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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

classic coat leopard print coat faux fur coat

I’ll get me coat

I was going to call this post ‘Coat Of Many Colours’ thus continuing my theme of song titles, but it would have been misleading as I don’t favour a particularly bright coat, especially not one of ‘many’ colours, god help you, you’d look like Jason Donovan in his Technicolour Dreamcoat era. I do love Dolly Parton though, who sang that song. As children, my brothers and I would watch her films ‘9 to 5’ and ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ on a loop. In retrospect, the latter was perhaps not so suitable for those under 11, but that was the 80’s, things were different then.

black coat gucci shoes
I bought this coat 14 years ago in Rome the day by husband proposed. I think I’ve only worn it 5 times, but it’s actually pretty nice. Will wear more often, maybe it will deter a new purchase (fat chance)

I’ve done a little round-up of my favourite coats available to buy now. I still haven’t bought a new winter one yet, it’s making me feel a little on edge to be honest, but I suppose I could just stick with last years one (who am I kidding?). Below is my pick of classic coats. I love the tweed one from Mango and you can’t go wrong with a camel coat…

I’m also a big fan of a leopard print coat, especially when worn with an all black outfit. I still wear the Top Shop leopard faux fur one that I bought 8 years ago. It never dates and pretty much every high street shop brings out a new version of it every Autumn. If you are slightly more conservative, maybe just go for a touch of animal print instead of the whole hog. Some ideas here..

Faux fur is also a must for when it really gets cold. No longer the domain of ladies of the night (a‑la Dolly in that film). We can all wear one these days, just make sure you wear something underneath it, no-one wants to be all fur coat and no knickers…

Finally, the sensible Parka. Warm, cosy, ideally with a hood. If, like me, you have to spend every bloody Sunday standing on the edge of football pitch in gale force winds and driving rain attempting to be interested in whichever child is playing, yet desperately wanting to be at home with an iced bun and the papers, then you need one of these. I have the Mens Carhartt  (size medium fits a 12) and it’s the best ‘football’ coat ever…

Happy shopping, and if you’ve never seen 9 to 5 or The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, I highly recommend them both! Little known fun fact: Dolly sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ to Burt Reynolds way before Whitney did the same for Kevin Costner. Dolly did it better obvs…

k x

P.S. I walked through M&S today (as I do most days on the way to work) I noted there’s quite a few nice new things popping up in the Limited range, M&S is cool and woe betide anyone who tells me otherwise (Per Una notwithstanding…)

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