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I know, I should be writing about what to wear on Christmas day or how to do festive sparkle, but I figured you know that by now. Or you don’t care and will be in Uggs and dressing gown all day.  I like to make a bit of an effort, but come 4pm, will probably be asleep on the sofa with my mouth open. Wearing a paper cracker hat that’s too small for my massive head. 

Instead of anything festive, I thought I would share a few thoughts on high ticket items and the joy of Fashion Maths. This is your basic cost-per-wear ratio. If you hanker after something vastly expensive, think about how many times you will wear it. If you think you can top the 100 times mark over a couple of years, then bingo! Buy it. I only tend to go big on bags, shoes and accessories, but there are a few exceptions to this. The Leather jacket that goes with anything and the dress that just works for you. 

My latest ‘Fashion Maths’ purchase. I reckon I’ll have it down to less than £10 per wear over the next 12 months 

What I cannot bear is spending big on something that only gets worn once. A dress for an occasion that sits lonely at the back of the wardrobe forever more. Or a pair of expensive designer heels that get worn for a few hours at party, then are swapped for bare feet or trainers once the dancing starts. Concentrate on things you can wear every day of the week. This is the essence of Fashion Maths . 

As the sales are starting, now is the perfect time to get your big purchase. Think about what you have and how it will work for you Think about how often you will wear it and how it will elevate everything else you own. If you can’t imagine wearing in 5 years time. Walk away. Here’s a few items I have in my wardrobe that I think have justified their price tag.

(cost per wear approx £7)

These boots are the most expensive item of clothing I had ever bought (bags excepted). I got them 2 years ago when they were on sale at 45% . They were still £560 which is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on shoes I know. But I knew they were classics. Look for styles that designers do every year. These ones and the Chloe Susanna Boots are a fine example of a style that will last and last. I got them resoled this year and I give them a quick buff with some leather cream every couple of weeks in the winter. they live in their box and NEVER get put into the cupboard of doom (under the stairs). Similarly I think the Grenson Nanette Boots will be a staple for a long time to come too.

(cost per wear approx £18)

I wouldn’t usually add a dress to fashion maths, as they tend to be a things you only wear a handful of times, but this red dress was a constant for me over the long hot summered 2018. I hunted it down at a discount, so I think it was £180. Definitely worn it at least 10 times this year and I know it will get many more airings next summer as the fit is so flattering. Show me a garment that hides the jelly belly and I’m all over it. 

(cost per wear approx £6)

The right designer handbag will be one of your biggest investments. Bags are something you use every day so chose wisely. Always look for a classic. Again, one that comes out every season. Try not to get carried away with the latest ‘it’ bag. Think Classic, Classic, Classic. Nothing too bling, nothing that’s too evening. You need one that can take you everywhere and make the rest of your outfit look more expensive than it is. My best buy has been my Gucci Disco bag. The red one I bought myself for my birthday back in 2015 for £650. It’s served me very well. 

(cost per wear approx £9)

I’ve waxed lyrical about this SET leather jacket before, so I won’t bang on too much more. You all know that a black leather biker jacket is a wardrobe essential at any age. I mean any age. I saw a lady in the pub the other week who wasn’t a day younger than 80 and she was rocking the BLBJ as well as any twentysomething. You get what you pay for with Leather. This one is butter soft and so comfortable it will be worn for years to come.

(approx £1.50 per wear) 

I got this in duty free at the airport two and a half years ago. I wear it EVERY TIME I wear trousers, so it could actually be down to less than £1.00 per wear now. I have lost track. If you were going to get anything designer I would recommend a belt. We all need a good belt. I literally only wear this one and it always makes the rest of my outfit feel massively more expensive. 

Happy Christmas to you all! Thanks so much to everyone that has taken the time to read my blog this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of it and that you will join me next year for whatever it is I feel like writing about! 

K x

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  1. Just to add a festive reality check. Wears Your Money will be one of twelve-and-three-quarter people in our house this Christmas, among whom are two 20-month girls, and boy of 11 and nearly 14. The chance of any sofa sleeping room will be beyond remote!

