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Wears My Money

I mean, really…

Woman in Suzanne denim shirt and trousers.

There’s something about Sezane

Apologies for lack of ‘proper’ post this week, but the absence of wifi combined with lying in the sun doing nothing but reading books and drinking cocktails last week (your heart must be bleeding about now) meant I haven’t had the time to write a full one. BUT I thought I would share my current obsession with French brand Sezane. This post is absolutely NOT sponsored, but I wish it was as I have been spending FAR too much money on this site recently.

Before we continue, I should share the link to my book recommendations. It’s here. Special mention has to go to ‘Lessons In Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmus which I just loved and I urge you read it and then buy it for all your friends. It’s been made into a TV series for Apple TV and 6.30 looks almost exactly how I had pictured him. Read the book, you’ll understand. Talking of Apple TV, We have a date for the new series of Ted Lasso. Mark your diaries for March 15th people!

Anyway, back to Sezane. Their new collection comes out today (Sunday) but as I’m writing this on Saturday, I have just included the pre Spring collection. What I love about Sezane is the whole ‘French Girl’ vibe. Think wide leg jeans, a plethora of striped tops, THE most perfect blouses and the spring jacket that literally goes with everything.

They give you sizing advice on each item, but in general, for me, I’d say it’s true to size. I have my eye on this top, these boots and this bag, which I think will be the perfect spring bag for everyday use. I also have this bag, this jumper, this jumper and this blouse from seasons gone by. It’s so classic that they keep a lot of pieces in the permanent collection.

Here’s more of my picks from Sezane. I will be back next with a full post on what to wear with your wide-leg jeans. They are definitely going to be a big trend for this year and we need some styling ideas…