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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sensible Shoes — The Brogue

As you may know by now, I favour a sensible shoe. By ‘sensible’ I mean they have to be easy to walk in and have a high comfort factor. I just can’t really do heels anymore, they hurt too much. But sensible shoes don’t have to look sensible. You don’t have to go down the Footglove route either, not just yet ladies, you are not ready for that (sorry Mother, I know YOU like them). I have an array of shoes that I can wear all day that are anything but dull. Even those ridiculous Stella shoes do not give me blisters, I just have to be a bit careful going up and down stairs and be prepared for small children, and indeed grown adults, to laugh, point and stare…

Let us just focus today on the classic Brogue. They are everywhere at the moment, you can’t move on the high street for a good sensible shoe right now, and I can see why. Brogues are easy to wear and go very well with jeans and trousers as a smarter alternative to trainers. Wear with a jazzy sock, turn up your hems and you are good to go. My favourite ones come with a bit of a lift, a nice Flatform brogue will give you that little bit of extra height we all want.

My current favourite brogues…Left: Black ones from Seven Boot Lane Right: Metallic ones from Zara 

Here for you is a lovely selection of the best Brogues I have found on the interweb…

‘Sensible Shoes’ was a dreadful song by David Lee Roth. The video features some bad S&M and David is sporting what looks to be rubber waders in the style of dungarees. The song came from his 3rd solo album. He clearly had lost his way by this point. A classic it was most definitely not.

K x

P.S. You need fancy socks to go with your sensible shoes…

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