  2. Happy Christmas, I loved reading your blog this year. I’ve bought a few things you’ve recommended and they’ve all been fab and worn loads of times as well as a few compliments. Thanks x

  3. Happy Christmas. I’ve loved reading your blog this year. I’ve bought a few things you’ve recommended and loved them, worn them loads and even get compliments. Thank you! Looking forward to 2019 x

  4. I love reading your blog Kate, I am with you on the belt, I have a few other belts but really I only need or want to wear the Gucci. Next time I go through Terminal 5 tho I’ll be eying up one in another colour or maybe a small bag;)
    I mean you have to do something whilst waiting for a flight-right?

      1. Love this! Can’t count the amount of times I’ve shopped at airports when I’ve had too much time layover time!

        And love your blog, a truly honest and entertaining voice among so many crap blogs out there!

  5. Kate, thanks so much! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts & blogs over the past few months (quite new to Insta!). I almost ‘Whooped’ for joy a few wks ago when my New Look boots were featured in the ‘boots blog’😊. These particular boots were definately out of my comfort zone (47 yr old in need of style inspiration!!) & I bought them after spying how you rocked in your Grensons 👍!! Needless to say I’ve lived in the boots and have had many compliments. Keep up the fab work, it’s very much appreciated by this working Mum of one…..a Gucci belt is now on my wish list 😍. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy and stylish 2019, Lisa x

  6. I agree with you, Kate. My biggest purchases are handbags and classic shoes only and the odd accessories. Great blog and I always enjoy reading them. Keep it up!

  7. Hi
    Great blog! I own a few high heeled shoes that I never wear! And feel guilty. I bought a Gucci Belt at Bicester with the older logo and have worn it most days as I always wear jeans, it felt a lot of money at the time but cost per wear perhaps 10p!! X

  8. Discovered your blog recently and binge read historic posts.Thank goodness many items featured were out of stock as I wanted it all.Will definitely be following in 2019 just need to impose a spending freeze!

  9. Was that really your Dad’s comment ^ 😂😂 Love your blog Kate, looking forward to your sales recommendations 🙏. Have a great Christmas xx

  10. Hi Kate
    I love your Sunday blog posts and your style is fab!! You have introduced me to some smaller independent brands – Carloe London and Orwell and Austen.
    I totally agree with you on cost per wear. I would much rather spend more on something I love and can wear every day rather than a fancy wedding/party outfit I
    feel uncomfortable in.
    Happy Christmas
    Kath x

  11. I’d definately say shoes, bags and coats are what gets the highest number of outings with me, belts come up close behind.
    My leather jacket is about four years old and has probably been worn about 200 times – it was a mid price one, and has still plenty of years left in it, but if it does get too worn then I will replace with a better quality one (if I can find one that either can have the sleeves turned up, or fits my petite frame). I totally agree that it’s essential to shop for classics, things that don’t date too much.
    I am looking to invest in a high end bag, and I’m veering towards the Loewe puzzle bag, I’ve liked it since I first saw it, not long after it’s launch – I like it even more because you don’t see it that often in my local area (I always get put off by something getting cult status, if it’s too ubiquitous then it’s not for me). Seeing as it’s a big investment I’ll have to save hard, but that gives me more thinking time.

  12. Hi Kate just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for writing the blog. It’s my favourite! Xx

  13. Always an enjoyable (and relevant/useful) read. I went for drinks with a friend last night and we were having this exact conversation. She used to work for Gucci and has an enviable collection, but the Disco gets the most days out, so I’m very tempted. Also tempted by your beautiful Chanel (one day…) I’m buying my eldest daughter a flight to Dubai for her annual trip in March as a Christmas present. I will be asking her to pick something up in Duty Free for me on her way through – it’s the least she can do.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for the past year’s blogs and laughs on Instagram. xx

  14. Merry Christmas Kate. Thank you for all the inspiration . I took possession of the Set jacket yesterday along with an Orwell and Austen jumper. I am hoping the Gucci belt is under the tree for me! Every Sunday starts with a cup of coffee and your blog . Love the fact you keep it real! X

  15. Merry Christmas Kate! Thank you for all the inspiration. I took possession of the Set jacket yesterday along with and Orwell and Austen jumper . I am hoping the Gucci belt is under the tree . Every Sunday starts with a cup of coffee and your blog. Thanks for keeping it real and making me laugh out loud ! X

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