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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Vans Old Skool Street Style

Back to the old Skool

Maybe it’s due to my eldest son taking up skateboarding. Maybe it’s a yearning for yet another pair of trainers. Maybe it’s another feeble attempt to re-live my youth. Whatever, I’m loving Old Skool Vans again.

Vans street style

When I first met my husband, at a bowling alley in Finsbury Park, He only ever wore Vans (and Skate clothes in general). He bought everything about 4 sizes too big for him. He had bleach-white dreadlocks that were tied in a knot on top of his head and he sported Harry Potter style glasses that were held together by sellotape. At the time I thought he was the coolest. I obviously beat that whole look out him over time and even arranged a party where all our friends could shave his hair off. It’s wonder we made it past the first year let alone the following 18. He’s Canadian though, they are a very tolerant lot…Anyway, back to the Vans. Let’s all get a pair. come on! who’s with me? Ideally let’s get the classic canvas Old Skool ones in black and white. Mark my words, they are not just for teenagers. I reckon if we do this everyone will be wearing them again come Christmas. I can feel a trend coming on that even those of us over 40 can get on board with. I’ve already worked out what to wear with mine…Vans Old SkoolI’d like to try them out with cropped trousers, denim jacket, and an overcoat…

denim jacket breton top cropped trousers vans old skool

1.Breton Stripe Jumper — & Other Stories
2. Denim Jacket — Mango 
3. Cropped Wide Leg Trousers — TopShop
4. Navy Overcoat with patches — Zara
5. Black Old Skool Vans 

Then maybe with a suit…

top shop suit kate moss blouse vans oldskool star bag

1. Tailored Jacket — Top Shop
2. Tailored Slim Leg Trousers — Top Shop
3. Kate Moss x Equipment Silk Shirt
4. Goer Star Print Tote Bag — Net a Porter

How about a nice skirt and a jumper?

red handbag top shop skirt vans old skool red sock red jumper

1. Whistles Red Leather Handbag
2. La Redoute Leather Bomber Jacket
3. Top Shop Boutique Midi Pencil Skirt
4. La Redoute Cotton Cashmere Jumper
5. Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes
6. Top Shop Ankle Socks

Finally some jeans, a sweatshirt and some jazzy socks for Le Weekend…

mother sweatshirt topshop jeans vans handbag star print socks

1. Selfish Mother Sweatshirt
2. Marks & Spencer Camel Coat
3. Top Shop Wide Leg Crop Jeans 
4. & Other Stories Chain Strap Bag
5. Black Old Skool Vans 
6. Top Shop Star Print Socks

To be honest I’ve already ordered mine. I just wanted to talk you lot into joining me so I don’t feel so guilty about more money being spent on shoes. You’ll also be glad to know that the aforementioned husband has finally ordered a new fridge-freezer, after 5 years of living with liquid ice-cream, we can look forward to frozen dinners. This mum is definitely going to Iceland next week — bring on the prawn ring, fish fingers and an extra large Viennetta. Living the dream!

k x

P.S. Other colours are available…

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