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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Late Summer Style

Hello! I hope everyone is still out there for some late summer style. The past two weeks is the first time I’ve taken a break from writing this blog since I started back in 2016. How time flies. Shout out to anyone who’s been there from the beginning. I think that’s mainly my parents, and even then I think only my dad reads every week. Not quite my target audience, but I appreciate his dedication. 

If you’ve been away, I hope you had a lovely time. If you haven’t, I hope you survived the hot weather at home. We have been visiting the in-laws in Vancouver, where it was a pleasant average of 25 degrees. I had a few people ask me to write a blog about the city but, to be honest, I couldn’t tell you the best places to eat etc. We basically live on burgers and wings and hang out with my husband’s old school friends, drinking clam-based tomato cocktails with a very high sodium count. I did feel like a puckered old prune on our return to London. Will be lowering my salt content and upping the water intake for the foreseeable. Oh, and if you think the UK is expensive right now, Vancouver is off the scale. A pack of chicken wings that costs £1.75 in Lidl costs $16 over there: that’s £10 for the bits of chicken that a lot of people wouldn’t even eat when they have a roast. 

I used to go to Vancouver and buy half my autumn wardrobe, but this time I only got some Roots joggers and a pair of jeans in the sale at Anthropologie. We have so much more choice here. The UK’s high street shopping is much better when it comes to fashion so, without further ado, let’s have a look at what it’s got to offer this week. It’s a random selection because my brain is not yet in gear to go for a theme.


I have noticed that leopard is definitely going to be in abundance again this autumn. I mean it’s always around and, in my wardrobe, always appreciated, so I might do a ‘how to incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe without looking like Bet Lynch’ special soon. It’s this shirt dress from H&M that stands out for now. It’s a WAY cheaper alternative to a similar Ganni print, plus it will work just as well in later months if you add some 80 deniers or a pair of leggings. Wear loose or fitted with a good belt. Dress up with a blazer or dress down with trainers or Birkenstocks. 

Late summer style

1. H&M oversized leopard print shirt dress

2. Mango flap cross body bag 

3. Whistles boyfriend single breasted blazer 

4. & Other Stories classic Mary Jane flats 

5. Celine gold buckle elegant leather belt 


I can see myself sticking with this style for a while, now that I’ve found my perfect pair – still these M&S Per Una ones that I’ve mentioned a few times before. I’m busy working out new ways I can style them to get the most wear out of them. For now, a detailed blouse and flats, but when it gets cooler I will add a cropped, tweed-style jacket (high-street Chanel, if you will; I’ll do more on that in a few weeks) and maybe a fine merino jumper. Is it wrong that I’m already looking forward to knitwear season? I hope my jumpers have survived the summer. I put them in the bathroom cupboard as I thought that would be the least likely place for moths. Fingers crossed. 

Late summer style

1. Mango swiss embroidery cotton blouse 

2. Astrid & Miyu gold plated moon hoops (use code WMM10 for extra 10% off) 

3. La Redoute metallic soft leather tote bag 

4. M&S Per Una wide leg tencel jeans 

5. Mango bow leather ballerina pumps 


Literally everyone in Vancouver is a bit ‘sports casual’. Never have you seen so much lululemon in one city. In fact, they were opening a shop downtown while we were there that was almost the size of the old big Topshop on Oxford Street. They cannot get enough of athleisure. I made the mistake of packing five dresses. Only wore one. Should have learnt by now – I’ve been there probably 15 times in total, and every time I just end up wearing jeans or shorts. To note, these Nike trainers were the only pair I took away and they are SO comfortable for all activities. Highly recommend. 

Late summer style

1. H&M fine knit collared stripe sweater 

2. Mango acetate frame sunglasses 

3. Arket ribbed tank top 

4. Bellerose Roxy belt bag 

5. Amazon The Drop fleece shorts 

6. Nike Blazer low jumbot trainers 


This is another trend I foresee coming more for the cooler months. Not pastel per se but light-coloured and embroidered fancier knitwear. There’s this cardi from AND/OR at John Lewis, and I also love this jumper from & Other Stories. Both will look great with your old jeans and trainers. 

Late summer style

1. Sportmax knitted mushroom sweater 

2. AND/OR Mimi ruffle floral embroidered cardigan 

3. ROKA medium antique backpack 

4. Citizens Of Humanity distressed crop leg jeans 

5. Nike Air Max dawn trainers 


Another look I’m really into right now while it’s still warm. I had a lady message me saying she’d love to wear a vest but feels conscious of her upper arms. I get that, and it’s easy to say ‘don’t worry, just do it’ , but we all have our body hang-ups and our own way of dressing to get around them. I also hide my upper arms but for old tattoo reasons (although maybe two more removal sessions and I won’t anymore, as they have REALLY faded now). I like to wear an open, short-sleeved shirt over my vest, so it gives you a wafty coolness, both in temperature and in looking good, without having to show your shoulders

Late summer style

1. M&S cotton rich ribbed vest top 

2. & Other Stories braided leather crossbody bag 

3. Whistles collaged star bowling shirt 

4. COS barrel leg chinos 

5. Birkenstock Arizona sandals 


I just had to add this dress from the ANYDAY range at John Lewis, because it looks so much more expensive than it is. That whole range is really well designed and well priced, plus it’s John Lewis and they are always my go-to department store. In fact, they’ve seen me through every stage of my life. School shoes and socks: John Lewis. First time I ever bought ‘designer makeup’: John Lewis. Wedding gift list: John Lewis. Baby seat and cot: John Lewis… You get the picture. If they did funerals I’d probably put a down payment in now, just in case. 

Late summer style

1. ANYDAY Fleur graphic print midi dress 

2. By Iris black denim jacket 

3. Honey and Toast half moon raspberry leather bag (use code KATE15 for 15% off) 

4. Converse midnight clover hi tops 

Hope this has given you a few ideas. Following on from that body-hang-ups note earlier, let me know what yours are and I will have a think about some outfit options to help you for a future post. Just pop a comment on the Instagram post for this blog or email me at [email protected] and I’ll get on it. I would love to have comments on here but I just get spammed with offers of Viagra and things in Russian that I’m too scared to even attempt to translate.

K x

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