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I know, the weather has finally turned here in the UK and Coat season is really upon us, but on days where the biting wind is not so strong, then why not think about a blazer? A blazer is my ultimate go-to item to instantly smarten up any look. When I wear one I feel like grown-up. Or at least, I feel like it gives people the illusion that I actually know what I’m doing. It’s all a lie of course as we should be aware than no-one REALLY knows what they are doing. I’m pretty sure that 97% of the population is just winging it. Apart from maybe The Queen, Heart Surgeons and some of those experts on the Antiques Roadshow. The rest of us, not a clue.

But if you want to give off that aura of authority, get yourself a blazer. Let’s have a look at some of my favourites blazer combos…


Starting off with this one as these are my new favourite trousers. I bought them last week from Cos. I’ve said it before, but I will say it again, Cos do THE best trousers on the high street. Always fit great, are good quality and well tailored. I would say I buy 90% of my trousers from there. Pair with the perfect seasonal Fairisle sweater from Boden and add a slightly oversized Blazer to pull it all together. Remember to size up if you plan to wear your blazer with a chunky sweater. Don’t ever be afraid to size up. I do that a lot with high street clothes as I find they often hang better. Size is only a number.

1. Sezane Claude Leather Handbag 
2. Boden Agnes Fairisle Jumper 
3. Mango Textured Wool Blazer 
4. Cos Moss Green Button Up Chinos
5. M&S Suede Hiking Style Boots 



You should know by now that I’m a big fan of corduroy for Autumn/ Winter. I need to curb my cord obsession before it gets too out of hand. Pair your cords with a traditional herringbone blazer like this one from J Crew. J Crew do really good blazers. They are not cheap, I grant you, but they are designed to last. Classic styles that don’t go out of fashion. I have a navy one I bought nearly 3 years ago and it’s always something I turn to if I want to smarten up a bit. 

1. J Crew Green Herringbone Wool Blazer 
2. Arket Silk Straight Cut Shirt 
3. & Other Stories High Waist Corduroy Trousers 
4. Cos Relaxed Cashmere Jumper 
5. Nike Air Force One Trainers 



I usually wear my biker jacket with dresses, but for evening glam points or fancier days then a blazer works a treat. Another classic from J Crew again. If you are not ready for tights just yet, or just plain don’t like the feel of a nylon gusset then wear some ‘secret leggings’ underneath. If you get this pack of 2 from M&S you can cut one pair to a shorter length depending on the type of dress you’re wearing. The trick is to not have them show (hence the ‘secret’ part)  so it looks like you have no fear of the cold weather. People will admire your hardiness but only you alone will know your layering skills.

1. J Crew Wool Flannel Parke Blazer 
2. & Other Stories Ruffled Asymmetric Dress 
3. M&S 2 Pack Cotton Rich Leggings 
4. Jigsaw Leather Ankle Boots 



This is probably my favourite of these looks. I love jeans and a blazer. I know it can be a bit Kate Middleton-on-a day-off, but take away the wedge espadrilles or knee high tan boots.and add Megan Markle’s favourite Veja trainers and you’re good to go. However I will not judge you if you are indeed a tan knee boot/wedge espadrille kind of a gal. This Boden blazer is also a new arrival in my wardrobe, I love the pop of red under the collar and I intend to match it to my socks. That’s just how I roll.

1. Boden Elveden Checked Blazer 
2. Arket Merino Wool Round Neck Jumper 
3. Mango Claudia Girlfriend Fit Jeans 
4. Arket Cotton Socks 
5. Veja V10 Leather Trainers 


Just to prove, I practise what I preach, here’s me in my Blazer this week. On what was, quite possibly, the last ‘bare ankle’ day of the season.

K x


15 thoughts on “Blazer Squad

  1. Another great post! Love the idea of matching the red under the collar with your socks.
    I have trouble with blazers, it’s a size issue as I’m petite. So apart from one in the early eighties I’ve haven’t dipped my toe until recently. I’ve got a couple of navy blazers in different cuts so now I’m looking for something a little different.
    I tend to wear them with jeans (no espadrilles or tan boots for me either), they’re great substitute for a coat on those not so cold/wet autumn days. I do also wear with matching trousers, a tee and my trusty stans for a different take.

  2. Love the look of the M and S Boots! I’ve been thinking about a sorel pair but unsure how much I would wear them….whilst not waterproof these would be useful for
    Winter x

  3. I’ve got my eye on a Boden one, it’ll have to wait for the sales though. Fingers crossed it’ll still be available! I’ve a few jackets and coats from Boden, they really do a good petite sizing.

  4. I love all those looks! Can I ask what the Cos khaki trousers are like size wise please? I’m an 8-10 and not sure whether to go for the 36 or 38. Thanks x

  5. Love the Blazer squad, I love a blazer. Might have made a cheeky purchase (M&S Boots) 🤫

  6. Love this. I am wearing jeans and a blazer just now, bought two days ago from Esprit – navy corduroy and I am in ❤️ – and my vejas. Feeling I’ve won fashion today!

  7. Too much temptation on this post – almost everything is exactly my taste. The Boden jacket, Cos chinos and Vejas especially. Good job the J Crew jacket is sold out!

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