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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


I was going to call this ‘Coats in the Time of Covid’ as I finally succumbed to the dreaded C virus this week, but no-one wants to be reminded of the shit show that’s still ongoing, so I stuck with ‘Get Your Coat’. I’m ‘fine’, thanks for asking. At the time of writing I’m not bedbound but it’s not been fun at all. Running the gamut of symptoms that change on a daily basis. I am also annoyed that I can’t go anywhere until next week and have had to miss the football and the Spirit Of Christmas fair, but kind of glad to have got it now so it won’t ruin Christmas. Fingers crossed. 

This week I’ve stuck with your more traditional coats. Next week I will do puffers, parkas and more ‘outdoorsy’ outerwear, so fear not if that’s what you are after. You can’t beat a really good classic coat. I have a serious weakness for a great coat. Buy well and they will last for years. I’m not talking about getting really expensive ones either. One of my most worn coats is an ’emergency’ one from New Look that I bought in Guernsey six years ago when I massively underestimated the island chill and had gone over there sans coat. I also have a fantastic navy one from H&M that’s about the same age and still works a treat. 


A really good long coat is a must if you’re over about 5’6. My absolute favourite is the Jigsaw city coat as it’s the perfect long length for me at 5’7. I’ve featured it a lot before (it’s in the ’15-Piece Autumn Capsule Wardrobe’) and it’s fairly pricey, but look out for those Black Friday deals coming in a couple of weeks as that’s the best time for investment pieces. If you subscribe to the newsletter I’ll be sending out all the codes you need to know again this year. For a slightly more budget-friendly version, check out this one from Monki. It comes in a wealth of colours too. Off-topic, but this Cos cashmere jumper – which is my absolute favourite – is back in stock in all sizes. It’s oversized so go down one size if you don’t want it too big. 

1. Monki classic double breasted coat 
2. Oliver Bonas corduroy pink frill collar shirt 
3. Cos oversized navy cashmere jumper 
4. Whistles dark denim authentic barrel leg jeans 
5. Ganni recycled rubber Chelsea boots 


The camel coat is an absolute classic. It came to prominence in the UK during the Second World War. Traditional fabrics such as silk, leather and wool were in short supply as each material was needed to make things for the war effort, but actual camel hair proved itself to still be very much available. Yes, camel coats were made from real camel hair. They’re not just named after the colour. It provided a highly practical outside layer for a country in need of a reliable and functional coat during wartime. So there’s your (very) potted history. These days most camel coats are not made from camel hair at all, but they do still go with everything. 

1. The Outnet Claudie Pierlot wool felt coat
2. Kin oversized poplin shirt 
3. Whistles boyfriend crew neck jumper 
4. Cos pleated midi skirt 
5. H&M rubber sole boots 


If you fancy taking your coat game up a notch then why not try a checked coat? If you tend to wear mainly non-pattern clothes then a simple checked coat can add some interest. It’s tricky to pull off if you only ever wear florals though. But print clash is still a thing so if you’re feeling brave you can mix it all up. I tend to shy away from that a bit as I fear I look like I’ve got dressed in the dark if I mix it up too much. You know I still love a ‘matchy matchy’. I’m the kind of person who still likes to match their shoes to their bag. Maybe it’s because my love of fashion started in the early 80s. I still hanker after the Krystle Carrington hair flick. I’ve been trying to perfect it for nearly 40 years.

1. M&S Pure cashmere roll neck jumper 
2. APC Eva leather cross body bag 
3. Warehouse velvet pocket mini skirt 
4. La Redoute recycled polyester & wool check coat
5. Dr Martens snaffle leather loafers 


One for my ladies of a smaller stature who would feel swamped in a maxi coat. The thigh- or knee-length coat might be the one for you. This one from New Look is very similar to mine from that windy weekend in Guernsey. I also LOVE this one from Zadig & Voltaire which is an investment piece. Their coats are so well cut and they look amazing. 

1. Warehouse button detail fairisle cardigan 
2. cable knit cashmere beanie hat 
3. New Look dogtooth check coat 
4. M&S Tapered leg corduroy trousers 
5. Zadig and Voltaire Hi Flash sneakers 


Here’s some more history for you. The peacoat has been around since the 1800s when the first variation was worn by the Dutch navy. The name ‘peacoat’ originated from the Dutch word ‘pij’ (they pronounce their Js funny), which was used in the Dutch language to describe a coat made from coarse wool fabric. Even though the Dutch invented the coat, it was the British navy who can take the credit for them becoming really popular. Most of the peacoats were double-breasted and featured an ‘Ulster collar’, which could be buttoned all the way up to protect you from the harsh elements when you climbed the rigging. 

These days, us ladies can also wear them and we don’t need to be climbing up rigging either. They work just as well for climbing aboard the 207 bus into town. 

1. Toast needlecord cotton blouse 
2. Becksondergaard check alpaca wool scarf 
3. Cos navy wool culottes 
4. M&S Navy Peacoat 
5. Axel Arigato leather trainers 

I’ll be back next week with part 2 of your winter outerwear items.

K x

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