets a bit warmer. Arket seems to have the best ones. I’ve been doing the sleeveless padded vest trick under a coat for a while, but I wouldn’t wear that on it’s own without the coat on top for fear of looking a bit ‘Clare Balding at the races on chilly, but not too chilly, day’. I’m all in for a liner now.

1. Arket Quilted Down Liner Jacket 
2. Gucci Arli Small Shoulder Bag
3. Dr Martens 8 Hole Lace Up Boots 
4. Next Khaki Tiered Puff Sleeve Dress 
5. H&M Short Wool Blend Coat 

Off topic, but in Dr Marten boots news, I have mastered the ‘quick breaking in process’ now so I feel a blog post on them coming up next week. They have become my go-to boot (along with the Grensons and the Air and Grace’s obvs) DMs make me feel young again.

K x

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