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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

My April Amazon Fashion Picks

This post is sponsored by Amazon. Excellent for last minute things you MUST have tomorrow. Hello cat food, fake tan, scientific calculator for an exam and Dolly Parton wig for a fancy dress party. But it’s also a great place for fashion. I will admit it’s sometimes hard to find the gems as often they are buried deep deep down, but luckily I’ve done some of that hard work for you and picked out some of my favourite items for you.

Amazon Fashion is really good for getting some of your favourite brands at more discounted prices. Levis is probably my main go-to here. My most recent purchases are the cropped  501s and fancy collar blouse (above). Along with the classic white Converse high tops. One thing I would recommend trying (if you’re not in huge rush to buy) is to pop the things you like into your virtual basket. Amazon will then alert you when the price changes,  which it very often does as they have daily and weekly deals on a wealth of things.

So here’s some of my favourite things. I do have to admit at this point that the last 2 things I bought were 2 more pairs of Crocs for the teens. I know, I know, But what can you do, they love them! I have to put my personal feelings aside sometimes…

I can’t leave without another quick mention of the ‘magic pot’, which I think is my favourite ever thing I’ve bought from Amazon. Sorry, not fashion, but a small manual food processor that chops up your onions in seconds. Honestly don’t know how we ever did without it. For nosy parkers like me, here’s more random things I’ve bought recently that I love each in different ways…

K x

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