Simple Pleasures – 10 little things that just make me feel good


To counteract the post I did a few weeks back about all the things I don’t like, I have decided to be more full of the joys of spring and do a post about those simple pleasures that just make your day. It’s less about winning the lottery or getting a promotion at work, but more about those small fist pump moments that make you feel alive. In no particular order, here are my current top 10 simple pleasures…


I say this is in no particular order, but this one probably is my favourite. It doesn’t happen often as during the day you would have to beat every little kid to the favoured spot. Annoyingly, pushing in front of 5 year olds is frowned upon in today’s society, but when that double-decker rolls up devoid of small children and you can grab that front seat, top deck, then life is great. I prefer the left hand side in order to fully appreciate lording it over the world below, but the right hand seat will do just as well. What I really don’t want is someone coming to sit next to me. Leave me alone to enjoy this moment.


A massive hallelujah moment this one. Picture the scene, just popping into Selfridges, the sales are all but finished. I’m only in there to buy a birthday present for my mum, but it would be rude not to pop upstairs for a quick browse. Wait!, what is this?  A final sale rail? Don’t mind if I do. Wait? What is this? One lone pair of Stella McCartney jeans, reduced 4 times over, from £575, to £105, surely they can’t be my size. Wait? What is this? They ARE my size! Unbridled joy. Moral of the story, always take a quick browse of the final sale rail.


To be honest, I do often end up having a drink most nights, but that one on Friday ‘evening’ at 6pm is without doubt the most pleasurable of them all. I have my own strict rules on when I can and can’t have certain drinks. I don’t have coffee after 4pm and I don’t have an evening drink before 6pm. Lunch time drinks not withstanding, and on holiday all bets are off (obvs). Friday evening is the best evening of the week these days. We used to have to do swimming lessons, those were then replaced by football practise, but nowadays there are no such activities. Football is now on Saturday morning and I cancelled the swimming lessons as soon as the kids could prove to me they wouldn’t drown if they fell in the canal. Happy Days, bring on the booze.


This is the best coffee of the day. You can chase that feeling with 2 or 3 more cups, but nothing can beat the first one. Having a cup of coffee is the first thing I do every morning. I used to wait until I got to work and bought one from Pret, but this year I started making my own Cappuccino at home. to be honest I think I make a better coffee than Pret and it has saved me a ton of cash that I can put towards buying expensive handbags. A win win situation.


OK, so this one is really only relevant to me and a few people I work with, but a top lunchtime option in Kensington is the M&S deli counter rotisserie chicken. There is nice man that works there who sometimes gives you an extra leg. He doesn’t work every day and he isn’t always totally free with his legs, but just when you least expect it, he will pop an extra piece in for you. That makes me happy for the rest of the day. Who doesn’t want free chicken?


You had one bottle of wine too many. Again. But lo and behold the restaurant forgot to add it to the bill. A very short internal battle with guilt ensues, but do you ever admit they’ve undercharged? Unlikely. Bonus!


I’ve had a small amount of premium bonds since I was a child, recently I put some of my savings into it. Money earns no interest in the bank so there’s nothing to lose. Every so often a little envelope comes through the door and immediately you can tell who it’s from. It’s ALWAYS a cheque for £25, but the thrill is still there. It could be more!  and even if it isn’t (it really never is) £25 today that you didn’t have yesterday is a lovely treat. I know you can do it all online now, and I know you are supposed to re-invest it and not fritter it away on cakes and make-up, but where’s the fun in that?


We all have good hair days when we’ve taken the time to use all the right products, do a good blow dry etc etc, but I mean those days where you wake up and look in the mirror and don’t feel like  troll. No need to wash it or do anything other than maybe a spritz of dry shampoo. These days are few and far between, but we rejoice in them whenever they arrive.


I have to get public transport every day. Living in London, it’s way of life. What makes me so happy are those days where everything just works perfectly. You get to the bus stop just as the bus pulls up, you walk down the stairs to the tube station just as the train is coming in, the connection works AND you get a seat the entire way. These days are few and far between but when they happen it’s like a warm hug from TFL.


In this country we have a lot of winter to get through, a lot of drizzle, a lot of grey, a lot of wind, a lot of days where you never really get warm. It seem endless, but when the clocks go forward and the evenings get lighter, the blossom is out and you finally get the first real spring day. One where you can fake tan the lower half of your legs and go sockless once more without fear of an ankle chill. The layers come off, the sun comes out and everything just feels better. Make the most of it ladies, we’ll all be complaining it’s too hot in a few months!

Shopping also makes me feel good, as does Brentford FC winning at the football, but that goes without saying. I’ll just leave you with a random selection of things that I think would make me happy if I bought them this week…


What are your simple pleasures?

K x

P.S. Thanks to my friend Holly who reminded me of a few of these simple pleasures on the tube to work this morning!

12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures – 10 little things that just make me feel good

  1. Seeing happy dogs. I love seeing dogs running around the big park by where we live, laughing – particularly if a small pack of unrelated dogs has formed for a short while. So joyful.

    Related to number 2, I have been stalking a Topshop Boutiqe blouse for weeks, which was sold out in all sizes. On Sunday I checked in, and there it was, in a 10. It arrived today and I love it so very much.

    And related to number 7, my grandpa bought Premium Bonds for me when I was a baby. When I was at uni, I received a letter out of the blue, which had followed me across a number of address changes, saying I had won £100. This was the late 90s, so it was a proper fortune. (I bought a huge bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity and a big cardi from the men’s bit at M&S. Probably booze too.)

    1. £100! Even now I wouldn’t be well happy with that. I’m still holding out for the big one! X

      1. Absolutely – there is about a week in between cuts, when it’s just right….not too short, not too long…. but not worrying enough that I plan to go any more than my nine times a year!!

  2. Great post!
    Yep, I can relate to all these! I would just add – the occasions when my husband is out late with work which happens once or twice per month (is that bad???) I love those nights – no cooking (well, just kids meals – I’ll happily have a snack tray plus wine), sofa to myself and the telly is all MINE!!!

  3. My favourite simple pleasure is that feeling when you realise you’ve suddenly got the house to yourself. So you make a cup of tea and catch up on trashy tv. Amazing 😃

    1. I catch up with trashy TV even when the others are in the house. Door Shut, Real Housewives of Anywhere on. x

  4. The days when you wake up with perfect hair are ace, right? But the chicken. I’m dying over the woman’s photo with the Colonel. There was a lady at Dunkin Donuts who on would give me an occasional extra doughnut when I came in and ordered a dozen. I would always say they were for work (it was a boring dozen not a fun dozen so obvs), but secretly I think she knew they were just for me to take home and eat out of self-pity!

    1. Those people are the best. I’ve had a couple of free coffees in Pret too, but the chicken man is better! x

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