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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

You’re Not Too Old For This...

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m going to be 48. 40 fucking 8! I would ask, how the hell did happen? but it’s just the passing of time, we all know that. Happens to us all. My crepey neck is proof of that. I had a load of post ideas ready to go, Tank Tops, Coco Chanel, More warm coats (actually I did that one on Friday as it was needed) but none felt right for today, so I’ve gone back into the blog archives and re-jigged a post I did way back when about age appropriate dressing. Or age inappropriate if you will. You’re not too old for this. I promise.

I’ve got no time for being appropriate. Why should anyone think they are too old for anything? let alone fashion? There are exceptions to the rule, obviously, hello boob tubes and arse-showing shorts, but you know your body shape and you know your own mind so you should do as you wish. Plus in this shit show of a world we all need to be dressing more to please ourselves. See last weeks Dungarees post for more on that. In fact they should also have been on this list, but we’d be here all week if I included every things deemed inappropriate for ladies of a certain age.

A while back I chanced upon an article on the interweb on this very subject. On the (admittedly US) website there were around 20 things they suggested were not appropriate for those over 30 (let alone over 40), every one of them I wholeheartedly disagree with. To that end, here are just 6 of the things that you are not supposed to wear in your advancing years and why I call bullshit on every one of them.


I mean, Harry Styles T and Vans. Far too young for me. Also, how nice does Shit Stain Lane look here? Roll on Spring.

My only regret is that I didn’t keep all the band T‑shirts I bought at gigs I went to in my youth. (Oh gigs. I miss you SO MUCH). Maybe not so much the obscure Goth bands that never quite made it out of the ‘Slimelight’ club in Islington, but I definitely wish I had kept that Prince Lovesexy tour T‑shirt. Now I have to suffice with trawling Ebay to find old merchandise. There is no reason you shouldn’t wear your favourite band T. My only rule here would be you should actually like that band or be familiar with their music enough to name at least one song. And you must NEVER be ashamed of wearing anything relating to Harry Styles even if you’re old enough to be his mother.

Slogan T‑shirts or jumpers are also great so long as you steer clear of such nonsense ‘Let’s take a #Selfie’, ‘I’m a Badass with a Good Ass’ or god forbid, anything along the ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ lines. You know better than that by now..

not too old for band T Shirts

1. Anine Bing Tiger Sweatshirt 
2. The Kooples Rock Style T Shirt 
3. H&M AC/DC Tour T Shirt 
4. Christopher Kane More Joy Sweatshirt 
5. Prince Purple Rain Sweatshirt 
6. Newtone Rockin’ T Shirt 


Dungarees AND stupid shoes! Whatever next?
Dungarees AND stupid shoes! Whatever next?

The US website I got this ‘Top 20 things not to wear past 30’ from advised that you should ‘tone down your tootsies, stop buying OTT shoes and stick to classics like a cork wedge or a nude court shoe’ WT actual F? I don’t think so thank you very much (tootsies? really? Cork wedge? Never!). My most favourite thing ever to buy is shoes, and the more OTT the better. I love Fugly trainers, Giant buckles, Shoes with hearts on them, Shoes with loads of straps, Boots covered in studs, Hi tops with Bunny Ears, the list is endless.

The great thing about getting older is that you can perhaps justify spending a little bit more on your shoes to get the best ones, or is that just me? I can justify pretty much anything these days if I put my mind to it,. I’m still using that ‘Well, we never went on that expensive holiday last year’ line to justify my flippant purchases. So fill your boots with an OTT shoe, even if you can’t actually go outside to wear them right now. One day my friends, one day.

not too old for crazy shoes 1. Gucci Embroidered Block Heel Shoes 
2. Sandro Flame Embossed Trainers 
3. JW Anderson Large Gold Buckle Slip on Shoes 
4. Chloe Susanna Embellished Buckle Boots
5. Stella McCartney Elyse Platform Trainers 
6. Converse x Comme Des Garcons PLAY Hi Tops 


not too old for leopard print

Personally I think It is totally unacceptable to NOT have at least one item of leopard print in your wardrobe at ANY age, but even more so when you get past 40. The list tells us that ‘Animal print will make you look cheap’, absolutely not! Leopard print is a neutral,as we all well know these days,and can be worn with pretty much anything. If I wanted, I could dress head to toe in it, I have 4 dresses, a shirt, 2 jumpers, 3 cardigans, 3 pairs of boots and 2 coats all in leopard print. Obviously I’m not going to do that, but it is quite tempting just for the LOLs. Check me in Lidl next week dressed as an actual Cougar.

not too old for leopard print

1. H&M Leopard Print Ruffle Blouse 
2. M&S Feather and Down Puffer Jacket 
3. Whistles India Pleat Detail Jeans 
4. Cos Oversized Merino Cardigan 
5. Oliver Bonas Leopard Hiking Boots 


not too old for prints

According to the article I read about dressing age-appropriately, Bold prints are out because…‘these can spell danger as you get older’. This is ridiculous, why not rock a bold print? How on earth can a pattern spell danger? Bold prints can give you life, make you feel happier, scare off small children. They have no end of uses. I’m wearing a bold printed Jumpsuit from Iris (above) that’s two no-nos in one photo. I’m also at my happy place, a castle. Don’t get me started about castles again, we’ll be here until February.

not too old for prints

1. Meadows Heather Floral Blouse 
2. & Other Stories Statement Collar Cardigan 
3. H&M Mom High Ankle Jeans 
4. Monki Oversize Button Up Blouse 
5. Veja V10 Suede Trainers 


never too old for leather

Leather is an absolute must for any age. I even bought my mum the same leather jacket as me for Christmas a few years ago. Everyone should have a biker jacket, that’s a given, but I’d go so far as to say leather trousers are also very handy. Wipe-clean fashion too, what’s not to like about that? You can also wear a good biker jacket all year round. I use mine as a layering piece in the bleak midwinter, wear it under your oversized check jacket or wool blazer. it works a treat I’m telling you. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old for leather, or pleather. I’m very drawn to these M&S faux leather joggers. I don’t have a pair of leather joggers, so I’ve taken the plunge and ordered these ones.

never too old for leather

1. H&M Oversized Polo Neck Jumper 
2. All Saints Elva LEather Biker Jacket 
3. M&S Faux Leather Joggers 
4. Hush Oversized Check Jacket 
5. Rogue Matilda Ziggy Velvet Shearling Trainers 


baby pink, not just for babies

And I quote; ‘If you don’t want to appear girly, go for a strong fuchsia shade or feminine but stylish purple-hue. Leave baby-doll pink for those who are the right side of 22!’ Stuff and nonsense! Purple is fine, but I think it’s definitely trickier to wear than pink. Although to be fair, I probably have a slight fear of purple as my school uniform was purple and lilac so they are not colours I have worn much since. Baby pink though, I am totally on board with, and if we reach a certain age, are we then not allowed to feel just a little ‘girly’ once in a while? I was going to save this Arket sweater vest for the Tank Top blog, but it looked too good to wait

pink tank top and trench coat

1. Arket Alpaca Blend Knitted Vest 
2. Cos Slim Fit Cotton Shirt 
3. Mango Straight Leg Ankle Length Jeans 
4. River Island Pink Wool Long Trench Coat 
5. Vans Sk8 Hi Top Trainers 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ve been looking in my archives a bit this week, There’s nearly 5 years worth now, at one post a week that’s a lot! I didn’t even really realise how many articles I have written, so I may update a few more in the coming weeks. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of of course, please let me know.

K x

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